Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shop Charvel Guitars

I may not know all kinds of guitars but one thing is for sure, when I see one I know it is a good quality like the one I am looking at right now. I don't plan of buying one but it is my pleasure to recommend you guys to shop charvel guitars through this link here. Feel free to browse of the guitars they have and hope you can find one that you think you deserve. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

I Hope Balik-Bayan Box Will Arrive Within this Week

With so many negative news about some freight forwarders these days, I can't help but be worried of my balik-bayan box that I sent to my family last September 30th. I sent it through a different company for the first time (which is not familiar to me) and there is no way I can track my package simply because, the staff or workers in this company are lazy and couldn't keep up to input the tracking number on their website so customers can track their boxes. Sucks while waiting patiently for the good news from my family in the Philippines.

I called last week in Manila and they say that I should call them again within 13 and 14 dates and ask for the whereabouts of my box. Hopefully before this week ends, my box will be safely landing at our doorstep in Cebu.

High Quality Testing Sieves

Are you running a laboratory and looking to buy affordable sieve shakers to use for sieving? Or do you need sieve shakers for your Science experiment in school? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place if you shop shakers at The company called H & C has been selling high quality testing sieves since 1939. They only sell testing sieves that are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry, so take that when you buy testing sieves from them what you are getting is of good quality.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Father What Do I Do?

My father appeared in my dreams for 3 consecutive nights. He appeared to die many times and that is just  so weird and torturing me so bad. Imagine seeing your father's death keep repeating numerous times, wouldn't it hurt you? I don't know what message he wants to send me but all I know is that I missed hearing his voice  hohoho....

I know what I want to do is visit his grave in Davao once I make it to the Philippines next year and that is a promise I don't want to break. The last time I was there was in his funeral leaving the cemetery with just piles of dirt with him under the ground. It would be emotional for me once I get to see his tomb and oh it is going to be painful too.

And yes, I still haven't recovered of my father's death. It has been almost 14 months since his passing yet it feels like the wound is still fresh...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time to Buy for Watches

I think I bought everything for my brothers in the Philippines for my box. Now what I want to buy for each of them are watches. I am waiting for the day to come when I can get discounts on raymond weil watches. They are very expensive but I know, if I am patient I can save up some money and hopefully buy at least one of my brothers this kind of watch, only if they deserve it.

The reason why Raymond Weil is kind of pricey because the brand itself brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical nature of the materials are many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines to create its models. This know-how confers RAYMOND WEIL its watchmaking legitimacy.

Because She Noticed Me

Very flattering, heart melting and soul fattening to know that someone in the group you belong notices, recognizes and knows you exist in blogging world! I was just in cloud 9 yesterday when one of the members wrote on the group's wall looking for me. That's her exact words from Facebook below I copied for remembrance hehe.

Wala na lagi ko ka kita kang Texas Sweetie diri.. Anne ba to iyang name? Ma pansin man gud to nako mag AH before kay cute kaayo iyang photo sa sidebar nang hiwi. haha! ;)

And to think this woman is not my friend personally nor met her aside from blogging world yet iya jud ko napansin... hohohoho thanks to her so much jud!  I feel important, bisan ingon ani ra diay ko naa pa jud diay mangita naku ug mawagtang ko! 

I know I got a few friends who are true that care and are concern of me and will also do the same as sis Raya but from a woman whom I only know through blogging has a different impact in my being. Thanks to her, she made me happy deep down inside.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Orthotic Sandals

Fashionistas especially those who love showing off their high-heeled shoes don't realize they are damaging their feet with fashionable sandals that had not arch support. Eventually their feet will complain because in my personal opinion, that is an abuse to the feet.

If only they know there are orthotic sandals at that not only have arch support but also look good as well. These orthotic sandals can actually improve the way your feet feel. Podiatrist designed with foot health needs in mind, these orthotic sandals are not only stylish but they are also good for your feet.

Feeling Guilty

I am guilty. I feel guilty because of the fact that I go out of the house almost everyday going to stores and keep hauling stuff and spending money everyday. Although I got a lot of stuff for free yet, something in me that feels guilty!

Arrgggsss this is so hard. I know I am happy of what I'm doing yet why am I feeling this way? I keep spending money lage oi even though I make great deals on everything I put in my cart. Am I gonna ever get over this  or as long as I am doing couponing and be haunted with my conscience?

Amazing Sale of Musical Instruments

It is the time to shop and to be broke, shall I say. Deals are flooding everywhere because of two big Holidays coming up, Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are busy working at the same time spending before they can receive their compensation, lol. I am one of them. I blog but I spend more than I earn. Anyway, I can forgive myself for that because what I'm buying are items that we use in our house everyday.

How about you there? What sort of stuff are you buying or you're eyeing to give to someone special this Christmas? Do you ever consider buying them a great musical instrument at discounted prices like this amazing 1960bx sale at Musicians friend? If you want to find out how much are you getting each, please click on the link and it should get you to the store's official site.

Wanting to Play with Me

Just two more tasks to go and I'll be signing out here. My Jadyn has asked me 2 times already if I could play "pretend" with her. She looks poor! She is watching t.v right now but I know she is waiting on me and so does my little one.

I have been so busy that I barely spend time just sitting down and play a bit with my girls although I bring them along with me whenever I go but you think that is enough to call it, bonding? It's hard when you only have one body and there so many things need to be done plus there two kids that are demanding... good thing the daddy isn't demanding, he is just letting me be...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I don't smoke cigarette for it has a strong stinky smell and the smoke that chokes someone who doesn't smoke but with cigar, the pure ones there is something in it that I love smelling. I don't mind being close to someone like my grandmother or grandfather smoking a cigar for I love it. Speaking of which, hopefully I can buy a pack of cigars to bring home to the Philippines for my grandmother. Hope she will love the cigar I buy from the USA. Now is the time to buy for a pack or two since a lot of cigar brands and or companies on sale just in time for the Holidays.

Simple Solution To Facebook Problem

People seem to forget that we are in a free country and that we have all the rights to speak what’s on our mind. Facebook is such a common place for people to voice out their rants, political views, post photos, update their status etc. While it can be tiring at times to see or know what other people are up to, they can just end that so easily by defriending that person or might as well block right away.

That’s what I would do if someone in my list keep posting her political views and I am against it. I would unsubscribe her wall feeds or worse BLOCK HER instead of shushing the person simply because she keeps posting links about politics or for standing up of her beliefs and political views. By doing that, she is giving herself a favor and not harming anybody.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Drawer Slides

Smoother and easier to open drawers means less energy to do that all the time especially for a person like me that likes to spend time in the kitchen. I couldn't be more happy when we finally had our kitchen re-done and had all cabinets and drawers including drawer slides replaced. Even our little girls can now easily open the drawers themselves without mommy and daddy's help because it is so smooth that it just slides out and find things they want in it.

Someone Cares For Me

I've had this cough for over a week now and there is no sign of it going away anytime soon. Such a calvary especially at night time when I really want to sleep but couldn't because of this cough. For days I have been taking sinus and allergy pills but it didn't work, I now switched to cough and cold medication which I think works in my system.

Last night I didn't take my night time meds so I was attacked by cough at 2 in the morning. My husband got up and handed me the meds to take with water. Such a thoughtful deed he did. At least someone cares for me bisan ingon ani ra diay ko. Emo moment lang!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ideal Solutions For Retail Or Professional Settings

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Off For 2 Weeks Now

In my previous posts I was talking about my husband feeling sick in half of his face to the back of his head due to shingles. There is a website for this in order to understand deeply about this virus on Anyway, he's been off for two weeks now yet still feeling the pain in that part of his body. Should I be happy? Yes, part of me is happy because he's been helping me watching the girls while I want to be alone or on the computer. He also watches Megan while I take Jadyn to school. Today he told me that he is taking another week off work, this time it is sick leave for the same reason. Whatever you want to do, dear!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dirt In My Dream

They say when you dream of something nasty like human waste there'll be some money coming your way. It happened to me several times already and it is true and I believe it. In my dream it was so gross that I hated seeing it but in reality, effin' money has or is coming my way.

I have been so blessed lately with tasks, thankfully! It is because I make it easier for prospect advertisers to come contact me directly and yes, a few of them are really bonggacious! God knows what my plans are and so He used other people as His tool to help me. Thank You, Lord! You are AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Customized Shirts Toronto

When it comes to buying gifts for someone we love, it seems a bit harder than we thought. We are concern whether the person we are going to give the gifts to is going to like it or not, is he going to use it or just ignore it? I feel the same way too when I buy something for my husband. That is why I don't give him gifts often only if I can find a brilliant idea for gifts that he would surely love.

How about you women out there? Do you also find it weird when it comes to shopping for gifts to give to other people and ask the same questions like I do? Well, custom t-shirts like what we most often see worn by young adults can make a great gift too, just my idea. If ever you live in the Toronto area and want to personalized the t-shirts you want to give out of whatever occasion is coming soon, you may order custom shirts toronto online.

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It Wasn't As I Thought It Was

Thank God! I can't say it's good news but at least it wasn't as I thought it was. When the husband left this morning he was telling me that he's gonna be off early today and that he might take a leave for one week because he is not feeling well. If I hear something like that especially from someone who doesn't normally complain about feeling pain or unwell can be quite alarming.

When he was away the whole time since six this morning until he delivered what it truly was, I was so worried and so many what ifs were running in my mind. God forbid, please no! It was such a relief when he delivered the news that what he has right now is a virus that remained in his body from getting a chicken pox earlier in his life. I will not go into details about this but he is experiencing severe headaches in one part of his body, left face and head side of his body that the doctor had to prescribe him pain killers. Poor man! Thank You gyud Ginoo kay saon nalang kung ang akong gikabalak-an maoy hinungdan....

Grey's Anatomy Scrub Pants

From the brand or name of the scrub pants alone called grey s anatomy scrub pants is obviously derived or taken from the famous t.v show, Grey's Anatomy. I may not have watched a single episode of the show but I know it is popular and most watched by most Americans. The scrub pants I am talking about are available at a discount nursing scrubs and medical uniforms shop at Marcus Uniforms. They offer a large selection of brand name medical scrubs, nursing scrubs, Cherokee scrubs, nursing uniforms and medical uniforms for men and women in solid colors and a wide variety of prints at low prices including a selection of nursing scrubs starting at $5.00.

Heavy Heart

As days get closer to our wedding anniversary, I also am getting those emotions that take me back to when me and my husband tied the knot. We were so happy back then and even until now of course... it is different today because we already have a big family. Also, I have been missing my father so much that I could almost cry when I went to bed last night.

It has been almost a year we all without a father and yes, he passed away on the day we celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary. This is going to be his first death anniversary yet the wound of losing him is still fresh. Life, why it has to be this way?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Add A Focal Point To Your Garden

Gardening is what I always love to do. I love seeing different vibrant colors in our front yard as well as harvesting fresh produce from our home vegetable garden in the backyard. I can say, our front yard is pretty because there are flowers continue blooming out there plus the husband keeps our lawn trimmed and mowed every week. It is not a work of a professional but it is a lot nicer than two of our neighbors in both sides.

For those that plan of remodeling their landscape, an awesome deep creek falls wall fountain could be a great addition to the landscape as it serves as the focal point of the garden. I love the idea of adding any types of fountain but it needs budget for that.

Pending Tasks

It is not so me leaving my tasks for days without writing them. Keeping up with my online and offline tasks is getting harder for me these days. Arggs! Lord, I feel like I'm going  crazy! The ones I have are total 5 tasks that I don't know if I can even finish writing them today. They are somewhat difficult topics that is why I am just trying to ignore them.

Anyway, I will try the best I can to at least write two today haha.. Awa ra pagka tapulan jud! Adding to my laziness is I now have to write interim/personal posts in between paid posts... that takes time to do and I am so out of draft entries!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fascinated With Plush Toys

Both of my girls are fascinated with stuffed toys or any kinds of toys especially large plush toys. We got a few big plush toys for them but every time we go to the store, Jadyn, the firstborn keep bugging me to buy her more. I don't want anymore toys in the house for I am the one end up picking, fixing their toys scattered all over the floor. Our house is cluttered with toys you know? Kids are kids, they only play the new ones and when they get tired of it, they would just abandon it and never play again. What a waste!

Opening Up

It is always nice to be able to express yourself especially when you are boiling up inside. I heard the most unpleasant name that my husband called me last night but I did not react to this because I thought it was true. He was also pissed at me being pissed at something.

I was just tired and wanting to rest, I couldn't. The little one clinging into me for two straight hours. As soon as I arrived home hanging out with my friend at the mall, Megan never left me alone...she seemed to miss me that much huh. I tried putting her down, in the crib with milk but when she finished all her milk she cried again wanting to be picked up.

I was spreading my negative energy in the house and surely the husband didn't like that, he called me BITCHY! Duh keber I was tired! I explained to him what was going on and I hope he got me. When my mood gets sour that means something is going on inside me. I needed help with the baby and he was in the garage, relaxing and sipping his beer... arggsss how unfair is that?

Anyway, I hope he now has an idea that when my temper heats up meaning I need his help. It feels good after I told him what had happened.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do Horses Get Cold Too?

The biggest stupid question I ever ask if horses get cold too? Maybe. I have never been around with horses so how do I know? Anyway, if you own a horse and your horse spends so much time outdoors, buy your dearest horse some horse blankets from On this link I give you here, they we offer a wide selection of horse blankets and sheets -- for turnout, stable, dress, and fly sheets to protect your horse from biting flies during the summer months.

Is She Thinking Of Me?

This is strange! I don't communicate with my cousin more often yet I still think about her sometimes. There are times when she just suddenly appear in my mind. Two days ago I was cooking sauteed water spinach when all of the sudden I remembered here thinking, if she was here with me we could enjoy ourselves eating this dish. When I realized that thought, I was asking myself if she thinks of me too the same minute I thought about her? I believe in mental telepathy though that when you think of someone, rest assured that you're in his or her mind too.

Updates On Tim Kennedy

In every sports team we have our own favorite player could it be, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc. To those who are fans of tim kennedy who is a famous MMA fighter, you can read latest updates of your idol by clicking on the link provided here. Who is Tim Kennedy by the way? Timothy Fred Kennedy (born September 1, 1979) is an American mixed martial artist who currently fights for the MMA promotion Strikeforce. He is one of the few fighters to simultaneously serve full-time in the United States Army while also fighting professionally.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Found What I Want To Do

This is it! I guess I found what I want and love doing, selling stuff online. I started out rough about three weeks ago but things are doing well as days pass by. It can be stressful yes but I am loving the idea that my money in Paypal is growing if not everyday at least every other day.

So nice is the feeling having to sell an item. I am going to continue doing this until I can no longer see stuff that are a lot cheaper and yet still affordable when I re-sale them. Lord, guide me in this endeavor and hope this will continue for a long time!

Horseback Riding Boots

I grew up in the city all my life but I also had the chance to live for a while in a mountainous area back in my homeland. Both of my grandparents' places were in the countryside of the Philippines and I felt lucky I got to experience living in their places. There are things that I appreciated in country living that I couldn't do in the city.

One most memorable experience I have had with my cousin in my grandparents' place in South was the ultimate horseback riding but we were not reading proper gear to be safe though, gears like horseback riding boots, saddles and other accessories to keep us from injury if ever there's an accident happen.

It has been such a long time since I have experienced the fun ride just like we did when we were little. However though, I am hopeful that my new family will be able to do horseback riding and visit wine country somewhere.

How about you guys? What sort of fun and memorable things you have done with your cousins, friends or siblings before that you cannot never forget?

Are you in the UK right now and are looking for riding boots in the UK to complete the nice horse back riding you are planning to do soon? If you say yes, then click on the link here.

Headache Right Now

I don't like to feel uncomfortable especially now that I have obligations daily. I have had this headache since this morning when I came back after sending Jadyn to school. I already took a pain reliever and it eased the pain a bit and now it's back. I even had my nap and thought that it's not gonna come back, yikes I am feeling dizzy and not so well right now.

I know long sleep is the only cure for this and I am hoping I could sleep early tonight and sleep longer maybe until five in the morning. Anyway, this is not serious, just a mild migraine that's the result of being so fatigued from the last couple of days.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wise Baby I Have Always Wants To Cling On Me


My 13-month old baby girl is so wise that she just want to cling on me all the time. That is not right because I got a lot of work to do both offline and online. When she is awake all she wants is to skin to skin with me even when I'm in the kitchen, showering or relieving myself in the bathroom. I know she won't always be a baby but for God's sake, I need some "me" time too. Is that too much to ask?

A lot of people advice me to buy a baby carrier specifically a cloth baby sling so that I can just put her in my back or in any position convenient for both of us. I don't know why I haven't done that yet while in fact, it is the most essential thing to have these days. I promise I will try to browse and search for the best baby gear pretty soon so I can just carry my baby with me whenever I need to get some things done without being bothered by her.

It Hurts The More I Listen To It

So as I was saying in my two posts below that I have this recorded audio of my phone conversation with my father, while it is great to have it but at the same time it hurts me more listening to it over and over again knowing that I could only listen to the same words and his voice now.

The realization strikes me after this one minute conversation I had with him that no matter what I do, no matter how I try to convince myself that my father is not dead, that somehow contradicted to the reality.

My father is already gone!!! Whenever I talk with somebody who also experienced losing a loved one, it always brings tears to my eyes and pain is always there, it seemed never go away!

Durisol ICF

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For people to know, these insulating wall forms are the original ICF system and the company itself has proven product and ICF material that is both ideal for below- and above-grade building construction and they have been an integral part of certified LEED and green building- from passive solar design to environmentally energy efficient construction.

I Feel He Is So Alive

Two night ago my little one played with my cellphone and she accidentally pushed a button that opened a recorded audio that I didn't know exist in my phone. I listened to it and found out that it was a phone conversation of me and my father I made a long time ago.

It was so nice to hear my father's voice once again. I feel he is so alive and just couldn't believe I now actually have a great remembrance of how he sounded like when he was still alive.

I missed my father everyday of my life! If only I could turn back the time... I know he is happy where he is now and is watching over us. 'Pa, wherever you are, please know that we are here missing you so much!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hire Professional House Cleaners

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

He Appreciates My Hardwork

Today I had the mood to clean the living room and the second bathroom adjacent to Jadyn's bedroom, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, washed one of the couches' cover, swept the master's bathroom floor and showered myself and Megan. I did all these just before sunset. This only happens once in a blue moon. Cheers to myself for that, hehe!

Anyway, I am secretly smiling because the husband noticed my hard work and appreciated me for it. Thank God! I like it when my better half take notice of what I've done in this house. I tell yah, having two girls to take care plus household chores isn't easy.



College Scholarships For Our Kids

My husband is retiring in a few years and he told me how much exactly he is going to receive as retirement fee. Knowing the amount makes me want to think seriously of how we will be able to afford to send our two girls to college. Education is something very precious and the only thing we can give to our kids but talking of which, college education here in the US is so expensive that I am not sure how are we going to do it.

However, there are several options for a child attain her college education and finish it through grants and scholarships. I know they will be fine once that time comes. I see them as both smart and I hope they can avail different scholarships to help them get through college and hopefully land themselves a better career for a brighter future.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Establish An Open Communication Between Us Two

My husband and I are going to celebrate our 8 years together in three months. For others who have been together for decades that sounds well not long but for us who have been quite a few hurdles in our relationship especially in financial aspects, eight years is already a long time! Cheers for us haha, ga una una wala pa gali!

All those times we spent together, I realized how important it is to establish an open communication between me and him. I am normally a happy person and so contented of my life I'm living now but there were times I can't help but sulk and feeling all the negative emotions I shouldn't feel.

When I felt I could no longer hold them, I took a step on furthering a better relationship with my spouse. Although I did not say it vocally but writing it helped a lot, thank God. I am now okay and back to the normal world once again. It was through a letter I was able to pour out all my emotions and I am glad he didn't take it against me instead listened and understood me with his might.

Thanks also to a friend who was there listening my rants haha... I know I would have exploded if she wasn't there lending her ears to me. Thanks day, you know who you are!

Soft And Bulging Belly


Don't get offended of my post title here. I know a lot of people are so conscious of their bulging belly and so do I. I am skinny in nature but I have given births to two children already so it is my belly that is always to be the first one to accumulate fats easily.

It is not just me having to deal with belly fats but most of my friends too. For Filipinas, it is our concern to have belly fats. Of course we can easily get rid of the fats but what is lacking there is the motivation to do abs exercise. For me, I just need a little push and I will be glad to do it. I would also need to find time for myself in order to get started with my exercise. Before that, I want to read the The flex belt review from different customers who have tried this awesome product.

I heard so much about it and not until I read several customers' review, I might be convinced to purchase this product for me and my husband. I really believe it is such a great thing to have in addition with our work out equipment in the garage.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She Finally Said It

After such a horrible past that happened between me and used to be my closest cousin that truly tore us apart, she now finally said the word I wanted to hear over two years since our fight over the internet. I felt sorry and remorseful of what happened to us.

The word " 'te" short for ate, was the word she used when she replied to my texts three days ago. We have texted quite a lot weeks ago but I couldn't see any of that word written in her text...

Those who have known our story can relate with me. They would know how it means to me to be called ate again by my cousin.

All Brand New Faucets

My husband did a pretty good job changing the faucets in this house by himself. He is the type of person that loves doing things around the house by himself. Two of the master bedroom's faucets and in the kitchen have been replaced. He still have to replace the second and third bathrooms faucets. They are still working good right now but I know eventually they are going to give up and we will have to shop for new faucets. His color preference is white and so as the door knobs. Good choice I believe for white looks classy.

There are several options when it comes to shopping for faucets. Prices vary too. It really depends on the individual as to how much is he going to pay for faucets he is going to use in his house.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Done With Online Tasks Now Gotta Feed The Girls And Go!

Thank God I was able to finish all my 12 online tasks on time. I had two left from last night and I just finished writing them seconds ago. I am good to go strolling in the mall and not thinking of some undone tasks. I got tons of washed clothes to fold though but I guess they can wait until I get back from the mall. I am excited I am meeting with one of my good girlfriends today, yupzie!

Anyhow, time to log off from the computer and start cooking quick meals for my little lalats so we can go. I just wish I can find something ready to eat foods in the pantry for I really don't like the idea of spending too much time in the kitchen today. I just want to go out and have fun.


Cheap Guitar Strings

There are some things you can buy in cheaper price like these cheap strings. For just ten slinky string pieces you can buy at a little over five bucks, yes that is how cheap they are. Or there are even much cheaper prices for strings for as low as $3.79 it is because the website I am looking at right now is having a blowout sale. So if you ever need new guitar strings, please do visit the link here. All kinds of guitar strings are available right at your finger tips at a much lower price.

Bossy Little Child Of Mine

What had happened to my little Jadyn? She used to be so sweet and polite. When she reached four years old she became bossy and a bit difficult child to deal with. I hope that this is just temporary because I cannot stand her bossing me around as if I am just her playmate or slave. There are times that she gets very demanding at me doing things for her that is so simple and easy to do by herself.

One example is when she commanded me to hand her the warm milk I placed on the table near the t.v. She sat down on the other chair and wanted me to bring her milk to her even if it just within her reach? What is wrong with this girl? Of course I didn't do that, I am not a stupid slave to follow someone else's command who ranks lower than me.

Gifts For Ballet Dancers

As early as now I am asking my four-year old girl what she wants to do when she grows up. It still unclear to her what she wants to become. The simple answer she said, I want to become like you! Meaning is she going to be a stay-at-home mom too like me? There is nothing wrong with being a full-time mom but career wise, I want her to be successful in things she most love to do.

I am jealous for those girls who can dance so I probably would want her to enroll in ballet when she is six years old. That way, she can grow loving the dance. Anyway, I would be very happy if she becomes a ballet dancer I would be the proudest mom ever and giving her gifts for ballet dancers will be easy since there are tons of them on the internet to choose from.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Precious Life Taken Away Just Like That

My husband got a phone call from his cousin in California yesterday informing him that a cousin or a relative of his passed away. This man is ten years older than him and he died just because somebody hit him. He was riding his bike and crossing the street and boom got hit by a car!

How awful. Such a precious life taken away just like that by some reckless bastards. This only tells us that we only have one life and we should take care of it, live life to the fullest because once we are dead, we are gone physically in this world.

Charlie was the man's name and we met him once at my father in-law's funeral in Benecia, CA two years ago. Who would have thought that after attending his uncle's funeral, he will be the one to be buried two years after that....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Brag Your Catch

Do you have a lot of big fish you caught yourself? Brag your catch by simply registering or creating an account at FishyPics. There you can find different people of all ages went fishing and posted their catch on the world wide web.

I discovered this website weeks back and I thought it was a cool site to be looking at real people with big smiles on their faces holding fish, small, medium and big sizes. I guess this is going to be fishermen's favorite site once it gets popular and a lot of people will know about it, there will be a growing number of members joining soon. So if you happen to drop by this blog please spread the word.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Made $110 Today

I am blessed, so blessed! Thank You, Lord so much for the tasks You showered me today. I am more grateful than ever. For the record, I made $110 today. I was able to finish all of my tasks.

Today reminded me of my early days in blogging way back 2007 when there were very few bloggers, economy was doing good and advertisers outnumbered the bloggers. Everyday for the entire year of 2007 me and other older bloggers earned as much as $100 a day. Well, depends of course how fast you can write and how hard you work in order to earn that amount.

Lord, keep those tasks coming. I am more than willing to do them all without complaining. Just guide my mind and hands in order for me to write beautiful contents both paid and personal posts. Amen!


Cozy And Comfortable During Cold Days

How awesome it is to be able to sit outside with family and friends even during cold winter days. Having fire pits in our backyards help a lot. Sometimes sitting outside is good rather than just staying in the house all day long. We all need it to breathe some fresh air and also listen to the cracking sound of the fire.

We have a fire pit for quite a long time now. We bought it at a local grocery store for a much discounted price. We are just glad we have it for it lets us enjoy the outdoor when days are cold and chilly.

A Girl Without A Father


This is my little sister sitting on our father's lap taken last 2010. Alex has always been a Papa's girl. I can only imagine the hardship she went through when our father passed away last October 16,2011. She will grow up without a father and that is a sad fact. I feel for her.

I grew up with a father, although we were not closed when I was younger but I sure appreciated all the sacrifices and hard work he had done for his family. It deeply saddened me when he went with the Lord without even saying goodbye to me. 'Pa, I missed you so very very much now, padamgo pud oi! Mingaw naku nimo gud!

Affordable And Cheap Desktop Computers

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Is This I'm Feeling?

I read an article on the internet a long time ago about how women who have just given birth experienced what they call "postpartum depression". Most women would experience this right after giving birth, others it would take months for postpartum depression to kick in and a few won't start suffering postpartum depression after a year of having a baby.

Now in connection with this strange feeling I am having right now, can it be postpartum depression? There is a slight chance that this could be it or I might be feeling "Summer blues"? I don't feel good inside, honestly. I hate it and I don't want to be feeling this way. What I have right now is the same feelings I have had two weeks after I gave birth to Jadyn. I feel unwanted, I feel ignored, worthless, lonely and all other negative thoughts running in my mind, I don't want to do anything else but go home. I am happy most of the time but then there were moments when I get really bored usually during late afternoon or at bedtime that is when all these nega feelings strike me.

Or if this is just summer blues, I am optimistic it will just go away after summer is over. For six years of living here in the US, homesickness seems my greatest enemy in this world. I can't seem to get over this feeling and it attacks me every summer. It is around this time when I want to do something outside and I cannot because of the unbearable heat. I feel like there is nowhere else to go!

How I wish to be able to open up with someone but I don't think I am comfortable enough to do that. The only person whom I can confide things to is gone. My father! He is gone, I truly believe he was the only person that would listen to me and not make fun of me. Ahhh... now I'm talking three things now... homesickness, summer blues/postpartum depression and missing my father.... tabang Lord!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Blog Has Got A PR

No wonder this blog has been receiving offers and grab bag tasks on one of the paid blogging sites I belong because it now has a PR of 1. How lucky? I did not expect it to get a PR because I keep this blog as my own discreet personal blog. This is where I write intense emotion that I cannot share to anybody nor to my family.

Oh yeah, let those opportunities coming while it still has a PR for once it's gone, it will be a while before Mr.G will give it back to me.  I've had this blog for over two years and for those two years bag-o ra gihatagan PR. Okay ra, it is not as exposed as my other blogs so Mr.G has a reason.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paypal Cash Withdrawal

I decided to withdraw my Paypal cash fund amounting to $1,600 to ensure safety of my hard earned money from blogging. Few of the people I know online are complaining about sudden inability to access their Paypal accounts. I am just scared that it could happen to me too and put my money in jeopardy.

I would feel it would be much safer if I will just transfer the money into my bank account and withdraw it from the ATM machine and just keep the cash in our safe. That money has been in my Paypal for months and I tried very hard not to touch it below one thousand.

It would have been bigger now if I don't keep shopping online. Small amounts of shopping each time but then when I total the whole thing, I didn't realize I've been spending at least a hundred dollars.

I really would love to come up with the amount at least 5K USD so I can have something to use and travel to my homeland next year. Reaching that amount should not be hard if I don't get tempted spending every dime I make from blogging.   This time I want to make it serious, I know it's possible I just have to be firm with my goal so I can reach it.

Different From The Neighbors

My husband wants to put on new stuff in our house that are different from his neighbors. He doesn't want to have the same roof with the neighbors so he chose to have a white metal roof. He changed his antiquated 10 SEER A/C unit with the latest technology of TRANE which is a 20 SEER one. We have done quite a bit of improvement in this house. There are still a lot of things need to be changed or done, we are not even halfway of the job we put into this house.

One of the things need to be replaced is our cheap mailbox. Guess, when it is time for him to buy a new mailbox, he would want it to be unique and different from the rest. I would prefer to have this beautiful victorian pedestal mailbox pronze or this one that is antique bronze mailbox but since our roof is white, I think his decision will be followed after all. Right now I am just so fascinated with these bronze mailboxes including bronze mailbox post.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where To Buy Silver Coins Online

Each individual has his or her own interest or hobby. No two are alike or if there are, it will be very rare to happen. Even me and my husband, we do have two different interests yet we get along very well. We have been married for over seven years now and our relationship is just as strong as we had started. But hey I tell you, he loves Politics, I don't. He likes to read, I find reading to be boring. He likes cars, I love gardening but one thing for sure we love each other.

For some collecting silver or gold coins are there deepest passion. Well, if I were to choose, I would love to collect these things too because not only they are valuable coins can make a great investment too. Unfortunately, embracing coin collecting needs money and that is the only thing I don't have.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Be Open-Minded

I always love it when that "little voice" inside tries to talk to me for it lightens up my stressed mind and somehow give me consolidation that I should be open-minded to what other people's ideas, hear them but never ever leave my back from my husband nor doubt him of what he does.

Friends come and go in our life but a husband  would always be there for me no matter what so I should always believe in everything he does for what he does is for the sake of his own family.

I've been feeling so stressed these past few days because of the major expenses we are facing in connection with our home improvement and I perhaps have thought about it too seriously that I sometimes couldn't get a good night sleep. And I think listening to what other people are telling me somehow add a bit of tension in my mind. They do have their own ideas alright but it is my husband's decision should be followed for I know full well he is aware of what he is doing. It is his own home and not theirs, he is the one who pays for the costs and not them.

Ah that little voice I should be thankful so much because if it wasn't because of that thing I wouldn't be able to just relax, take it easy... things will get better and someday when we are done with our home we can breathe easy and be thankful for our family is able to surpass it all. By then we will be proud of ourselves for together as a team , we made our home beautiful.

Hunter Ceiling Fans

When our A/C broke last weekend we were disappointed for it was hot but not over a hundred degrees temperature fortunately we resorted to the biggest fan we have. But even so, it could only cool us off in the living room but in other parts of the house we only used the ceiling fans. Good thing there are some alternatives to beat the heat. So you see how installing ceiling fans in your house is very important right? Are you in search of a good quality and nice designs ceiling fans? Try looking for Hunter ceiling fans online and surely you would love their products as well as affordable prices compared to your local home improvement stores.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Show Off

How I wish I can just vanish on the social networking site for a while because I honestly tired of looking at pictures of people which often appear on my wall too. Facebook is for people to post pictures alright but there are those that keep taking snaps of their faces and they do it almost everyday. I don't get them. Their faces don't change, they always look the same yet they take close up photos of themselves as if today they look like Angelina Jolie and tomorrow they will be Anne Hathaway. Duh, too bad I can't tell them straight forward to not do it otherwise I'll be accused of being jealous of their face, lol.

Knee Scooters That Ship Fast

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Became Distant

Okay my cousin and I are now in good terms but I noticed that she build boundaries between the two of us. We used to be so closed together when we where still single and in search of a man to marry. When she finally found hers, things have changed and we had quite a big fight that led us to stop communicating for over two years.

Just last May we were back communicating but I can sense, she is no longer as comfortable as before sharing things about her new life. I wanted to ask so bad but I just kept it to myself. Since exchanging several text messages to her, we stopped again but at least this time I can now be at ease knowing that wa nami gabungol sa ako ig agaw...

Skin Irritation

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He's Happy Now I Bet

Whenever I miss my father he never fails to appear in my dreams. Not a single day that passes by I don't think about the happy times me and my father shared when he was still alive.

In my mind I would utter the words, 'Pa I miss you so much...then in the midst of my sleep at night he'd appear. How nice? He connects with me even though he is now in the other world. I dreamed of him last night hugging him, we talked like in normal conversation and he was smiling all along. Thanks so much Iyo for visiting me in my dreams!


Lab Balance

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Twice The Trouble

When I decided to have another baby again, I knew that I will doubly busy and fixing up mess with twice the amount of scattered toys on the floor. My four years old seems to be not getting what I say everytime I tell her to pick her toys up. Then another one came along, she is now a year old and yes, she does play toys and like a normal baby does, she leaves toys too.

I wanted them meaning I should do what moms do, pick up toys, feed them, take care of them and love them. Anyways, they will not always be kids, they will grow up too and when that time comes it is time for me to relax.

Mobility Answer

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Friday, June 15, 2012

They Need Me....

You know there are only two things that your relatives or somebody in the Philippines related to you want from you aside from your immediate family messages you through Facebook. It is either bad or good. But let me ask you this, what comes to your mind when a relative whom you hadn't kept in contact with for a long time or never at all suddenly started a conversation with you?

They want something from you.... they need you! Those were the thoughts that came to me when later in our short FB conversation suddenly this relative of mine popped the very question that seriously caught me off guard. Maayo gani kay ning respetar pa pangumusta sa ako family sa Pinas ug kanaku dri before asking for a freaking amount of money to help him for going out of the country to work.

When I first read his last message, I didn't know how to react... I opted not to response to it right away for I don't wanna say the words I regret later on. I waited for the whole night to be over and went back to his message the following morning,  sending the right words to him that I cannot lend him money for we too, needing lots of it for our upcoming legal battle against crooked people.

I didn't hear anything from him since then. I guess he got my reply and he fully understand that he cannot rely on me when it comes to financial help. I would rather be upfront to him and right there and then refused to send any money rather than leading him on.


PS3 New Release

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In The Events Of Death

No one knows when our last time here on Earth is going to be. We will never even know how are we going to die. One thing is certain though is that it is better to get yourself and the whole family a life insurance so in the events of death, your loved ones can have some money to use for this expensive phase in our life. As early as now, checking on life insurance rates is a wise decision so that you can get covered as soon as you find the best rate you are able to afford.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Me And My Papa!

.... photo above was taken during our vacation to the Philippines last November 2010....of course me and Iyo!

I like my PAPA so much hehe. Four nights ago he visited me in my dreams and that surely relieved my longing to him. I did ask him during his funeral that he needs to return the favor to me now that he's gone. I want him to at least see me in my dreams whenever I want to. Just like what I did when he was still alive. Whenever he wanted me to call him, I'd call right away. Whenever I missed him so much, in my dreams I can see him.

The last dream I had was that...we had a usual conversation, I forgot the line he was saying but the smile on his face is still clear in my mind.... maayo nalang ni ingon ani at least nakig communicate gyapon naku ako Papa bisan sa damgo nalang!

Looking For A Guitar

I heard somebody was looking for a guitar to buy. Duh, it is not hard to find one because there are guitars that are being sold online. There are also known guitar shops like KRK guitar center that has really good deals when it comes to guitars, accessories and other musical instruments of different brands available on their online store. They even have used guitars for a lot cheaper if one cannot afford a brand new guitar.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Strip Steak For My Birthday?

I can't remember when was the last time we had steaks. Probably that long huh because I am not the type of person that forgets things easy. I will be turning 29 in 17 days and perhaps a strip steak doesn't hurt? But I already told the husband I don't want something else for my birthday except if we could have lunch somewhere in Grapevine. I hope I could get a cash refund on Coach handbags I'm planning to return so I can have some money to treat my family to lunch.

Friday, May 25, 2012

We Are Okay Now, She Said

This is a picture of me and my cousin, Marissa taken over two years ago. This is the last picture we had together! Damn I missed her. We used to be so close together until that unthinkable big fight happened between us that separated our bond for over two long years! We have had no contacts with each other within those years and it sucked!

Well, not really totally no contact for I've been trying to reach her by texts and emails but I received not a single reply from her until December 2009 she sent me her very first long email pabuhagay sa iya gibati towards me. Then after that, months have passed by back into cold war situation again. I somehow tried my luck just a week ago. I sent her a text with a beautiful saying expressing how I missed her and voila! She replied.

From then on, we are now back in contact with each other through text messages. She confirmed that "we are now okay" although I feel she is still not letting her guards down and continues to hide behind those walls.

I understand her though for what we've been through, it would be awkward and hard to just be back to normal right away... just like what we were before this big fight happened. Time will come we are gonna be closed again but I don't expect things to be the same again. Too many feelings were hurt, too many souls were damaged and most of all the scar will always be in our hearts that reminds us what had happened.

Which One?

Few people in my Facebook list are planning of buying themselves an e-book but they don't know which one to get. They are confused as to which brand or or model should they get, they are comparing these two right now, the kobo vs kindle. There are suggestions that they should go for kindle but they will never know which is best unless they start using the product. The best they they can do is read the reviews of both products and see which one get the most stars and good reviews from previous customers.

Founder And CEO Of ActionCOACH

Sweet name is brad sugars. Before I opened his website I really thought it has something to do with sugars and sweeteners but no, he is actually a man, a person, a founder and CEO of ActionCOACH. He started the ActionCOACH brand (formerly known as Action International) when he was in his early twenties. Today the company is internationally recognized as the leading global business coaching firm and one of the leading and most awarded franchises in the world today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Papa Wherever You Are, I Missed You!

[caption id="attachment_477" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Elson and Jadyn on Jan.2009"][/caption]

I can't help but shed tears when I saw this picture on Facebook shared by my cousin in Seno's crib group. It's been seven months since his passing but the pain never go away. I still can't believe I no longer have a father whom I can comfortably talk just about anything else.

I have so many things in my mind that I so want to share to someone else, to my father but he is no longer around. He was the only one I could talk to when it comes to confidential things such as ahermm... Pa, I really missed you so much. Please come visit me in my dream tonight and talk to me? Not a single day passing by I am not thinking about you, the good days we shared together and the laughter always seen in your face despite of the pain you were suffering! I wished I have told you that deep in my heart I loved you and will always miss you for the rest of my life.

You left us without a father and grandchildren without a grandfather!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunglasses For Me And My Family

I didn't expect for my order of 10 pairs of Firmoo glasses to arrive too early. I got them in the mail just this morning. A door bell awaken my senses. When I opened the door it was the USPS mailman had me sign on a piece of paper then handling me the package.

Ah, these are just a lot! I want to keep five pairs of the sunglasses and then send the other five pairs home in my balik-bayan box so my family in the Philippines can get to wear them too. Surely, they will love their new sunglasses because they are durable, high quality, fashionable and attractive. I am one happy woman here because of these sweet sunnies!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

For All Your Pool Needs

Have your swimsuit, flip flops, umbrella, sun protection lotion and hats ready for summer is drawing near. Lucky are those near the lake, beach or those that have their own private pools in their backyard for they get to enjoy summer by soaking their bodies in the water.

By the way, for pool owners you know where to go when you need something to buy for your pool including intellichlor, right? Just click on the link here and you will be directed to the website which has everything you need for pool maintenance and repairs or other things needed for the pool. Thank you!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being Able To Just Go And Talk

There are advantages and disadvantages of having Filipina neighbors. The only disadvantage I see having one or two is that if you don't like the person, you wished she'd move to other place because you are not feeling too comfortable with the idea she can see you or passing by your house everyday. You feel like there are eyes spying on you. The great advantages of it is that, you feel at ease knowing that you have someone to turn to when you need moral support when things get tough or you'll have someone in ordinary days jut let things out that's been bugging you inside.

One of my neighbors I am so comfortable talking just anything under the sun. I guess because we share the same interests and we do have things in common that make us get along very well. From time to time I just sneak out the house towing my girls along with me and just go to their house. It makes me feel I am not so alone in this world, mura'g Pinas ra kaayo kay adto sa ilang balay manulong ug tabi... good thing the husband doesn't mind me gone of the house for an hour or two even if I go home late at night, he just doesn't mind it.

What Women Want

Undeniably women love fashionable, chic and stylish clothing. I, for one loves shopping for cute dresses and nice tops both online and in a local store. We just want to look good from within, our spouses, friends and so we tend to buy which we think look good for us.

I do have several clothing sites bookmarked in my toolbar to visit when I have nothing else to do. Most of which is womens fashion clothing. Doing this way makes it easy for me to open my favorite sites again and have a look for their sale. Other sites I subscribed to just send me notifications in my mail about their latest and new arrivals, clearance and new markdowns.

I Can't Stop Buying Stuff For My Daughters

Whether there is an occasion or not, if I go to the store or at the mall I can't help but by something for my girls my eldest daughter especially to let her know mommy loves her. She thinks I am nice if I give her anything that she likes. You know kids are easy to please, give her very little but nice toys they will surely appreciate it. It's Mother's Day that we are going to celebrate 3 weeks from now yet here I am browsing for gifts for your daughters on the internet. Instead of me being given something by my daughter why in the world it is me planning of giving something to my first born? Well, I will leave it like that because she is still young and little. Someday, when she has a job she'll probably return all the favor that I did to her when she was young.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

He Would Have Been 54

It was my father's birthday yesterday Philippine time. He would have been 54. Since it is still April 14 here in the United States, it is still his birthday today and I wanna say ( if ever his spirit is reading this)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! I MISSED YOU DEARLY! I hope you are happy where you are and in peace with the Lord now but hey let me tell you this, not a single day that passes by I am not thinking about you. I regret for not telling you I LOVE YOU when you were still with us!

This is my father's first birthday without him and I guess his coming birthdays will only get bitter as we celebrate it for he is no longer with us and we can never see him anymore unless of course death will come for us! God forbid, hope not now or soon because I still have kids to care for and raise.

[caption id="attachment_451" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="mama and papa during my vacation in PI last 2009"][/caption]

It Was My First Time Leaving My First Born Behind

I left my first born today for the first time. I went to attend a small Filipino gathering today in Mansfield. Before I left, I had to make up a white lie to her just so she doesn't cry. I said I am taking the baby to the doctor to be poked with needles and I don't want her coming with me so she doesn't see the baby crying in pain. Poor child, so innocent she didn't know I was actually going to the party!

I am somewhat guilty when we arrived at the house of the Filipino who hosted the party because her house was so close to the park as in it was just a few steps away from her house. If you stand right outside her front door, you could see the playground so close by. I loved the community playground because it has a nice
playground swingsets, slides and the whole playground is covered with green thingy from above to keep the kids protected from the sun when playing.

Safe Weight Loss Tips

Some people who have overweight problems are willing to do the extreme of dieting or taking diet pills without thinking they are putting themselves at risk. They are so desperate in losing weight but little do they know, instead of making themselves happy and healthy, they are destroying their own body slowly if they do that? There are a lot of safe weight loss tips provided on the internet today. All they have to do is search for it and voila! They can lose weight without the fear of harming their body instead of becoming healthy.

What Is A Normal Sleeping Arrangement?

Two nights we have been sleeping at Jadyn's bedroom because I want to give my betterhalf his much needed sleep. Thursday night he complained about not being able to sleep very well and it is making him old very fast. He is a light sleeper and every single noise or sound I make from getting up to attend the baby at night time wakes him up.

So one has to make the sacrifice and that would be me. Alright, I get him and I willingly give the whole bedroom and the whole bed to him so that he can get all the sleep he needs. When we slept at the other bedroom for the first night he asked me why do I have to do that? He wanted me to sleep in our bedroom because he wants us to be NORMAL? Heck!

We are normal at least that is how I feel. I just want to do him a big favor and even if this is going to be our "NORMAL" sleeping arrangement (me and baby sleep in other bedroom) forever, I would do that! I know full well how important it is to get a really good night sleep every night. I don't worry myself not getting some sleep at night because I don't work and I can take a nap anytime I want or if the baby allows me to.

Computer And Musical Instrument Brand?

I didn't know that acer is also a brand name for a case of a musical instrument specifically a clarinet. Acer is so popular for computers but a clarinet case? I have not heard that before until a minute ago. Acer clarinet case is made with polyfoam to protect the clarinet put inside. If you are curious enough to find out more about it, please click on the link below and explore the site once you are there.

Jobs At Applebee's

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Our Lady Of Guadalupe Carved On A Watermelon

So talented is the person who carved this. I see it as perfection. How did someone meticulously and wonderfully perfected his art work like this? I saw this shared by several people on Facebook and I can't help but snag the photo because it is sooooooo pretty! It is Our Lady of Guadalupe carved on a watermelon.

I have seen photos of carvings on fruits before but never have I seen such beautiful carving of the lady like the one above. It is just amazing and I am speechless, are you?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hair Extensions

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Car Insurances

I have never been to car insurances websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate until this morning. Out of curiosity I was just browsing for different car insurance sites and I stumble upon this very site that has a list of all car insurances that you can imagine. This is a great website to be when it comes to switching car insurance or buying car insurance policy for the first time because of its ease of use, simple and most of all no annoying pop-up pages.

Monday, April 2, 2012

You Know Something Is Going On

...when people you used to hangout with no longer sending invitations. Honestly, I don't really care or feel hurt about it. It's just that I can't help but think what could be the reason why? Well, whatever their reasons are, only them know and I am not interested in knowing it. Anyway, they are not obliged to invite me every time they have a gathering.

I survived living in the U.S for 5 years ahead of them, with just me and my family and a few chosen friends so why be bothered about it? Anyway, I don't truly treat them as my "friends" instead I call them "acquaintances". Ouch? Those people that I call my friends are the ones whom I am comfortable to be with not just for the sake of socializing/mingling with them or something. I don't need a big group to hangout with either for it is when gossips and "hinambogay" occurs.

I am just so happy and content having a few "friends" come visit me. My husband is a private person so I don't normally just let people in our house. If  I do, I make sure these friends share the same interest as me, pwede madala pungko2x and most of all dili hambog ug di mag inarte.

Nothing..just venting today...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wants To Attend The Party

How amazing it is for a four-year old child's mind associating birthdays with PARTIES. I told her last night that it was her Auntie Alex's 12 birthday yesterday Philippine time and she said, I wanna go to Auntie Alex and attend the party!

Teewweeewww! I can't help but laugh out loud because of her statement. I didn't expect that all. How I wish we can be there with my sister so to make her 12th birthday a memorable one, I can only do simple things to make her happy on her big day but sadly, I am too far away from her.

I feel kind of guilty for I only greeted her on chikka that goes directly to her phone a happy birthday and one on Facebook. I wish I had the motivation to call the Philippines but the situation is so different now that my father is gone. I can't help but wish sometimes he was still alive and be the first one to answer the phone whenever I call my family.

A Yard Man

My husband is not your typical husband that would just sit on the couch during his days off. He just cannot do that. Day offs are supposed to be relaxation and chilling time after working ten hours everyday, four days a week. Oh no, his weekend or day offs would not be complete without doing something in the house or do his yard.

His yard although it has full of weeds growing in it, still looks a little bit acceptable for he keeps it clean, maintained and cut grass/weeds every week. He does have all the tools for mowing. He has had push mowers from the past that got stolen (now there is only one left), a riding 0 turn mower, edger and a whole lot more to make his yard work easy for him. I call him, a yard man!

Some Are Old And Ugly Others Are Pretty And New

Spring is here and it is time for me to go out walking with kiddos in the whole Edgecliff Village neighborhood. As I wander around this area I notice some houses let their address signs go rotten, get rusty and old. I wonder if the homeowners are aware that what they have outside are barely visible by people who come visit them. On the other hand, there are also that take care of their lawn address plaques by having them repainted, buying a new one or just simply replace the plaques when they think is no longer attractive. Having a clear big and beautiful address plaques save people's time in searching for your home.

Bad Things Happen Unexpectedly

Bad things happen unexpectedly. We don't wish for it to come but it happens in reality. One best example for this is a medical malpractice which is very scary for it is one's life is at stake when this occurs. How do we know the doctors or medical staff we choose to handle our surgery are not just practicing how to slice your body? We have no idea. If in case you know anyone or someone in your immediate family is a victim of medical malpractice, seek for help and ensure your medical malpractice insurance policy from this company will cover any expenses that come ahead. Learn how you can apply for one.

Golf Balls With Logo

You don't normally see golf balls with prints on them or with logo. Most golf balls I have seen are just plain white or if there were colored ones, just a very few of them or I don't know. I never played golf or never been to a golf course.

Surely those golf balls with logo are sort of way for companies to promote their services or products. As we know, golf balls after being played, they can be anywhere and yes, that is such a brilliant idea to print your company name on them for more exposure.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Closet On The Roof?

My husband is watching a recorded news right now and I overheard that there is a closet on top of the roof at the place that was hit by a tornado a week ago. I chuckled for it was funny at the same time it hit me because the question we've been asking ourselves, where are we gonna hide or what are we gonna do when tornado occurs in our place? He asked me those questions one time and I simply answered, in the closet. After seeing that news closet on the roof, I guess the closet is not safe to hide anymore not a good idea to be hiding eh?

Really, what are we gonna do when calamities like tornado hit our place? Honestly, I don't know what to do except pray and ask the saints to keep us safe and protect us. I told that to my husband and he didn't think it was the right answer. What can I do? It's what I believe that the Holy Spirit and  spirits of the saints will help us...always has been.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

High Expectations

Filipinos' mentality about their fellow countrymen who went abroad to work or married foreigners have a lot of money. Little do they know that those people who made it out of the country worked so hard, battling with homesickness, cultural shock and etc. When they come home for a vacation or short visit, they would think that those people brought a lot of money with them. Yes, granted they might have money but that is limited. That doesn't also mean they would just give it away freely, you know what I mean? Unless of course they won a lottery.

Wives of foreigners who come home are expected to treat them, bring sweet stuff from the country they were from? That's  fine for we are expected to do that. We can choose who we want to give a present to and who doesn't receive one, it is our choice and no one can ever tell us what to do.

I feel pity those who thought "balik-bayans" were rich. So naive and so ignorant. Guess what, these kind of people are not willing to open their minds of the possibility that their family members who happened to marry foreigners aren't so lucky with their husbands or if they married a good guy, they aren't rich in their countries. Life in the Philippines and America or anywhere else in the world are just the same. The only thing that is "so good" about living out here is that there are jobs available whenever you feel like working but if you don't work hard, you wouldn't have the money to be comfortable either.

Shouldn't Be Picky

I often hear on t.v about people out of job for six months or longer. I wonder why these people couldn't find jobs while in fact I see companies along the streets have "WE ARE HIRING SIGNS" in them? One should not be picky when it comes to looking for a job especially if the economy isn't stable. Their reason why, is that they cannot step down to the lower position that they previously had. Well, that is the problem there. But even if they continue to deny themselves that it is time to move on and maybe applying for mcdonalds jobs can help them with bills a bit is a shame, it would at least help them get through the day. SIGH!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Blog Has Got Its Dedicated IP

I am beyond happy right now. All 9 blogs I have that I transferred to WP are now back up and live! This blog especially for I have been waiting on it to be live for a week. Take note too, it's got its own dedicated IP and hosting. How cool is that?

I hope my blogging companies I work for would know that this blog is special and it has something in it to compete with other blogs who have been in paid blogging for years.

The layout itself is just temporary. I thought I would be happy with its current theme but I am bothered with the red box in the header so I will have to change it later. For now, I will just leave it as it is as I have other important things to do.

Looking Good Feeling Good

A person who looks good, I mean who has in good physical state is confident. If you are healthy, you look good you feel good. Health is wealth they say so it is important to keep our body healthy to avoid sickness. Proper diet, exercise and live in a good lifestyle is what we should do.

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Who Do You Trust?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Always Prepared

My husband loves buying batteries in bulk. Batteries including duracell procell 9V and other brands of different sizes that he can use with electronics that need battery. The main reason why he buys in bulk just because he can save some money in bulk whereas buying it individually. He has a lot of batteries stored in one bag because if one electronic runs low battery he would just go get one without leaving in the house and drive elsewhere just to get some batteries. It's a good idea too to keep them always handy because in times of black out or emergency we can have something to use to light our way.

Always Prepared

My husband loves buying batteries in bulk. Batteries including duracell procell 9V and other brands of different sizes that he can use with electronics that need battery. The main reason why he buys in bulk just because he can save some money in bulk whereas buying it individually. He has a lot of batteries stored in one bag because if one electronic runs low battery he would just go get one without leaving in the house and drive elsewhere just to get some batteries. It's a good idea too to keep them always handy because in times of black out or emergency we can have something to use to light our way.

My Parents

I scanned some old photos of our wedding 7 years back and I saw there is one shot of my parents. Who would have thought that my father would die 7 years after he handed his daughter to a foreign man. Yet I still consider myself lucky because my father was still around and was able to walk with me in the aisle during my wedding.

My marriage to my husband was the beginning of my close relationship to my father blossomed. If it wasn't because of it, I don't know if me and him will share that bond a father and daughter should share. I don't think I was close to either of my parents when I was growing up because they were both busy with bringing home some money so the family had something to eat while the mother have always been busy with other kids and her chores.

My Parents

I scanned some old photos of our wedding 7 years back and I saw there is one shot of my parents. Who would have thought that my father would die 7 years after he handed his daughter to a foreign man. Yet I still consider myself lucky because my father was still around and was able to walk with me in the aisle during my wedding.

My marriage to my husband was the beginning of my close relationship to my father blossomed. If it wasn't because of it, I don't know if me and him will share that bond a father and daughter should share. I don't think I was close to either of my parents when I was growing up because they were both busy with bringing home some money so the family had something to eat while the mother have always been busy with other kids and her chores.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Basement Remodeling

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Basement Remodeling

If you live in North Carolina area or near Raleigh and are looking forward to finishing your basement or if you haven't started the job and has a plan of doing it, please visit basement remodeling raleigh nc and see how they can be of help to design and transform your once dark and hated basement into the most and perfect hobby room or a desirable part of the house where family gets to gather every day. This company located in NC, they also do attics so if you want your attic to be useful, hire them!