Thursday, March 9, 2017

$ Blessed

As 2017 hit, I got lucky with blogging. My 2016 ended great for I got a job earlier than I targeted to find it. When 2017 entered, I am blessed way more than I deserve. My blogging has awaken and I earned quite a few $, when I say a few means I transferred over $500 to my bank account from Paypal early February.

Thank God for direct advertisers, they don't come always but when they do, rest assured it will be "bongga" or grand!

Working as a hostess isn't easy. I have to walk a lot for the entire 8 hours on duty with little rest, with that said, I appreciate blogging more these days because there were days I earned $100 for just an hour sitting on my computer, compare that to going to my regular job when I don't sweat at all, just use a little bit of my brain to come up with minimum words they require.

$ blessed me and I am grateful!


A Lot to Offer

There are many factors why customers choose to go shop at specific stores frequently. It is because of the quality of products the store sells, rewards and coupons they get from being a loyal shopper and most of all, it is because the store carries everything the customers need. Same thing with musicians, they have their own favorite to shop for their instrument replacements, accessories and new parts. They are so vocal recommending musicians friend because this store has a lot to offer to their customers especially those who are new.