Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finding the Best Capo

I learned something just a few seconds ago. It was my first time to hear the word capo and when I search for it online, it is actually a tool that clamps around guitar strings, pulling the strings to the fretboard at a given fret—like a permanent 1st-finger barre. What they do is that, they enable you to transpose guitar chords from the key you're in and can be a real lifesaver, especially when your fellow musicians change keys, which often happens when playing and recording with vocalists. If you are searching for the best capo, it is a good idea if you would click on the link provided here and start browsing for that very tool that fits for your guitar.

Girls Just Giggling and Having Fun

I am listening to my girls right now having fun playing together and laughing together. Both of them are making zombie sounds which they copied from watching The Walking Dead show on Netflix. They sound both so cute and truly sound like zombies. U love it when they get along, they make the cutest sounds ever that is like music to my ears. I can say, there are more play scenes than fighting.

So Jadyn's jealousy and that feeling of rivalry with baby sister is fading away. She now calls her sister to play with her and when the baby is sleeping too, she'd wake her up so she can play with her sister. How awesome is that? I guess one of the many reasons the firstborn now plays with baby sister is that, Megan is passed the drooling stage... when she was under one year old, she drooled a lot which the big sister hated because she didn't want her toys to get saliva on them. I hope their solid bonding will continue until they grow old and prefer to have each other rather than seeking friends outside.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Racks and Stands

There are four old wooden speakers in four corners of our t.v room. Only two of the speakers are sitting on a real stand, the other two are put on top of the other speakers. It would make this little space of ours look pretty if the other two speakers could also have their stands. These racks and stands are perfect to buy at least two of these to improve the quality of the sound as well as to give extra space in our t.v room.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Just Getting Worried

It has been over a week since our travel agent told me that she's going to forward the final itinerary for our travel in two months but still no email from her. I am getting worried for the prices might go up and she wasn't able to book us at the price we both agreed on.

What am I gonna do? I can't just sit here and waiting forever as to when she can confirm us the dates. Arrgggsss it sucks, it really sucks! I am hoping before this week ends there will be a positive news from her. Because if she does, I can now inform my family that our flight is booked and that we're really coming home this year. God hear my prayer!

Window and Door Replacement

Pella is a company that does window and door replacement across the United States. If you live in Virginia, you may go check out virginia beach windows and have them replace your antiquated doors and windows for energy efficiency. This company earned a J.D. Power and Associates award for "Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Window and Door Manufacturers." So that should give customers an assurance what they're getting is satisfaction from the products from Pella.