Friday, October 31, 2014

Don't Talk When You Are Mad

One thing I learned from the past couple of days is  not to open your mouth when you are mad, otherwise, you'll end up regretting later for saying words that could potentially hurt someone and those words can't be taken back. It happened to me years ago and I regretted that so much.

Last week, I received a feedback from our home in Cebu about my mother washed someone else's throw up, this someone is not related to us or anything, except that she has a relationship with my younger brother. Upon knowing that she sleeps with him in our own house occasionally, I couldn't help but be furious about it. Such a curse to do that, I have always been conservative all my life and bringing a woman to our house to sleep with is just so against my views.

What I did, I called them and scolded my brother, throwing him hurtful words. I was gonna humiliate him and the girl publicly but something inside me tells me to wait and call back my mother to confirm one thing. I am glad I did, or else those two people will be very very embarrassed by my actions.

I feel awful after saying those unpleasant things to my brother on the phone but I am not taking them back just so he knows I am not in favor of him bringing a woman in our house while they're still in their early stage of their relationship.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Great Website for Musicians Like You

I am glad to be living in the US because, aside from comfort, I can shop anything I want and can find almost everything either online or in local stores. Same with shopping musical instruments, accessories and gears. Musicians can choose to go to their local music store or shop at the convenience of their home by simply going to specific stores they prefer.

One that I highly recommend is Musicians friend. They sell top quality musical instruments, lighting, accessories or anything pertaining to music. At affordable prices and plenty of items to choose from, I don't think there is a reason for you to go back to your old store. The company also offers coupon codes for customers to use and really deep discounts on certain items. Gotta check them out.

She's Into Listening to the Music Now

I got tons of music stored in my ipod. Music of different genre, year and artists. Of all the songs I have, there is this one particular song from Bon Jovi titled, " It's My Life". I must admit, I like this song too and probably one of the best songs anyone could listen to. It is the only song that my 6-year old girl could play over and over again without getting tired listening to it. Right now, she is using my little headphones when on ipod.

With that said, a pair of real nice headphones like this koss headphones I am looking at online right now could make a great gift comes Christmas. I want something for her that is soft to the eardrum and produces good sound.

Ebola is in Texas and I'm Worried

First Ebola patient that had direct contact in Africa died last week in Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. A nurse who worked directly with him contracted the disease and is now in good condition. Over a hundred people are now in isolation. Second nurse also got the disease who flew to the other state on Frontier Airlines. What's next?

God forbid from spreading all over Texas or anywhere else. There's no known cure yet for the virus. I am worried. CDC said it's not an airborne disease but it is up to 3 feet according to the news. We are just 45 minutes away from Dallas and you know, such an epidemic like this would easily spread in a blink of an eye. God, I am humbly asking you, protect us all from this deadly disease.

I'd rather die bitten by a zombie than contracting Ebola. With zombie at least, I fought hard before dying, with Ebola there's less chance you can survive unless you get treated early.