Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Father's 2nd Death Anniversary

 photo tytxle7sqn99wtseb1hhp5mnpj4detrb_zps1c107efc.jpg
... snaps above are of us visited his grave last April 2013 in Calinan Memorial, Davao. As promised that I'm going to visit him once I go to the Philippines. I hope he was happy when I brought two of my siblings and my girls to his grave. You see, I didn't break my promise even if he is dead, I still want to be in touched with him.

My father just went without saying a thing or showing a sign to me two years ago. While we celebrated our 7th year anniversary, it was also the darkest day of my life for he passed away. Today, as we celebrate our 9 years wedding anniversary, I am also remembering my father. He is dearly missed by me and the rest of the family, memories cherished, photos are kept for remembrance.

I wish I could light a candle for him at the cemetery but that is just impossible to do here in the United States. I will just say a little prayer for him though, that wherever he is, he is resting in peace with the Lord and that he is watching over us on earth. 'Pa, I may have not said this to you when you were still with us, but I hope you knew that I loved you... Gosh, throat hurts and starting to cry... I just missed him terribly on this day!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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