Friday, December 20, 2013

I am Just Beyond Thankful to My Friend

When all of my ten blogs were down, I was down too as if the world was on my shoulders. I cannot imagine without my blogs as they are my only source of income. I send financial help to my family in the Philippines and thanks to blogging for it allows me to stay home with my kids.

Ixwebhosting truly sucks. I had to beg to their tech to give me access to my blogs just so I can save my xml files. Imagine, I am their customer and they have my money yet I was the one to beg? What kind of company or service is that?

Anyway, one of the best Christmas presents the Lord give me is a gift of friendship. I am thankful to my friend Annie, who helped me a lot getting my blog back up. She transferred my blogs to her own hosting company without hesitation, in fact, she was the one who offered me.

I hope she knows how lucky I am to have found her... she is an angel in disguise.

J Wants a Drum Set

Whenever we go to the store and I bring my firstborn with me and she sees toys, she'd ask me to buy me this and that most especially when she sees a Princess-themed or a pink color drum set for kids. I so want to buy her a set but right now we are kind of tight financially so I am delaying it. Hoping someday we can really get her a drum set which she can share with her sister.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Very Disappointing Webhosting

I have so many pictures to post, a lot of stories to tell this past week but I am afraid if I update or create a little activity to any of my blogs that my webhosting company would shut me out of my blogs. I've only hosted my blogs with them for over a year yet I have had so many issues with them about their crap cpu usage and etc.

I feel like I can't do anything in order to update my blogs because once I upload a photo or write something, it gets shut off. I have not heard anything like that in other hosting companies especially those that use bluehost. I still got until 2015 for my hosting yet it feels like it's too long to wait for I don't feel confident with them anymore. It's like using their service is walking in an egg shell.

IXWEBHOSTING I AM NOT HAPPY WITH YOU ANYMORE. 2015 please come fast so I can move all of my blogs' hosting back to blogger, not only do I get it free but also they are reliable and no problem at all. My only concern is that, when that time comes, I forgot how to import or move my hosting back to blogger, I forgot all the steps and processes in order to do that. I doubht IXWEBHOSTING people will help me do that!