Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dirt In My Dream

They say when you dream of something nasty like human waste there'll be some money coming your way. It happened to me several times already and it is true and I believe it. In my dream it was so gross that I hated seeing it but in reality, effin' money has or is coming my way.

I have been so blessed lately with tasks, thankfully! It is because I make it easier for prospect advertisers to come contact me directly and yes, a few of them are really bonggacious! God knows what my plans are and so He used other people as His tool to help me. Thank You, Lord! You are AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Customized Shirts Toronto

When it comes to buying gifts for someone we love, it seems a bit harder than we thought. We are concern whether the person we are going to give the gifts to is going to like it or not, is he going to use it or just ignore it? I feel the same way too when I buy something for my husband. That is why I don't give him gifts often only if I can find a brilliant idea for gifts that he would surely love.

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It Wasn't As I Thought It Was

Thank God! I can't say it's good news but at least it wasn't as I thought it was. When the husband left this morning he was telling me that he's gonna be off early today and that he might take a leave for one week because he is not feeling well. If I hear something like that especially from someone who doesn't normally complain about feeling pain or unwell can be quite alarming.

When he was away the whole time since six this morning until he delivered what it truly was, I was so worried and so many what ifs were running in my mind. God forbid, please no! It was such a relief when he delivered the news that what he has right now is a virus that remained in his body from getting a chicken pox earlier in his life. I will not go into details about this but he is experiencing severe headaches in one part of his body, left face and head side of his body that the doctor had to prescribe him pain killers. Poor man! Thank You gyud Ginoo kay saon nalang kung ang akong gikabalak-an maoy hinungdan....

Grey's Anatomy Scrub Pants

From the brand or name of the scrub pants alone called grey s anatomy scrub pants is obviously derived or taken from the famous t.v show, Grey's Anatomy. I may not have watched a single episode of the show but I know it is popular and most watched by most Americans. The scrub pants I am talking about are available at a discount nursing scrubs and medical uniforms shop at Marcus Uniforms. They offer a large selection of brand name medical scrubs, nursing scrubs, Cherokee scrubs, nursing uniforms and medical uniforms for men and women in solid colors and a wide variety of prints at low prices including a selection of nursing scrubs starting at $5.00.

Heavy Heart

As days get closer to our wedding anniversary, I also am getting those emotions that take me back to when me and my husband tied the knot. We were so happy back then and even until now of course... it is different today because we already have a big family. Also, I have been missing my father so much that I could almost cry when I went to bed last night.

It has been almost a year we all without a father and yes, he passed away on the day we celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary. This is going to be his first death anniversary yet the wound of losing him is still fresh. Life, why it has to be this way?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Add A Focal Point To Your Garden

Gardening is what I always love to do. I love seeing different vibrant colors in our front yard as well as harvesting fresh produce from our home vegetable garden in the backyard. I can say, our front yard is pretty because there are flowers continue blooming out there plus the husband keeps our lawn trimmed and mowed every week. It is not a work of a professional but it is a lot nicer than two of our neighbors in both sides.

For those that plan of remodeling their landscape, an awesome deep creek falls wall fountain could be a great addition to the landscape as it serves as the focal point of the garden. I love the idea of adding any types of fountain but it needs budget for that.

Pending Tasks

It is not so me leaving my tasks for days without writing them. Keeping up with my online and offline tasks is getting harder for me these days. Arggs! Lord, I feel like I'm going  crazy! The ones I have are total 5 tasks that I don't know if I can even finish writing them today. They are somewhat difficult topics that is why I am just trying to ignore them.

Anyway, I will try the best I can to at least write two today haha.. Awa ra pagka tapulan jud! Adding to my laziness is I now have to write interim/personal posts in between paid posts... that takes time to do and I am so out of draft entries!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fascinated With Plush Toys

Both of my girls are fascinated with stuffed toys or any kinds of toys especially large plush toys. We got a few big plush toys for them but every time we go to the store, Jadyn, the firstborn keep bugging me to buy her more. I don't want anymore toys in the house for I am the one end up picking, fixing their toys scattered all over the floor. Our house is cluttered with toys you know? Kids are kids, they only play the new ones and when they get tired of it, they would just abandon it and never play again. What a waste!

Opening Up

It is always nice to be able to express yourself especially when you are boiling up inside. I heard the most unpleasant name that my husband called me last night but I did not react to this because I thought it was true. He was also pissed at me being pissed at something.

I was just tired and wanting to rest, I couldn't. The little one clinging into me for two straight hours. As soon as I arrived home hanging out with my friend at the mall, Megan never left me alone...she seemed to miss me that much huh. I tried putting her down, in the crib with milk but when she finished all her milk she cried again wanting to be picked up.

I was spreading my negative energy in the house and surely the husband didn't like that, he called me BITCHY! Duh keber I was tired! I explained to him what was going on and I hope he got me. When my mood gets sour that means something is going on inside me. I needed help with the baby and he was in the garage, relaxing and sipping his beer... arggsss how unfair is that?

Anyway, I hope he now has an idea that when my temper heats up meaning I need his help. It feels good after I told him what had happened.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do Horses Get Cold Too?

The biggest stupid question I ever ask if horses get cold too? Maybe. I have never been around with horses so how do I know? Anyway, if you own a horse and your horse spends so much time outdoors, buy your dearest horse some horse blankets from On this link I give you here, they we offer a wide selection of horse blankets and sheets -- for turnout, stable, dress, and fly sheets to protect your horse from biting flies during the summer months.

Is She Thinking Of Me?

This is strange! I don't communicate with my cousin more often yet I still think about her sometimes. There are times when she just suddenly appear in my mind. Two days ago I was cooking sauteed water spinach when all of the sudden I remembered here thinking, if she was here with me we could enjoy ourselves eating this dish. When I realized that thought, I was asking myself if she thinks of me too the same minute I thought about her? I believe in mental telepathy though that when you think of someone, rest assured that you're in his or her mind too.

Updates On Tim Kennedy

In every sports team we have our own favorite player could it be, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc. To those who are fans of tim kennedy who is a famous MMA fighter, you can read latest updates of your idol by clicking on the link provided here. Who is Tim Kennedy by the way? Timothy Fred Kennedy (born September 1, 1979) is an American mixed martial artist who currently fights for the MMA promotion Strikeforce. He is one of the few fighters to simultaneously serve full-time in the United States Army while also fighting professionally.