Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being Able To Just Go And Talk

There are advantages and disadvantages of having Filipina neighbors. The only disadvantage I see having one or two is that if you don't like the person, you wished she'd move to other place because you are not feeling too comfortable with the idea she can see you or passing by your house everyday. You feel like there are eyes spying on you. The great advantages of it is that, you feel at ease knowing that you have someone to turn to when you need moral support when things get tough or you'll have someone in ordinary days jut let things out that's been bugging you inside.

One of my neighbors I am so comfortable talking just anything under the sun. I guess because we share the same interests and we do have things in common that make us get along very well. From time to time I just sneak out the house towing my girls along with me and just go to their house. It makes me feel I am not so alone in this world, mura'g Pinas ra kaayo kay adto sa ilang balay manulong ug tabi... good thing the husband doesn't mind me gone of the house for an hour or two even if I go home late at night, he just doesn't mind it.

What Women Want

Undeniably women love fashionable, chic and stylish clothing. I, for one loves shopping for cute dresses and nice tops both online and in a local store. We just want to look good from within, our spouses, friends and so we tend to buy which we think look good for us.

I do have several clothing sites bookmarked in my toolbar to visit when I have nothing else to do. Most of which is womens fashion clothing. Doing this way makes it easy for me to open my favorite sites again and have a look for their sale. Other sites I subscribed to just send me notifications in my mail about their latest and new arrivals, clearance and new markdowns.

I Can't Stop Buying Stuff For My Daughters

Whether there is an occasion or not, if I go to the store or at the mall I can't help but by something for my girls my eldest daughter especially to let her know mommy loves her. She thinks I am nice if I give her anything that she likes. You know kids are easy to please, give her very little but nice toys they will surely appreciate it. It's Mother's Day that we are going to celebrate 3 weeks from now yet here I am browsing for gifts for your daughters on the internet. Instead of me being given something by my daughter why in the world it is me planning of giving something to my first born? Well, I will leave it like that because she is still young and little. Someday, when she has a job she'll probably return all the favor that I did to her when she was young.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

He Would Have Been 54

It was my father's birthday yesterday Philippine time. He would have been 54. Since it is still April 14 here in the United States, it is still his birthday today and I wanna say ( if ever his spirit is reading this)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! I MISSED YOU DEARLY! I hope you are happy where you are and in peace with the Lord now but hey let me tell you this, not a single day that passes by I am not thinking about you. I regret for not telling you I LOVE YOU when you were still with us!

This is my father's first birthday without him and I guess his coming birthdays will only get bitter as we celebrate it for he is no longer with us and we can never see him anymore unless of course death will come for us! God forbid, hope not now or soon because I still have kids to care for and raise.

[caption id="attachment_451" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="mama and papa during my vacation in PI last 2009"][/caption]

It Was My First Time Leaving My First Born Behind

I left my first born today for the first time. I went to attend a small Filipino gathering today in Mansfield. Before I left, I had to make up a white lie to her just so she doesn't cry. I said I am taking the baby to the doctor to be poked with needles and I don't want her coming with me so she doesn't see the baby crying in pain. Poor child, so innocent she didn't know I was actually going to the party!

I am somewhat guilty when we arrived at the house of the Filipino who hosted the party because her house was so close to the park as in it was just a few steps away from her house. If you stand right outside her front door, you could see the playground so close by. I loved the community playground because it has a nice
playground swingsets, slides and the whole playground is covered with green thingy from above to keep the kids protected from the sun when playing.

Safe Weight Loss Tips

Some people who have overweight problems are willing to do the extreme of dieting or taking diet pills without thinking they are putting themselves at risk. They are so desperate in losing weight but little do they know, instead of making themselves happy and healthy, they are destroying their own body slowly if they do that? There are a lot of safe weight loss tips provided on the internet today. All they have to do is search for it and voila! They can lose weight without the fear of harming their body instead of becoming healthy.

What Is A Normal Sleeping Arrangement?

Two nights we have been sleeping at Jadyn's bedroom because I want to give my betterhalf his much needed sleep. Thursday night he complained about not being able to sleep very well and it is making him old very fast. He is a light sleeper and every single noise or sound I make from getting up to attend the baby at night time wakes him up.

So one has to make the sacrifice and that would be me. Alright, I get him and I willingly give the whole bedroom and the whole bed to him so that he can get all the sleep he needs. When we slept at the other bedroom for the first night he asked me why do I have to do that? He wanted me to sleep in our bedroom because he wants us to be NORMAL? Heck!

We are normal at least that is how I feel. I just want to do him a big favor and even if this is going to be our "NORMAL" sleeping arrangement (me and baby sleep in other bedroom) forever, I would do that! I know full well how important it is to get a really good night sleep every night. I don't worry myself not getting some sleep at night because I don't work and I can take a nap anytime I want or if the baby allows me to.

Computer And Musical Instrument Brand?

I didn't know that acer is also a brand name for a case of a musical instrument specifically a clarinet. Acer is so popular for computers but a clarinet case? I have not heard that before until a minute ago. Acer clarinet case is made with polyfoam to protect the clarinet put inside. If you are curious enough to find out more about it, please click on the link below and explore the site once you are there.

Jobs At Applebee's

Applebee's is one of America's restaurant chains known for its delicious and affordable menu. If you want to join Applebee's team, please fill up applebees application form. Job hopefuls are encouraged to submit a professional resume made specifically for the position desired when applying for a job with the restaurant chain. You should know that it would make a great impression on the employer if the applicant emphasizes multiple aspects of his or her skills and personality.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Carved On A Watermelon

So talented is the person who carved this. I see it as perfection. How did someone meticulously and wonderfully perfected his art work like this? I saw this shared by several people on Facebook and I can't help but snag the photo because it is sooooooo pretty! It is Our Lady of Guadalupe carved on a watermelon.

I have seen photos of carvings on fruits before but never have I seen such beautiful carving of the lady like the one above. It is just amazing and I am speechless, are you?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hair Extensions

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Car Insurances

I have never been to car insurances websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate until this morning. Out of curiosity I was just browsing for different car insurance sites and I stumble upon this very site that has a list of all car insurances that you can imagine. This is a great website to be when it comes to switching car insurance or buying car insurance policy for the first time because of its ease of use, simple and most of all no annoying pop-up pages.

Monday, April 2, 2012

You Know Something Is Going On

...when people you used to hangout with no longer sending invitations. Honestly, I don't really care or feel hurt about it. It's just that I can't help but think what could be the reason why? Well, whatever their reasons are, only them know and I am not interested in knowing it. Anyway, they are not obliged to invite me every time they have a gathering.

I survived living in the U.S for 5 years ahead of them, with just me and my family and a few chosen friends so why be bothered about it? Anyway, I don't truly treat them as my "friends" instead I call them "acquaintances". Ouch? Those people that I call my friends are the ones whom I am comfortable to be with not just for the sake of socializing/mingling with them or something. I don't need a big group to hangout with either for it is when gossips and "hinambogay" occurs.

I am just so happy and content having a few "friends" come visit me. My husband is a private person so I don't normally just let people in our house. If  I do, I make sure these friends share the same interest as me, pwede madala pungko2x and most of all dili hambog ug di mag inarte.

Nothing..just venting today...