Thursday, April 18, 2013

Website Builder

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Monday, April 8, 2013

We Gonna Miss our Dada

Five weeks is a long separation between us and dada. But we have to go without him. If there weren't too much stuff to do in the house and we are not that tight up with credit card payments, there is a greater chance he could come with us. Someday, somehow he can go back to the Philippines and possibly see his brother? I believe they haven't seen each other for decades although they occasionally write each other.

Anyhow, I will just call or text my husband as often as I can and let the girls hear him on the phone. With the help of this ever evolving technology, everything seems within reach and easy. Everything is possible.

Pool Lights

Texans can feel the heat now even though it is just early Spring. There were days when we were sweating and I was wondering, how hot can it get in Summer? We are already sweating while it is still Spring. I so not look forward to Summer.

Speaking of Summer, are you guys ready to beat the heat? Those who have pools in their backyard might not so bothered with the heat since they can just jump into the water and cool down. If you guys need to replace your pool lighting, please take a look at hayward pool lights. Thank you and enjoy browsing!

Couldn't Keep It a Secret Any Longer

More three months I managed to keep my vacation a secret to my mother and two other small siblings. But then due to North Korea's threat to its neighboring nations, I decided to just let my brother inform my mother that we are coming for in case something unfavorable comes up, they'll know where we are.

I am so excited, I tell yah. Tomorrow is the big day to get in the plane on our way to Seoul, South Korea. It is going to be painstakingly a long flight for three of us but I guess it is all worth the trouble. The pampering of my body, the joy and happiness of being with my family and all is the ultimate prize. Soon I can see you Cebu, yeah!

Quiet and Energy Efficient Dishwasher

You will never know how energy efficient the new dishwashers nowadays. If you are holding on to your antiquated dishwasher, you might want to consider upgrading it for your own benefit. Take a look at this flawless and gorgeous samsung dmt800rhs and tell me if you don't wish to have one like this in your kitchen? It is attractive, easy to load, and very quiet. This energy efficient dryer provides lots of options to customize your dishwasher use to your lifestyle. Six different cycles and a tall tub allows you to use this dishwasher according to your unique needs.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Someone You Can't Trust

In this world, not everybody you talk to or not all your friends are can be trusted. I am not sure how many I have that I can trust but once I am comfortable to tell something to that person, rest assured that she has my trust.

Even the simplest words I say to you not to spread it to the world and you can keep it a secret, kudos to you. But if you fail to do that... then the trust is broken and once it is broken... you know na di naku makasalig nimo balik.

Loud and clear I told this person don't tell anybody and what she did? She told it to her mother and her mother and my mother met one day, that mother of hers told a wrong arrival date of my vacation to the Philippines. Might sound not big of a deal to you but for me it is. I kept telling everybody in my family that I am gonna be there in May... then after what happened, they might have sensed that I will be arriving this month... pisses me off!

This is not the first time she did it to me, a long long time ago before  she came to America, nang regards kos among silingan nga kaila nila.. unsay gisulti niya didto sa taw? NGA WA NA KUNO KO KAILA NIYA? What duh H? I did not confront her that but before I'll delete her, ako usa siya pakan on ug sukmat nganu iya to gibuhat... I found this out because that woman told my mother nga wa na daw ko kaila niya which is so not true. Our family is a closed friend of their family too, how come wa naku kaila niya?

So simple is the thing I entrusted her my supposed-to-be surprise visit to my family, yet she couldn't keep her mouth shut... don't blame me if she'll be deleted from my list one day...