Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Precious Life Taken Away Just Like That

My husband got a phone call from his cousin in California yesterday informing him that a cousin or a relative of his passed away. This man is ten years older than him and he died just because somebody hit him. He was riding his bike and crossing the street and boom got hit by a car!

How awful. Such a precious life taken away just like that by some reckless bastards. This only tells us that we only have one life and we should take care of it, live life to the fullest because once we are dead, we are gone physically in this world.

Charlie was the man's name and we met him once at my father in-law's funeral in Benecia, CA two years ago. Who would have thought that after attending his uncle's funeral, he will be the one to be buried two years after that....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Brag Your Catch

Do you have a lot of big fish you caught yourself? Brag your catch by simply registering or creating an account at FishyPics. There you can find different people of all ages went fishing and posted their catch on the world wide web.

I discovered this website weeks back and I thought it was a cool site to be looking at real people with big smiles on their faces holding fish, small, medium and big sizes. I guess this is going to be fishermen's favorite site once it gets popular and a lot of people will know about it, there will be a growing number of members joining soon. So if you happen to drop by this blog please spread the word.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Made $110 Today

I am blessed, so blessed! Thank You, Lord so much for the tasks You showered me today. I am more grateful than ever. For the record, I made $110 today. I was able to finish all of my tasks.

Today reminded me of my early days in blogging way back 2007 when there were very few bloggers, economy was doing good and advertisers outnumbered the bloggers. Everyday for the entire year of 2007 me and other older bloggers earned as much as $100 a day. Well, depends of course how fast you can write and how hard you work in order to earn that amount.

Lord, keep those tasks coming. I am more than willing to do them all without complaining. Just guide my mind and hands in order for me to write beautiful contents both paid and personal posts. Amen!


Cozy And Comfortable During Cold Days

How awesome it is to be able to sit outside with family and friends even during cold winter days. Having fire pits in our backyards help a lot. Sometimes sitting outside is good rather than just staying in the house all day long. We all need it to breathe some fresh air and also listen to the cracking sound of the fire.

We have a fire pit for quite a long time now. We bought it at a local grocery store for a much discounted price. We are just glad we have it for it lets us enjoy the outdoor when days are cold and chilly.

A Girl Without A Father


This is my little sister sitting on our father's lap taken last 2010. Alex has always been a Papa's girl. I can only imagine the hardship she went through when our father passed away last October 16,2011. She will grow up without a father and that is a sad fact. I feel for her.

I grew up with a father, although we were not closed when I was younger but I sure appreciated all the sacrifices and hard work he had done for his family. It deeply saddened me when he went with the Lord without even saying goodbye to me. 'Pa, I missed you so very very much now, padamgo pud oi! Mingaw naku nimo gud!

Affordable And Cheap Desktop Computers

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Is This I'm Feeling?

I read an article on the internet a long time ago about how women who have just given birth experienced what they call "postpartum depression". Most women would experience this right after giving birth, others it would take months for postpartum depression to kick in and a few won't start suffering postpartum depression after a year of having a baby.

Now in connection with this strange feeling I am having right now, can it be postpartum depression? There is a slight chance that this could be it or I might be feeling "Summer blues"? I don't feel good inside, honestly. I hate it and I don't want to be feeling this way. What I have right now is the same feelings I have had two weeks after I gave birth to Jadyn. I feel unwanted, I feel ignored, worthless, lonely and all other negative thoughts running in my mind, I don't want to do anything else but go home. I am happy most of the time but then there were moments when I get really bored usually during late afternoon or at bedtime that is when all these nega feelings strike me.

Or if this is just summer blues, I am optimistic it will just go away after summer is over. For six years of living here in the US, homesickness seems my greatest enemy in this world. I can't seem to get over this feeling and it attacks me every summer. It is around this time when I want to do something outside and I cannot because of the unbearable heat. I feel like there is nowhere else to go!

How I wish to be able to open up with someone but I don't think I am comfortable enough to do that. The only person whom I can confide things to is gone. My father! He is gone, I truly believe he was the only person that would listen to me and not make fun of me. Ahhh... now I'm talking three things now... homesickness, summer blues/postpartum depression and missing my father.... tabang Lord!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Blog Has Got A PR

No wonder this blog has been receiving offers and grab bag tasks on one of the paid blogging sites I belong because it now has a PR of 1. How lucky? I did not expect it to get a PR because I keep this blog as my own discreet personal blog. This is where I write intense emotion that I cannot share to anybody nor to my family.

Oh yeah, let those opportunities coming while it still has a PR for once it's gone, it will be a while before Mr.G will give it back to me.  I've had this blog for over two years and for those two years bag-o ra gihatagan PR. Okay ra, it is not as exposed as my other blogs so Mr.G has a reason.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paypal Cash Withdrawal

I decided to withdraw my Paypal cash fund amounting to $1,600 to ensure safety of my hard earned money from blogging. Few of the people I know online are complaining about sudden inability to access their Paypal accounts. I am just scared that it could happen to me too and put my money in jeopardy.

I would feel it would be much safer if I will just transfer the money into my bank account and withdraw it from the ATM machine and just keep the cash in our safe. That money has been in my Paypal for months and I tried very hard not to touch it below one thousand.

It would have been bigger now if I don't keep shopping online. Small amounts of shopping each time but then when I total the whole thing, I didn't realize I've been spending at least a hundred dollars.

I really would love to come up with the amount at least 5K USD so I can have something to use and travel to my homeland next year. Reaching that amount should not be hard if I don't get tempted spending every dime I make from blogging.   This time I want to make it serious, I know it's possible I just have to be firm with my goal so I can reach it.

Different From The Neighbors

My husband wants to put on new stuff in our house that are different from his neighbors. He doesn't want to have the same roof with the neighbors so he chose to have a white metal roof. He changed his antiquated 10 SEER A/C unit with the latest technology of TRANE which is a 20 SEER one. We have done quite a bit of improvement in this house. There are still a lot of things need to be changed or done, we are not even halfway of the job we put into this house.

One of the things need to be replaced is our cheap mailbox. Guess, when it is time for him to buy a new mailbox, he would want it to be unique and different from the rest. I would prefer to have this beautiful victorian pedestal mailbox pronze or this one that is antique bronze mailbox but since our roof is white, I think his decision will be followed after all. Right now I am just so fascinated with these bronze mailboxes including bronze mailbox post.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where To Buy Silver Coins Online

Each individual has his or her own interest or hobby. No two are alike or if there are, it will be very rare to happen. Even me and my husband, we do have two different interests yet we get along very well. We have been married for over seven years now and our relationship is just as strong as we had started. But hey I tell you, he loves Politics, I don't. He likes to read, I find reading to be boring. He likes cars, I love gardening but one thing for sure we love each other.

For some collecting silver or gold coins are there deepest passion. Well, if I were to choose, I would love to collect these things too because not only they are valuable coins can make a great investment too. Unfortunately, embracing coin collecting needs money and that is the only thing I don't have.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Be Open-Minded

I always love it when that "little voice" inside tries to talk to me for it lightens up my stressed mind and somehow give me consolidation that I should be open-minded to what other people's ideas, hear them but never ever leave my back from my husband nor doubt him of what he does.

Friends come and go in our life but a husband  would always be there for me no matter what so I should always believe in everything he does for what he does is for the sake of his own family.

I've been feeling so stressed these past few days because of the major expenses we are facing in connection with our home improvement and I perhaps have thought about it too seriously that I sometimes couldn't get a good night sleep. And I think listening to what other people are telling me somehow add a bit of tension in my mind. They do have their own ideas alright but it is my husband's decision should be followed for I know full well he is aware of what he is doing. It is his own home and not theirs, he is the one who pays for the costs and not them.

Ah that little voice I should be thankful so much because if it wasn't because of that thing I wouldn't be able to just relax, take it easy... things will get better and someday when we are done with our home we can breathe easy and be thankful for our family is able to surpass it all. By then we will be proud of ourselves for together as a team , we made our home beautiful.

Hunter Ceiling Fans

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Show Off

How I wish I can just vanish on the social networking site for a while because I honestly tired of looking at pictures of people which often appear on my wall too. Facebook is for people to post pictures alright but there are those that keep taking snaps of their faces and they do it almost everyday. I don't get them. Their faces don't change, they always look the same yet they take close up photos of themselves as if today they look like Angelina Jolie and tomorrow they will be Anne Hathaway. Duh, too bad I can't tell them straight forward to not do it otherwise I'll be accused of being jealous of their face, lol.

Knee Scooters That Ship Fast

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Became Distant

Okay my cousin and I are now in good terms but I noticed that she build boundaries between the two of us. We used to be so closed together when we where still single and in search of a man to marry. When she finally found hers, things have changed and we had quite a big fight that led us to stop communicating for over two years.

Just last May we were back communicating but I can sense, she is no longer as comfortable as before sharing things about her new life. I wanted to ask so bad but I just kept it to myself. Since exchanging several text messages to her, we stopped again but at least this time I can now be at ease knowing that wa nami gabungol sa ako ig agaw...

Skin Irritation

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He's Happy Now I Bet

Whenever I miss my father he never fails to appear in my dreams. Not a single day that passes by I don't think about the happy times me and my father shared when he was still alive.

In my mind I would utter the words, 'Pa I miss you so much...then in the midst of my sleep at night he'd appear. How nice? He connects with me even though he is now in the other world. I dreamed of him last night hugging him, we talked like in normal conversation and he was smiling all along. Thanks so much Iyo for visiting me in my dreams!


Lab Balance

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Twice The Trouble

When I decided to have another baby again, I knew that I will doubly busy and fixing up mess with twice the amount of scattered toys on the floor. My four years old seems to be not getting what I say everytime I tell her to pick her toys up. Then another one came along, she is now a year old and yes, she does play toys and like a normal baby does, she leaves toys too.

I wanted them meaning I should do what moms do, pick up toys, feed them, take care of them and love them. Anyways, they will not always be kids, they will grow up too and when that time comes it is time for me to relax.

Mobility Answer

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