Monday, September 15, 2014

Insurance Here

One of the most important thing you can ever do to yourself is to buy an insurance like what I just found insurance here, otherwise you will shoulder a mountain of bills in case something comes up along the way like emergency trips to the hospitals, you get ill you don't expect and etc. You can take a look at this site I am giving you above and see if it answers your questions. Anything you need to know about buying a health insurance and locations, they are all written on that site.

No More Presents for Them

For years I have been giving out presents from America to my relatives at home and little did I know that despite of the kindness I did for them, I received a negative feedback from one of the recipients of my gifts.

Those people are shameless, with hands wide open receiving my stuff and stabbing me behind my back. That pisses me so much. How could these people so shameless yet continue coming to our house just for pasalubong?

Dang! Di lang jud ni sila pasayop pakita naku next time kay na ulbo jud sila's kauwaw. Bantay lang!