Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wishing for Lots of Moolah to Come

Hayyy Lord! We are financially stressed due to the lawsuit we are currently fighting in order to get our money back from the crooks. We don't know whether we are gonna win or lose but it's been stressing us out. I wish that we did not encounter those snakes two years ago or we might have finished a lot of home improvement projects for our house.

Apart from that, my blogging is not helping at all. It has been very slow since December, gone are my direct advertisers and other paid blogging sites seemed to have disappeared too. I am really wishing we can get out of this stress pretty soon  because I honestly feel tired of it.

My husband works hard and then when it's payday, most of his income goes to the lawyer bill. Those people that deceive other people should be punished. I know God is watching us and things will be better... I just have to have faith in Him....

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Saw My Father Again

I had a beautiful dream two nights ago that it made me smile when I woke up the following morning. In my dream, my father visited me. He just had a bath and looked very fresh, he walked toward me and I greeted him, "good morning, iyo" and he smiled at me... and that's it. It was so nice of my father to visit me again. It feels good being able to see him even if it was just in my dream, it feels real.

After that dream, I also dreamed of me and my entire family having a good time in the Philippines including my husband. We stayed at a hotel where we got married 9 years ago but for some reason I was also looking for a pension house or an apartment that is cheaper for us to stay. The feeling of being in my homeland again just satisfies me and eases my homesickness a little bit.

Those were my two beautiful dreams that I remember so well two nights ago.

Bach Student Trumpet

If your child is active and involved in a school band and is doing good academically as well, giving him or her a brand new bach student trumpet is an amazing idea so that he or she will be more encouraged to do both. It makes the parents feel so proud of their children being busy in extra curricular activities and maintaining their high grades in school. If my girls become like that in the future, I will be like on top of the world.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Facebook- A Perfect Place to Pretend or to be Fake

I am on Facebook. Everybody is on Facebook. It is such a popular social networking site that keeps you updated with people across the globe of their current statuses, what they're doing, where they are, photos selfies or in group, delicious foods, etc.

While I enjoy being on there whole day everyday, there are people who I find are sickening and annoying, so I unfollow a few of them. There are also who pretend to be the nicest, the kindest and the best of all through their words which by the way is OVER THE TOP, overdone and most of all over killing it just so they can praise other people. Heck, they think it's admirable but the more they do it, the more they sound foolish, silly and their words show their insecurity inside (if one must think and examine deep his words). Thanks to Facebook, they found a perfect place to pretend the person they are not inside or covering up their insecurities in life.

I must admit, I get lonely sometimes too but I don't post a photo of myself smiling while my true feelings inside don't match with what is outside. Heck, hard to that. That is just the hardest thing to do for me.

Anyway, what I am saying here is that, on Facebook you can be who you want to be or fake your true feelings there, nobody knows what you truly feel but you! There are also people who love to gather likes to their pictures or status. I find that weird, if people on your list find it nice or interesting, they'd surely hit LIKE button instead of being told by you to LIKE it, except of course if you're a blogger or joining a contest and you need to garner likes from other people in order to win. I am okay with that.

All in all, Facebook is entertaining and sickening at times.

Winnipeg Cabinets

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Friday, January 3, 2014

I Wish He Would Listen

It's the New Year yet I don't feel really good inside, to be honest. I kind of having that blues and the urge to go home to cure it. For two days now, I made it known to my husband my feeling but I don't think he listen to me or even care about me. At least that is how I feel.

Last night I told him if he would let me live in the Philippines for a year and that I can find a decent school for our girls there but he just answered me with, "go ahead!. That hurts. What I wanted to hear from him is the assuring advice or voice from him but sadly, that did not come out from his mouth.

What do I do? Homesickness is beyond my control and there is no cure for it. My goal now is to be able to save enough money so that I can do it on my own without bothering him with financial help once I am there. I would really do it whether he likes it or not, I'll bring along my girls with me and if he wants to see them, he can come to the Philippines and see us!

I have no plan of relocating to the Philippines, all I wanted is stay there longer. I don't even want him in there with me for he will be the target of the corrupt people of my country, from taxi cab drivers to anybody who works for the government. These predators would look at a foreigner as their prey and I don't like the idea!

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