Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AC Repair in Cary, NC

Just a few more days and it will be officially summer. Are you guys feeling the heat already? Make sure your A/Cs are in good working condition so you will be comfortable all summer-long. If you live in the Cary area, make sure to check out the best ac repair in cary nc. Research about them and see if you can find good reviews about the company you are going to hire. While a/c repairs are on demand during this season, don't be a victim of those who take advantage of the season. It is always advisable to do a research first.

Blogging is Tiring

I know it is not just me who is feeling this, I find it tiring to blog nowadays yet I try my best to update some of my loved blogs as often as I can. This is due to the slowness of blogging income due to Google penalizing companies from buying link ads from blogs.

Google is a multi billion dollar company yet they don't allow small and poor earner like us, bloggers to make money a little bit. SIGH! Blogging used to be so fun but now it's death is nearing. What am I gonna do without blogging? It's the only way I can send financial help to my family back home.