Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your Hotel Supply Shop

Owning or managing a hotel or restaurant for some who don't have any idea or background how it is to be a manager at the same time owning it may sound easy but I know for a fact, jobs like these are very stressful. A manager sees the overall function of the entire establishment in all departments and levels.

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I have been having multiple dreams in one night lately. There's too many of them that I can only remember two or three of them in the morning. The other night's dream was hurtful and I still remember it until now. Dreams are the opposite of reality, it is the fruit of your suppressed feelings when you are awake so I don't really worry about it except of course when my teeth are falling out, that means somebody in my family or relatives is going to die.

But anyway, my dream the other night was about a Korean woman living with us in this house and she was standing in the back part of the house, I was in there too but she didn't see me for I was hiding in the bush when my husband snuck out to where the Korean woman was and French kissed her. In my mind, these people are kissing just when they thought nobody was watching them but little do they know I was there too. Arrgghhss, what a dream that was! It hurts even when I woke up.

Two days before I dreamed about betrayal, I got angry with my husband for not watching our baby closely what she was doing outside and came in with both legs full of big and red insect bites and he was out there didn't stop or care what his child was doing so I got really upset with him and not talking to him for three days. After waking up that morning, I said to myself, no I'm not willing to give up my husband for another woman who just appeared out of nowhere and let her ruin us. We've been together for too long that I don't even think the husband would even replace me for another woman, nyaaaahahahaha too confident, lol.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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What A Morning

I am hungry and I don't have the appetite to eat. I had quite a rough morning. I went outside to water my plants so early, thought started it while the temperature was still nice on the skin. At 8 in the morning, there were two beautiful Chichuachua mix dogs that came running loose, I saw they were coming on the direction where I was at so I called them.

They stopped by and played a little bit, I in fact carried the other one, she was friendly and happy. Then off they went running on the East side of the street, came back again and ten minutes after that, one of the dogs got hit by a car and died on the spot, I saw it nagkirig kirig and then eventually died. Arrggss... it wasn't nasty, there wasn't blood yet the fact that I saw the dog that once so happy died just like that is hard to stomach.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Do you or you know anyone who is going through bankruptcy? You can click on the link provided and get a free bankruptcy consultation. I know going through such a financial hardship like this hurts and it is not easy, so getting help and a free consultation is what you could do in order to save yourself. Don't be depressed, most of us have experienced trying times in our lives and one of them is financial losses or whatsoever so we just have to be strong in dealing any situations, pick ourselves up and get back up.

Insect Bites that Ruined My Night

Dang! Baby girl went outside 45 minutes ago and came back in with both legs covered with thick, swollen and red insect bites. I asked the big sister what bit her sister's legs, she couldn't tell me a thing, she got tongue-tied. The bites are just uncomfortable to look at and the skin surrounding the bites are really red too.

What pissed me off so much is that their father is out there too, he is supposed to watch what the girls are doing but no, he just doesn't care of the world,, arggggggghss. I am boiling of anger inside right now!!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zoom Floor Guitar Effects

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Sexy in Our Own Ways

Any woman can be sexy in her own way. Those that have sexy body are most likely to flaunt it by wearing sexy dresses or swimsuits. While others can be sexy by dressing up modestly with class. Some or a few of them, dress with very little respect left for themselves that calls for disrespectful attention from men, they love that and for them that is the attention they want to get.

While we do have different ways to show off our sexiness, I personally, tend to be more conservative when it comes to clothing compared to other women. Showing off some skin or wearing bikinis, take pictures of my body and post it on a social networking site  for me is just too much. Much more wearing just panties and naked in the top is beyond unbelievable. I would understand it if she is a model and posing for a calendar or endorsing a product, but no, she poses half naked just because she feels like doing it FOR FREE.

Condenser Mics

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taking Advantage

It is awful how some bloggers take advantage of other people. I am a member to many groups on a social networking site mainly for my blogging. There are just people in the groups I belong who are irritating me simply because they don't reciprocate the visits I made to their blogs. They just park their blogs in the forum and receive free visits from other bloggers and that's it. I can best compare them receiving free handouts from the government, leeches and bloodsuckers.

I may have not visited everyone everyday but I made sure I visit more than 20 blogs each day because I believe in karma and I appreciate those who took their little time peeking at my blogs even if they don't read what I write. Thanks to them, but for those who don't even bother to visit just ONE blog, I don't really know what to say. I hope the admins will do actions of their members who are lazy and unwilling to return the favor that their fellow bloggers have given them.

ATL Welding Supply

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kids Were Crazy Today

Today was like any other day, nothing unusual, kids, mommy and daddy were happy despite of the financial hurdle we are facing these days. It is the last day of the weekend it's our grocery shopping day so off to Walmart we went. After getting back from that long hour at the grocery store, the baby fell asleep or was had fallen asleep in the car.

The first born however did not take a nap and I was wondering where did all her energy come from. She was kind of hyper today, I don't know why. After an hour of sleeping in the bed, the second one woke up and they played. But, they were strange today. Both of them were just jumping up and down, screaming and yelling, making noises too that tested my patience.

I am not a perfect mother, I am human and so I yelled at them, giving threats to the first born that if she's not going to calm down, I'll call dada so he can put her to time out, etc. It's just one of those days that I think my girls are crazy. But hey, I love them, I really do.