Saturday, October 6, 2007


Yes,as expected,I put a shock on my husband's face this morning when he checked our bank's activity online and found out that there were 2 transactions in the last 3 days. The very shocking thing for him is that the other stuff that I bought was printed it was from Dillard's of Nashville,TN..not telling him it is a man's perfume for him.. Then another one from perfumes.And he thought that somebody is using his account to buy such stuff and that he is being victimized by hackers.Because Dillard's and other big stores are the most common stores where criminals usually spend their stolen check or credit cards to buy things.

He is dealing with fraud and crimes everyday of his life and that he doesn't like the idea of being one of those victims too.I was folding our clothes in the bedroom and he called me to come right away because something is not right going on. I look upon the monitor then there it was,my purchases from the last few days. He tried reaching the customer service of the bank right away when I told him,I realized it was me doing the transaction. My goodness,he's thankful and felt relieved for that.

It is shocking to find out that one day you are used by hackers.He was not shock of the prices of the items I bought but the thought of him being hacked.
So that is what happened here in our day is pretty boring.we're not going anywhere but grocery shopping later,perhaps?

He is out in the backyard having fun with his toy car as it is his hobby to do something with it and I am here sitting..brrr kapoy ug sum ol na kaayo.