Friday, December 20, 2013

I am Just Beyond Thankful to My Friend

When all of my ten blogs were down, I was down too as if the world was on my shoulders. I cannot imagine without my blogs as they are my only source of income. I send financial help to my family in the Philippines and thanks to blogging for it allows me to stay home with my kids.

Ixwebhosting truly sucks. I had to beg to their tech to give me access to my blogs just so I can save my xml files. Imagine, I am their customer and they have my money yet I was the one to beg? What kind of company or service is that?

Anyway, one of the best Christmas presents the Lord give me is a gift of friendship. I am thankful to my friend Annie, who helped me a lot getting my blog back up. She transferred my blogs to her own hosting company without hesitation, in fact, she was the one who offered me.

I hope she knows how lucky I am to have found her... she is an angel in disguise.

J Wants a Drum Set

Whenever we go to the store and I bring my firstborn with me and she sees toys, she'd ask me to buy me this and that most especially when she sees a Princess-themed or a pink color drum set for kids. I so want to buy her a set but right now we are kind of tight financially so I am delaying it. Hoping someday we can really get her a drum set which she can share with her sister.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Very Disappointing Webhosting

I have so many pictures to post, a lot of stories to tell this past week but I am afraid if I update or create a little activity to any of my blogs that my webhosting company would shut me out of my blogs. I've only hosted my blogs with them for over a year yet I have had so many issues with them about their crap cpu usage and etc.

I feel like I can't do anything in order to update my blogs because once I upload a photo or write something, it gets shut off. I have not heard anything like that in other hosting companies especially those that use bluehost. I still got until 2015 for my hosting yet it feels like it's too long to wait for I don't feel confident with them anymore. It's like using their service is walking in an egg shell.

IXWEBHOSTING I AM NOT HAPPY WITH YOU ANYMORE. 2015 please come fast so I can move all of my blogs' hosting back to blogger, not only do I get it free but also they are reliable and no problem at all. My only concern is that, when that time comes, I forgot how to import or move my hosting back to blogger, I forgot all the steps and processes in order to do that. I doubht IXWEBHOSTING people will help me do that!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Anything Guitar

For anything guitar parts or accessories including emg, search for emg at guitar center now and avail discounted prices on pretty much anything you need. I recommend this website for its low prices and nice rated items or products. You can shop by category, best seller or best rating so to make your shopping convenient, faster and easier. One way to also consider are customers' reviews. That way, you can have an idea what to pick because they have tried and tested those items. Please check them out now.

I Shouldn't be Guilty

I have been shopping online weeks back it is because there are deals that are hard to resist. In Victoria's Secret alone, I think I have shopped from them for five times this month alone simply because I want to grab as many secret rewards as I can. Then yesterday I spent at least nearly $200 for my girls tablets on Amazon, then today I went out to two stores but did not spend much though maybe $25 total but they are items worth having like vits. and some purses.

Earlier I checked out from two different online stores again but I shouldn't be guilty for doing all these. As the saying goes, "Shopping is cheaper than therapy" so be it! Lol. Anyway, I just have to worry the payments later, for now I should take advantage of the awesome deals that Black Friday offers!

How about you people, do you feel guilty too for shopping?

Folding Music Stand

What could be more convenient than using a folding music stand for your instrument. It is so much easier to be just the musician you are when you have the right equipment for your instrument that is handy, easy to transport and most of all, light weight. It is true that you can find it almost any music store you can think of but one thing is for sure, if you visit the link above, what you get is of high quality and reasonably priced.

God Has a Way

God has touched me after the typhoon Yolanda hit in the central part of the Philippines. The aftermath was unbelievable and it affected me to the core. Something inside told me that I should do my part and I did and will do it one more time. This is going to be my fourth time to be helping someone who took a direct hit of the typhoon.

She is my classmate in college and talking to her after three weeks, I feel that I should help her. Again, the little voice inside me is telling me so! There is only one thing I prayed to God though, that He would find a way for me to save some money so that I can fulfill what I promised to this classmate of mine at the end of this month. I am awaiting payments from the company I am working with then I will send her financial help asap.

God is good for He hears my prayer, He sent those DAs with fair offers and articles with decent payments too! Thank You, Lord for using me as your instrument to help your people on Earth!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hairpieces from UltimateLooks

Here is a store where you can buy hairpieces from Hairpieces by the way are used by pre-teens, teenagers, adults and women of all ages to quickly and easily add length, volume and color to their own hair color. It also is a convenient way to enhance their hair style. Whether you are a party-goer, t.v performer or a simple person who wants a hair do, hairpieces is for you. I would like you to visit the link provided above so you can browse for different lengths, color and cut of hairpieces they have available.

No Plan of Calling the Family

If there is anyone in my family left in the Philippines that I am so comfortable talking with almost anything, that would be my little sister. My last phone conversation with my mother was hours before typhoon Yolanda wreck havoc in our town and that was it. I have not called them since then. I know they are doing well because there is no bad news coming from them after the typhoon.

I have no plan of calling them again anytime soon. I was kind of upset with my mother because she prefers to risk her and my two little siblings lives than leaving her drug addict son. She has too many excuses as to why she cannot leave him and I am tired of it.

She has to learn her lesson, if she doesn't listen to me then there is no reason to call her. I have been telling her to leave the house yet she still endure the problems and harshness that SOB of hers. She needs to realize that I am serious of what I say and that in order to gain back communication with me is to do what I want her to do.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anything Cozy for the Winter

We have experienced that arctic frost once already since Fall season came. Another big freeze coming this Friday. Not so looking forward to it at the same time it gives me thrill as to how prepared we are for the big cool down. I am on cozy winters website right now and eyeing on this heating/cooling mattress pad they have available. Our bedroom and first born's bedroom can get real cold/hot during winter and summer because they are the farthest part of the house and so there is very little air that gets into our bedroom, during those times we feel a bit uncomfortable.

Now that it's cold season, it would be cool if we can be cozy by installing that heating/cooling pad in our mattresses without the electricity in it. Read below for a short description of the product lifted from its original site.

Your best night’s sleep is a few degrees away! ChiliPad™ is a cooling mattress pad that also heats. It regulates the surface temperature of your mattress so that you sleep comfortably all night long. Chilipad uses Peltier technology to heat and cool the water.

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Asking an American Man like a Puppy

Ladies back home sometimes ask me if I know any single American man here in America and they'd like me  to "give" them an American man in a manner of asking it like a puppy. I wish it's that simple. I wish I know all single American males here so whenever they ask, I can "give" them what they want but it's not that easy.

If they want to meet someone or a foreigner, they have to look for men... not waiting for an easy way to find one. In my time, I worked on my own, chat for a very long time, sacrificed a lot and endured pains and heartaches before I could find that one true love. And ladies nowadays asking me for a man?? Heck no, I am not gonna do that.

They have to do it on their own so when they find one, they will know how hard it is to find a good man on the internet or elsewhere. Good things don't come easy, you know?

Apricot Seeds to Buy

Our family is a fruit lover. Our girls especially. They love to eat apples, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, jackfruits, rambutans, mangoes, peaches and many others. It would be very nice to have at least one or two fruit trees in our backyard. We buy fruits at a grocery store which is expensive plus the fact that we don't know what's in them. What I mean is, the chemicals they used in order to drive away insects and pests. However, planting our fruit tree in our quite large backyard can be so cool. I would love to have a jackfruit and try planting apricot seeds and see if I can grow them. But hey, wait a minute, jackfruit is tropical fruit, I forgot it won't survive the wintry weather in Texas.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why am I Reaching Out?

There are just some people who can't move on and never forget. By doing so, they deprive themselves of having that peace within. Well, it's their life anyway.

Sometimes I can't help but ask myself why am I reaching out to them while they themselves don't appreciate it? Yeah, why? I am not really a bad person, helping others is my nature but for them to just ignore or see my sincerity I guess that is not my problem anymore. At least, I've done my part. I've done what my conscience told me....

It is not that time to be high pride, after what happened to the Philippines, we should all come together and show our great concerns to our fellows..

Friday, November 1, 2013

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

I would be disappointed of myself if none of my girls grow up and doesn't know how to play a musical instrument. I grew up poor and deprived of the chance to learn to love the music. Here in America, they have plenty of opportunities to excel in every level. Music can be learned and so as playing the instrument. I am drooling over this williams allegro 88-key digital piano and somehow wishing someone in my family can play it for me right now.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Father's 2nd Death Anniversary

 photo tytxle7sqn99wtseb1hhp5mnpj4detrb_zps1c107efc.jpg
... snaps above are of us visited his grave last April 2013 in Calinan Memorial, Davao. As promised that I'm going to visit him once I go to the Philippines. I hope he was happy when I brought two of my siblings and my girls to his grave. You see, I didn't break my promise even if he is dead, I still want to be in touched with him.

My father just went without saying a thing or showing a sign to me two years ago. While we celebrated our 7th year anniversary, it was also the darkest day of my life for he passed away. Today, as we celebrate our 9 years wedding anniversary, I am also remembering my father. He is dearly missed by me and the rest of the family, memories cherished, photos are kept for remembrance.

I wish I could light a candle for him at the cemetery but that is just impossible to do here in the United States. I will just say a little prayer for him though, that wherever he is, he is resting in peace with the Lord and that he is watching over us on earth. 'Pa, I may have not said this to you when you were still with us, but I hope you knew that I loved you... Gosh, throat hurts and starting to cry... I just missed him terribly on this day!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rapid Detox in Las Vegas

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Cousin in Line

It might be too early to tell for now but it looks like I will have another cousin in line to marry a white man. They just met in person in the Philippines and hopefully if things will work out for the both of them, she will be the third from our clan on my mother's side to marry a foreigner, her bf is an Aussie by the way.

One thing I can hope for her, that she will be successful and she'd keep her feet on the ground. She is a cousin of mine who fled to Manila over twenty years ago and recently just reconnected on Facebook. She had grown into a liberated woman and it feels like I don't know her anymore.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When Money is Short

It is so natural for people to run out of cash before payday. We all experience that no matter how high our salary is. There are circumstances that sometimes arise and that is beyond our control. We can't help it but still be thankful that we are alive and we got a job.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your Hotel Supply Shop

Owning or managing a hotel or restaurant for some who don't have any idea or background how it is to be a manager at the same time owning it may sound easy but I know for a fact, jobs like these are very stressful. A manager sees the overall function of the entire establishment in all departments and levels.

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I have been having multiple dreams in one night lately. There's too many of them that I can only remember two or three of them in the morning. The other night's dream was hurtful and I still remember it until now. Dreams are the opposite of reality, it is the fruit of your suppressed feelings when you are awake so I don't really worry about it except of course when my teeth are falling out, that means somebody in my family or relatives is going to die.

But anyway, my dream the other night was about a Korean woman living with us in this house and she was standing in the back part of the house, I was in there too but she didn't see me for I was hiding in the bush when my husband snuck out to where the Korean woman was and French kissed her. In my mind, these people are kissing just when they thought nobody was watching them but little do they know I was there too. Arrgghhss, what a dream that was! It hurts even when I woke up.

Two days before I dreamed about betrayal, I got angry with my husband for not watching our baby closely what she was doing outside and came in with both legs full of big and red insect bites and he was out there didn't stop or care what his child was doing so I got really upset with him and not talking to him for three days. After waking up that morning, I said to myself, no I'm not willing to give up my husband for another woman who just appeared out of nowhere and let her ruin us. We've been together for too long that I don't even think the husband would even replace me for another woman, nyaaaahahahaha too confident, lol.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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What A Morning

I am hungry and I don't have the appetite to eat. I had quite a rough morning. I went outside to water my plants so early, thought started it while the temperature was still nice on the skin. At 8 in the morning, there were two beautiful Chichuachua mix dogs that came running loose, I saw they were coming on the direction where I was at so I called them.

They stopped by and played a little bit, I in fact carried the other one, she was friendly and happy. Then off they went running on the East side of the street, came back again and ten minutes after that, one of the dogs got hit by a car and died on the spot, I saw it nagkirig kirig and then eventually died. Arrggss... it wasn't nasty, there wasn't blood yet the fact that I saw the dog that once so happy died just like that is hard to stomach.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Do you or you know anyone who is going through bankruptcy? You can click on the link provided and get a free bankruptcy consultation. I know going through such a financial hardship like this hurts and it is not easy, so getting help and a free consultation is what you could do in order to save yourself. Don't be depressed, most of us have experienced trying times in our lives and one of them is financial losses or whatsoever so we just have to be strong in dealing any situations, pick ourselves up and get back up.

Insect Bites that Ruined My Night

Dang! Baby girl went outside 45 minutes ago and came back in with both legs covered with thick, swollen and red insect bites. I asked the big sister what bit her sister's legs, she couldn't tell me a thing, she got tongue-tied. The bites are just uncomfortable to look at and the skin surrounding the bites are really red too.

What pissed me off so much is that their father is out there too, he is supposed to watch what the girls are doing but no, he just doesn't care of the world,, arggggggghss. I am boiling of anger inside right now!!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zoom Floor Guitar Effects

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Sexy in Our Own Ways

Any woman can be sexy in her own way. Those that have sexy body are most likely to flaunt it by wearing sexy dresses or swimsuits. While others can be sexy by dressing up modestly with class. Some or a few of them, dress with very little respect left for themselves that calls for disrespectful attention from men, they love that and for them that is the attention they want to get.

While we do have different ways to show off our sexiness, I personally, tend to be more conservative when it comes to clothing compared to other women. Showing off some skin or wearing bikinis, take pictures of my body and post it on a social networking site  for me is just too much. Much more wearing just panties and naked in the top is beyond unbelievable. I would understand it if she is a model and posing for a calendar or endorsing a product, but no, she poses half naked just because she feels like doing it FOR FREE.

Condenser Mics

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taking Advantage

It is awful how some bloggers take advantage of other people. I am a member to many groups on a social networking site mainly for my blogging. There are just people in the groups I belong who are irritating me simply because they don't reciprocate the visits I made to their blogs. They just park their blogs in the forum and receive free visits from other bloggers and that's it. I can best compare them receiving free handouts from the government, leeches and bloodsuckers.

I may have not visited everyone everyday but I made sure I visit more than 20 blogs each day because I believe in karma and I appreciate those who took their little time peeking at my blogs even if they don't read what I write. Thanks to them, but for those who don't even bother to visit just ONE blog, I don't really know what to say. I hope the admins will do actions of their members who are lazy and unwilling to return the favor that their fellow bloggers have given them.

ATL Welding Supply

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kids Were Crazy Today

Today was like any other day, nothing unusual, kids, mommy and daddy were happy despite of the financial hurdle we are facing these days. It is the last day of the weekend it's our grocery shopping day so off to Walmart we went. After getting back from that long hour at the grocery store, the baby fell asleep or was had fallen asleep in the car.

The first born however did not take a nap and I was wondering where did all her energy come from. She was kind of hyper today, I don't know why. After an hour of sleeping in the bed, the second one woke up and they played. But, they were strange today. Both of them were just jumping up and down, screaming and yelling, making noises too that tested my patience.

I am not a perfect mother, I am human and so I yelled at them, giving threats to the first born that if she's not going to calm down, I'll call dada so he can put her to time out, etc. It's just one of those days that I think my girls are crazy. But hey, I love them, I really do.

Friday, July 26, 2013

My Relaxation Day

Today I will take it easy. I will not do any house chores for I did it all yesterday. Megan came to our bedroom early this morning crying and dragging me somewhere she didn't know that woke me up at 7 in the morning. Now it is only almost one o'clock and I am very sleepy. I am not even finish with my tasks yet. My eyes are falling and the bed is calling me.

I will wait a little longer though because my girls are in the kitchen licking their homemade popsicle and if I go to bed, guess I will be getting up only to clean them up, so I'd rather wait until they are done.

Anyhow, I only got three more tasks left and another three personal entries to write. Hopefully I'll be able to finish them all today so I don't have to think about blogging tomorrow for we are going somewhere FUN!

Fighting Over a Microphone Toy

Our girls play a lot these days but there are times they would fight over something especially toys. One of the toys they would like to play is the toy microphone, for some reason both girls just want to play it when the other got it in her hand. I was thinking of looking at real microphones and buy each of them so there will be no fighting in this house. That way, they will both indulge themselves in singing and practice.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Blues, I Don't Like It

It has only been almost two months since I got back from the Philippines and here I am again, feeling homesick, feeling this what I call "Summer Blues". It attacks me around this time of the year or until summer season is over. It's just that I feel stuck and trapped in the house. I can't go anywhere except grocery stores and the mall but do I do there if I go there often?

I wish to go somewhere else, somewhere fun where I can interact with positive people and I wish my husband loves traveling so we can at least get out of the house once in a while but he doesn't. On his days off, he just want to stay at home and can't relate to me when I open up I am bored, according to him he doesn't know how it's like to be bored.

My body and mind are yearning for the beach, a lot of people to talk with and most of all wanting to be with my little siblings. I have been here in the US for over 7 years yet I still have not overcome the homesickness. Lord, help me I don't want this negative feeling. Daog pa naku ang nag post-partum depression, lol.

Industrial Supply Site

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Haunted by a Person's Face

I just don't know what's in this person's face or profile while I can't take him out of my mind. It is not that I hate him but why does my brain can't stop thinking about him? As much as possible I try to avoid looking at the new updates or photos on his Facebook because if I do, it would take my brain a while to keep him off my mind.

This morning before I woke up, I dreamed about him and in my dream, it was the same feeling I have for him in real world, arrrrrrgssss... it is hard to describe why this particular person seem to haunt my mind, I don't like or hate him either it's just that hmmmmmmmmm di mani siya mawa sa ako huna huna oi! Makalagot najud!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

North Carolina Hotels

Me and my girls just had our Summer vacation in the Philippines just a month ago yet here I am again yearning for another vacation. This is the time of the year that I feel like having a getaway somewhere near the beach. Yes, it is getting really hot here in Texas. In fact, we have had days with triple digit temperature already and for some reason, my mind and body desperately want to feel that salty water and fresh sea breeze.

While it will take us awhile before we can travel back to the Philippines, maybe a short vacation to North Carolina will be possible. I heard so much about the state and the long sandy beaches it offers makes me want to go there real bad. With that being said, I should try to search for north carolina hotels and see if the rates are affordable. I would prefer a hotel room that is close to the airport, downtown or at least has a bigger swimming pool so we can just go swimming any time we want.

The best website that I go to when it comes to searching for hotels is the Expedia. Why? Because when you browse Expedia’s selection of hotels in North Carolina, you are sure to find cheap rates and new deals on any type of hotel you want in the area. This gives travelers and or visitors not worry too much about planning and accommodation budget because the website lets you save money and time when booking reservations at a hotel in North Carolina.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Thankful Monday

I thank the Lord for waking us up in this beautiful Monday. We are alive and feeling good! Praise God! Also, another thing to be thankful for are the payments and some DA offers that greeted me when I checked my email this morning. It is not much yet it is another blessing for me.

Yesterday we went to the mall and spent some money on clothing although I need them but not very necessary and bought them. I wasn't only happy with shopping at Aeropostale, when I got home I finished my shopping on the same store on their online site and spent money more than I spent at in-store.

I hope there will be no more spending for at least a week and let those moolah get into my bank account. I would be very disappointed with myself if I let temptation rule over me. God help me!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iolo Registry Repair

No matter how we clean up our computer regularly, over time daily use, the registry accumulates corruption that will eventually resulting to random and difficult diagnose ailments. Ailments like hang ups, freezes, program crashes and error messages. With Iolo registry repair, you can now tune your registry using this helpful software. The company proudly boasting about it being the fastest, safest, and most effective registry cleanup and repair tool available today.

I Am Thankful

As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" and I have been waiting patiently without complaining. Thank God for the blessings, I couldn't be any happier. Maybe He knows that I got a credit card to pay off and my birthday is coming. Hmmm you know when it's a woman's birthday, she has to buy something for herself, lol.

Anyway, gotta keep moving as I got plenty of tasks need to finish. Not to mention that I also have to write personal entries the same number as my tasks that are given to me.

I Need One Thing

I have a little space in a dark corner of our living room where I do my workout everyday. For now I am content of the space I got since I don't do some really major workouts or I don't move a lot when I try to sweat. I do have an exercise bench, 5, 8 and metal weights which has adjustable weight on the metal that I could use. Now that I am getting tired of the same exercises I do everyday, I wish to do yoga at home and just watch videos on Youtube. While that can easily be found, I also want to buy me a yoga mat that won't cost me much. Right after this I am going to check on the best prices on yoga mats and hopefully I'll be able to buy one for myself.

Someone Remembers My Natal Day

I received a birthday greeting card in the mail today from our dear family friend. It was so thoughtful of him to send me a card for the first time ever! I love it when someone remembers me not just on my birthday but in ordinary days as well. I feel blessed to have known Mike in my life. I met him in the Philippines when he came with my husband to meet me the second time.

Just so he knows that I appreciate his thoughtfulness, I am posting the card here on this blog for keeps forever. Many thanks to him, he made my day! Take note, he is the first one to greet me for my birthday. Will be expecting a flooding of greetings on Facebook from friends that care on the 21st.

 photo etgver3ytqdeoyddsg9wisatm3upsjo3_zpsdfba8247.jpg

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Humidors for Cigars

In my other blog I talked about the cheapest place to buy cigars and that place is the famous-smoke cigar store online. One of the many cigars available there at cheap price are Ferdomo fresco, Al Capone and many others. Of course when a person collected all the flavors and brands of cigars he wants, he needs a place or a storage for his cigars so that they don't go bad. Very perfect things to store cigars are humidors for cigars. This way, he can arrange and place all the cigars he has without damaging the rolls.

Family Problem

I talked to my little sister in the Philippines last night and as usual, there is no good news that she can give me. Always the drug addict useless, shameless brother of hers is the leading character of "basagolero". Mama has to deal with him until God decides when to take him in this world.

I can't help but feel pity to my mother. She is the only one that is carrying this heavy load on her shoulders. Why would there'll be pain in the a$$ people left in this world? Her life would be so much easier if this son of hers doesn't exist. He is just too much to handle. I have seen and witnessed his wrong doings from the past and I think he is getting worse.

He has no hope anymore. All we are waiting is for the day when he dies. Call me bad but yes, that's all what we're anticipating to come.

The other day, my family called a police on him for he'd gone wild again. He threw a rock on our door for what? For not giving him a cellphone? Geeezzz what an A*****le. If he has  a cellphone, he would demand money from my mother for the load and if he doesn't get it, he'd throw rocks in their house again or pawn the cellphone. Demanding wala sa lugar ning buanga neh!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheap Postcard Printing

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Away from the Neighbors' Judging Eyes

Why is it when you arrive in the Philippines from America, many people will ask you, "when did you arrive? or do you have a present for me?". But when you come back from a long vacation and you arrive in America, nobody seem to care nor ask you of your whereabouts?

That is just one of the many things I like being in America because people leave their            neighbors alone. Unlike in the Philippines, every move you make, every little thing you do, they would scrutinize you as if they are so perfect.

I am just glad I no longer live there because those people surrounding me before are toxic. They are so tiring to deal with everyday and add stress to my mind.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Afraid of Losing the Guitar

I told my mother to move out of the house and keep herself and the kids'safety but she reasoned out she cannot leave the house simply because we got a lot of old stuff and my brother's guitar that are being kept in an unsafe cabinet of the house. I told my mother that if someone would steal and sell my other brother's guitar, he can always find or buy a new one. One of the guitars I can recommend to him are dean electric guitars that I am eying right now. Although guitars like these can be a bit costly, he can still be able to afford it if he chooses to buy one an electric guitar.

Can't Go to the Beach

One of the many things Jadyn and I anticipated while being here in the Philippines is going to the beach and have fun with my family. But due to an unexpected major expense, it looks like we cannot go to the beach anymore. We are currently processing of transferring a portion of our lot to my mother's name that cost us money big time. This results to the lack of budget of bringing my kids and family to the beach.

However, if the computation from the BIR isn't so big, I might still be able to do the beach in a few days. I am hoping it won't be too big, otherwise we'll be going back to Texas and not fulfilling the promise I made to my daughter some weeks ago. Kind of disappointing.

Fruity Loops

Fruits, as we all know are sweet, good to the taste buds and most of all delicious and full of nutrients. But this new fruity loops is not the thing you are thinking right now. It is actually a music composing software for the Piano. It is a full-featured music composing and arranging software with MIDI piano roll, sequencing, soft-synths and effects.

Fruity Edition is geared for composers who need MIDI piano roll for complex melodies and to record/play chords. Fruity Edition adds access to the Playlist Pattern Clips for complex and lengthy arranging/sequencing and automation of program/plugin parameters.

Doesn't Know How to Appreciate

So I treat my family to clothes shopping two days ago but this little S.O.B brother of mine who got a new pair of Islander slippers from me didn't appreciate of what he received. He was not on the list but if it wasn't because of my mother he wouldn't get anything from me. Instead of being appreciative, that S.O.B complained about the pair of slippers isn't the one he likes and that it is cheap quality.

It pissed the H out of me to be honest. He has the guts to complain and nag while he doesn't contribute a penny to our family for food or anything else. He relies pretty much everything from my mother. I was going to get those slippers back and bring them in the US with me but then he wore them this morning when he left the house. Hmmmppp just venting, this is what blog is for... to vent out my frustration, anger and disappointment....

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Tempted to Buy a Hammock

I am in the Philippines right now and staying in my parents' house. In their yard, they got plenty of strong big trees good enough to put up a hammock so me and my kids can swing on it every afternoon after lunch. I so want to buy one but thinking of the remaining days we have left, it might not be enough and the kids might not enjoy the hammock as much.

I am confused right now whether to buy one or not. If I won't be able to do it, I will just have to ask for my husband for a swing set to put in our backyard, the same swing set in swing sets in washington dc website I am looking at right now.

Criticizing Each Other

My brothers were fighting this morning. They were criticizing each other as if both them are right, lol. They pissed me off at the same time I can't help but laugh in silence.

One is claiming that the other brother is "nagpa belib ni mama" for helping around the house while the other one who is saying that is lazy and sleeping all the time. If my mother commands him of doing this and that, he wouldn't do it or would do the pitching of water whenever he likes.

I told them to fight in a deep quarry and don't come back if they are wounded. Those guys somehow think they are right but the the truth is, THEY ARE BOTH A BURDEN to my mother.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Website Builder

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Monday, April 8, 2013

We Gonna Miss our Dada

Five weeks is a long separation between us and dada. But we have to go without him. If there weren't too much stuff to do in the house and we are not that tight up with credit card payments, there is a greater chance he could come with us. Someday, somehow he can go back to the Philippines and possibly see his brother? I believe they haven't seen each other for decades although they occasionally write each other.

Anyhow, I will just call or text my husband as often as I can and let the girls hear him on the phone. With the help of this ever evolving technology, everything seems within reach and easy. Everything is possible.

Pool Lights

Texans can feel the heat now even though it is just early Spring. There were days when we were sweating and I was wondering, how hot can it get in Summer? We are already sweating while it is still Spring. I so not look forward to Summer.

Speaking of Summer, are you guys ready to beat the heat? Those who have pools in their backyard might not so bothered with the heat since they can just jump into the water and cool down. If you guys need to replace your pool lighting, please take a look at hayward pool lights. Thank you and enjoy browsing!

Couldn't Keep It a Secret Any Longer

More three months I managed to keep my vacation a secret to my mother and two other small siblings. But then due to North Korea's threat to its neighboring nations, I decided to just let my brother inform my mother that we are coming for in case something unfavorable comes up, they'll know where we are.

I am so excited, I tell yah. Tomorrow is the big day to get in the plane on our way to Seoul, South Korea. It is going to be painstakingly a long flight for three of us but I guess it is all worth the trouble. The pampering of my body, the joy and happiness of being with my family and all is the ultimate prize. Soon I can see you Cebu, yeah!

Quiet and Energy Efficient Dishwasher

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Someone You Can't Trust

In this world, not everybody you talk to or not all your friends are can be trusted. I am not sure how many I have that I can trust but once I am comfortable to tell something to that person, rest assured that she has my trust.

Even the simplest words I say to you not to spread it to the world and you can keep it a secret, kudos to you. But if you fail to do that... then the trust is broken and once it is broken... you know na di naku makasalig nimo balik.

Loud and clear I told this person don't tell anybody and what she did? She told it to her mother and her mother and my mother met one day, that mother of hers told a wrong arrival date of my vacation to the Philippines. Might sound not big of a deal to you but for me it is. I kept telling everybody in my family that I am gonna be there in May... then after what happened, they might have sensed that I will be arriving this month... pisses me off!

This is not the first time she did it to me, a long long time ago before  she came to America, nang regards kos among silingan nga kaila nila.. unsay gisulti niya didto sa taw? NGA WA NA KUNO KO KAILA NIYA? What duh H? I did not confront her that but before I'll delete her, ako usa siya pakan on ug sukmat nganu iya to gibuhat... I found this out because that woman told my mother nga wa na daw ko kaila niya which is so not true. Our family is a closed friend of their family too, how come wa naku kaila niya?

So simple is the thing I entrusted her my supposed-to-be surprise visit to my family, yet she couldn't keep her mouth shut... don't blame me if she'll be deleted from my list one day...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Being Safe At All Times

There's no such place that we can all be safe not even our own house. With kids around, you know they can get into everything including hazardous chemicals and sharp tools and objects that we have such as knives and or box cutter. Therefore, it is always important to impose proper box cutter safety for the sake of our own children. It is also recommended to baby-proof our house, lock all cabinets and if possible take down those stuff that could easily be broken or shattered. Safety begins at home as they say.

I Don't Understand...

I ate at least four cassava suman not too long ago and I thought that it would fill me up. I am not hungry either but my mouth is wanting something. My mind is thinking garlicky with pepper jumbo shrimp that we can eat at the buffet. I don't understand myself right now, I am kind of split into three... it sucks when your belly, mind and taste buds don't agree!

Arggss what shall I eat tonight? The dreadful idea of eating even if I am not hungry is just horrible and it is not my thing. It is gluttony if I may say so but I cannot stop thinking about eating unless I feed myself with something that I don't crave. I have stocks in the refrigerators from the Mexican market yesterday but I need to cook them first which is not in my mind right now.

Best Digital Recorder

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I Wouldn't Hesitate to Help

Someone borrowed money from me  days ago because she is afraid that her and other people's lives are in danger for she is threaten with my brother who is hooked to drugs by the way that if she won't come back to him he'd kill her and the people in her boarding house surrounding her.

What an a$$hole he is. Since the girl is in desperate need for money, I sent her online right there and then when she asked for it so she can go home to her mother's house in Mindanao. I lent her money so she can save her life and be safety and I am not expecting that she can return it back to me. What I want her to do is just vanish and go away, never come back!

The day after she asked for help she was saying that she and this drug addict both agreed and signed a paper at DSWD that he is not going to bother her anymore and that she is going to visit and support their child together every payday.

Now, my thought is that... if she isn't going home to her mother's place then she'll have to pay me back the money she owes me and I made it clear to her I am getting back my money with no interest of course.  My money is not given freely, I earned it and it took me weeks to come up  with the amount I was supposed to withdraw for my allowance for my trip to the Philippines. Now I am $50 short because of her.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finding the Best Capo

I learned something just a few seconds ago. It was my first time to hear the word capo and when I search for it online, it is actually a tool that clamps around guitar strings, pulling the strings to the fretboard at a given fret—like a permanent 1st-finger barre. What they do is that, they enable you to transpose guitar chords from the key you're in and can be a real lifesaver, especially when your fellow musicians change keys, which often happens when playing and recording with vocalists. If you are searching for the best capo, it is a good idea if you would click on the link provided here and start browsing for that very tool that fits for your guitar.

Girls Just Giggling and Having Fun

I am listening to my girls right now having fun playing together and laughing together. Both of them are making zombie sounds which they copied from watching The Walking Dead show on Netflix. They sound both so cute and truly sound like zombies. U love it when they get along, they make the cutest sounds ever that is like music to my ears. I can say, there are more play scenes than fighting.

So Jadyn's jealousy and that feeling of rivalry with baby sister is fading away. She now calls her sister to play with her and when the baby is sleeping too, she'd wake her up so she can play with her sister. How awesome is that? I guess one of the many reasons the firstborn now plays with baby sister is that, Megan is passed the drooling stage... when she was under one year old, she drooled a lot which the big sister hated because she didn't want her toys to get saliva on them. I hope their solid bonding will continue until they grow old and prefer to have each other rather than seeking friends outside.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Racks and Stands

There are four old wooden speakers in four corners of our t.v room. Only two of the speakers are sitting on a real stand, the other two are put on top of the other speakers. It would make this little space of ours look pretty if the other two speakers could also have their stands. These racks and stands are perfect to buy at least two of these to improve the quality of the sound as well as to give extra space in our t.v room.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Just Getting Worried

It has been over a week since our travel agent told me that she's going to forward the final itinerary for our travel in two months but still no email from her. I am getting worried for the prices might go up and she wasn't able to book us at the price we both agreed on.

What am I gonna do? I can't just sit here and waiting forever as to when she can confirm us the dates. Arrgggsss it sucks, it really sucks! I am hoping before this week ends there will be a positive news from her. Because if she does, I can now inform my family that our flight is booked and that we're really coming home this year. God hear my prayer!

Window and Door Replacement

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Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Gonna Surprise Them

I already told my family that I might be visiting them in June this year. Yep, that is what I want them to believe but I actually plan of flying to the Philippines in April. I just want to surprise them and will call them tonight telling the same thing, it is going to be in June.

I hope it works because sometimes when I get over excited for things, I can't help but be so vocal about it until ang kadaghanan makahibalo. Arggsss! Hopefully the passports for my girls will be here soon so I can move on to the next stop towards my vacation. Weewww I am looking forward to the day we fly!

TASCAM Recorder at Affordable Prices

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Slowing Down

I am glad that I slowed down with my shopping spree at CVS. Time has come that I realized getting hooked to couponing is not always good for I tend to buy for things we don't use.

After two months of going to CVS pharmacies almost everyday, I got tired of it and feel like I got drunk of it so I stopped. I can now say I am  clean of my addiction to CVS lol. Why am I saying this? Because I only go there now for maybe twice a week and would only buy the very things we need like huggies diapers and some grocery items that are heavily marked down.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Complaints from my 5-Year Old Girl

My first born is really growing so fast that she now know how to express herself for things she likes and she doesn't like. One example is when she sit down on our dining chair and you know, it has no padding or cushioning so she'd say, it hurts her bottom!

That just shocked me. How can such a young girl say things like that which is very true. I truly need to look for some really good pads and seats for our dining chairs. Admittedly, it hurts my bottom too for we don't have proper cushioning for our chairs.

Meeting the Deadline

Two more tasks and two more interim then I will beat the deadline which is tomorrow dawn. It's just me, I want my online tasks to be done long before the deadline because I don't like the pressure of doing them in a rush. I don't like rushing in everything I do for that is when I usually make a lot of mistakes.

Right now I am fighting with my sleepiness and geeeez I feel different emotion right now. I am physically tired, hungry and sleepy... not to mention I still have a baby to take care of when I am done with my tasks. Good thing the little one is not bothering me while I am trying to finish my work.

They'd Closed Down their Business

I have been a member of this small coop in our neighborhood in the Philippines. For years the business went good, many are lending money and paying it back, so what that means is that when one borrow some money, they have to pay certain percentage for it.

Every December each year, the one who handled the money will give each member the profit of their money until just a couple of days ago when I called my mother in the Philippines, she told me that the business had closed down and that she did not get any because her two sons borrowed money from that small coop and were not able to pay it back.

God bless business lenders so they can help poor people and those who need cash in times of needs. There are quite a few of them out there who have been helping people in their community for years. Thank goodness.

Dreaming of Fire

Three nights this week I have been dreaming of fire. The first one was in a high rise building where me and the rest of my school mates in high school attended an event and suddenly the fire alarm went off. When I made it out of the building, a blazing fire from the lower floor up to the upper floors of the building were slowly eating it.

Second dream happened at our backyard neighbor's house. Their house was all consumed by the fire and for some reason it moved our house, pretty white and thick smoke were seen but the firefighters immediately put out the fire so they saved our house. The third one was, I forgot but it was about fire too.

I am not concern with this kind of dream, I tried looking at the meaning of dreaming of fire on the internet and the explanations there aren't bad. It represents cleanse and renewal or a person have just over come the extreme anger in real world.