Friday, October 26, 2012

Drawer Slides

Smoother and easier to open drawers means less energy to do that all the time especially for a person like me that likes to spend time in the kitchen. I couldn't be more happy when we finally had our kitchen re-done and had all cabinets and drawers including drawer slides replaced. Even our little girls can now easily open the drawers themselves without mommy and daddy's help because it is so smooth that it just slides out and find things they want in it.

Someone Cares For Me

I've had this cough for over a week now and there is no sign of it going away anytime soon. Such a calvary especially at night time when I really want to sleep but couldn't because of this cough. For days I have been taking sinus and allergy pills but it didn't work, I now switched to cough and cold medication which I think works in my system.

Last night I didn't take my night time meds so I was attacked by cough at 2 in the morning. My husband got up and handed me the meds to take with water. Such a thoughtful deed he did. At least someone cares for me bisan ingon ani ra diay ko. Emo moment lang!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ideal Solutions For Retail Or Professional Settings

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Off For 2 Weeks Now

In my previous posts I was talking about my husband feeling sick in half of his face to the back of his head due to shingles. There is a website for this in order to understand deeply about this virus on Anyway, he's been off for two weeks now yet still feeling the pain in that part of his body. Should I be happy? Yes, part of me is happy because he's been helping me watching the girls while I want to be alone or on the computer. He also watches Megan while I take Jadyn to school. Today he told me that he is taking another week off work, this time it is sick leave for the same reason. Whatever you want to do, dear!

Carpet Cleaning in Durham, NC

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