Saturday, March 23, 2013

Being Safe At All Times

There's no such place that we can all be safe not even our own house. With kids around, you know they can get into everything including hazardous chemicals and sharp tools and objects that we have such as knives and or box cutter. Therefore, it is always important to impose proper box cutter safety for the sake of our own children. It is also recommended to baby-proof our house, lock all cabinets and if possible take down those stuff that could easily be broken or shattered. Safety begins at home as they say.

I Don't Understand...

I ate at least four cassava suman not too long ago and I thought that it would fill me up. I am not hungry either but my mouth is wanting something. My mind is thinking garlicky with pepper jumbo shrimp that we can eat at the buffet. I don't understand myself right now, I am kind of split into three... it sucks when your belly, mind and taste buds don't agree!

Arggss what shall I eat tonight? The dreadful idea of eating even if I am not hungry is just horrible and it is not my thing. It is gluttony if I may say so but I cannot stop thinking about eating unless I feed myself with something that I don't crave. I have stocks in the refrigerators from the Mexican market yesterday but I need to cook them first which is not in my mind right now.

Best Digital Recorder

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I Wouldn't Hesitate to Help

Someone borrowed money from me  days ago because she is afraid that her and other people's lives are in danger for she is threaten with my brother who is hooked to drugs by the way that if she won't come back to him he'd kill her and the people in her boarding house surrounding her.

What an a$$hole he is. Since the girl is in desperate need for money, I sent her online right there and then when she asked for it so she can go home to her mother's house in Mindanao. I lent her money so she can save her life and be safety and I am not expecting that she can return it back to me. What I want her to do is just vanish and go away, never come back!

The day after she asked for help she was saying that she and this drug addict both agreed and signed a paper at DSWD that he is not going to bother her anymore and that she is going to visit and support their child together every payday.

Now, my thought is that... if she isn't going home to her mother's place then she'll have to pay me back the money she owes me and I made it clear to her I am getting back my money with no interest of course.  My money is not given freely, I earned it and it took me weeks to come up  with the amount I was supposed to withdraw for my allowance for my trip to the Philippines. Now I am $50 short because of her.