Saturday, December 19, 2015

The kind of pickup your mom warned you about!

The kind of pickup your mom warned you about is the Gibson tony iommi. It's the same humbucker that Tony Iommi uses in his Signature Gibson SG to give Black Sabbath its legendary sound. Heavy punch, balanced lows, blistering mids and razor-edged highs are what you are looking for in a guitar pickup, might as well choose Tony Iommi. Gibson uses 4-conductor wiring in the Tommy Iommi Pickup to make it adaptable for any desired wiring design.
To find out more about this product, please click on the link above and to browse the website for more cool merchandise.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Assisting My Elderly Neighbor

Wow! Now I can relate to other people who shouted with pride on Facebook that they received their first paycheck! I know how it feels now that I got mine! Woohooo! Although it's not my first time being compensated of doing something or offering my service to people because I have received countless $$ from my blogging before but this time it's different. It's the first time I actually earn this much rendering my time and service to other people from outside the home and it's a physical check, hello. It's the first time I actually got hold of something physically. Whereas blogging money goes directly to my Paypal and from there to my bank account.

A neighbor across the street approached me two weeks ago if I could go to her mother's house and do little things for her mother on certain days.

I see it as a blessing because it is not everyday we are being blessed like this with the Lord, ang grasya na niduol, ika nga! I am thankful because now I have part time that I can spend my time with. I honestly don't feel like it's a job. Going to the neighbor's house is like visiting a friend and see how she's doing. It is so convenient for me and my child and the schedules are flexible!

Aside from that, the elderly is nice and a good person. She gets happy and smiling when we enter in her house and for that I am beginning to fall for her, treating and respecting her like my own grandmother. She is very old and I can only pray she lives another year so we can see her longer. Mind you people, she is 102 years old, going 103 in December!

Anyway, since my secondborn has been good to me everytime we go visit the neighbor, I told her that I would buy her rainbow dash as her prize for being a good girl everytime!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Riptide Ukelele for a Replacement

I have these two made-to-order Ukeleles that I brought from the Philippines. It took almost a month for each to make and be completed but when I showed them to my husband, he didn't say anything about the quality. I told him what I think... and what I think is that they are good quality. When he doesn't say anything, meaning he doesn't want to disappoint me and does not agree they are good quality. I know him more than anyone else.

I bought them for my two girls because I want them to learn how to play a musical instrument preferably, a guitar. And I thought those ukeleles I bought would be a good start for them while learning and later on, if their father wants, he can just replace them with a riptide ukulele since it is more expensive and guaranteed high quality.

The Riptide UT-2N Tenor Ukulele has a solid spruce top for the best in tone, volume and sustain. The backs and sides are made of rosewood. The Boulder Creek exclusive "Dual Port System" allows both the performer and listener to hear the music better. Die-cast tuning machines keep things in tune while abalone binding around the body and both soundports add elegance. The fine finish and detail work on this tenor ukulele are evident and the sound it produces is sure to please any ukulele enthusiast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Mother Choose the Addicted Son of Hers Over Me

Well, I cannot force someone to love me as much as she loves the rest of her children. I made it clear to my mother while in the Philippines that I don't want her going back to that hell house again, give them food and pay the electricity bill. I knew she'd not gonna follow what I said, recently I just found out that she probably have paid the current electricity bill.

With that, I have to be firm with my conviction otherwise, how am I gonna make people in my family that I am serious? The next time I send my financial support to them, it's not gonna be in my mother's name. I will let her suffer first and see if she continues to be hard on me.

I don't understand her at all after being disrespected and treated like an animal by her sons, yet she still show care and concern to those  bastards. Tan awn lang nato kinsay di mangamote ugma damlag... panaad ko lang!

Labor Day Sales All Over

When there is a holiday in the US, rest assured, stores all over the country will also take advantage of the holiday. That is when they entice you with their store and online sales. Well, as consumers, they take advantage of the Labor Day Sales as well in order to save money and for you know, they will have something to wrap for Christmas for the family. If you are a music enthusiast, you might want to check out the link provided here and see what you can find for yourself. I guarantee you, there will be tons of products or items to look at.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Should I Be Excited?

In two weeks time, that anticipated big trip to my home country is coming. All our bags have been packed 5 weeks before our travel date. Excited? Obviously, yes! So many reasons to be excited about whenever I take a vacation to the country I grew up in.

I so look forward to eating all the seafood I can buy at the wet market, all the native delicacies and street food like chicken intestine bbq, gizard, chicken feet, grilled fresh fish, going to the beach, visiting my grandmother's place in the mountain over looking a green lush trees and a waterfall.

Another reason to be excited is that my cousin that I have not seen for over two decades finally decides to wait for my arrival before going to the other country to join her boyfriend. We have been talking back and forth whether to meet up this time or not, while she seems so excited going back to her boyfriend's arms, she is also depriving me of seeing her this time.

Yesterday she broke the news about her tourist visa approval and then she'd wait for me. While that can be great to hear, I am not sure whether to rely to her words this time or shall I expect for a change of plan in the next coming days? Several times in the past we talked about seeing each other in our place but non of that ever happened. I just hope this time, she'd make up her mind and decide to really seal the deal. Cross fingers!

Guitar Center Financing

When purchasing almost anything either on the internet or in-store, people usually swipe their credit card. That if they are sure they got the money or are able to pay when billing comes. When we find that certain thing, a beautiful piece of music instrument for example, the next step we do is buy it. But not everything we want is affordable.

Sometimes, there are things that  cost more than we expected and compromise our budget. That is when financing plays its role. Should you choose to buy from guitar center, you can check out guitar center financing and see how the company help you get that specific piece of instrument without hurting your budget so much.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


If you would like to save some money on things you are going to buy today especially musical instruments and or accessories, you can find great savings on the internet if you take the time to search for it. Check out the "stupid deal of the delay" on the link provided here and see if this is something you are looking for forever. Also there are other great offers on that website right now. If saving money is what you up to at the same time buying high quality products, it is the site for you. Hurry, don't delay and surf the store's site now.

I Will Not Let Evil Consume Me

Someone say that there are more important things that need to be talked about on Facebook instead of posting selfies, quotes, food and etc., terrorism that is going on around the globe that should always be the topic that people should be concerned about.

While that is important to be aware of our surroundings, why would I choose to talk about the brutality these terrorists have caused to humanity while it is already bad and detrimental to our minds? Heck, I am not going to do that nor I let evil wrongdoings consume me. I have these beautiful people around me and I will just focus on to enjoy my life living with them.

Terrorist acts are already bad enough, why would I give them the satisfaction to enter in our minds? Why not just talk about happy things, family life, food, trips or anything that will somehow give us optimism about life?

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I admire people who love music and can literally play different kinds of musical instruments. I know one back in my home country and is playing music in every event he can find as his way of living. I admire this guy because not only he enjoys what he is doing but he also sharing his talent to other people. I saw some pictures he posted and the speakers and that very instrument he carries when going to an event, his guitar. But he also wishes that he can have other instruments to play with, even sharing to me one time about owning this browneye cutie shown on the link, please click it. Well, I told him that, in God's grace he will own one in the near future if he continues to work hard to achieve his dreams!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Couldn't Find the Tickets I Want

We're in the 20's of Feb now. I have been looking for cheaper tickets to the Philippines for June but I am having a hard time finding them that suit our budget. June is peak season for travelers and airline companies are charging sky-high on their tickets.

There were cheaper ones in the past two weeks but did not book them right away as I have waited for our travel agent to give us a deal on them but, I found out that her tickets were higher than the Korean Air offered so I turned her down. A week later after that, I still couldn't find and didn't see the price I liked.

I am not losing hope though. Prices are changing from time to time and that airline companies change prices during weekdays and early days of the week. That might be true, because it was on Tuesday and Wednesday I've seen the not so expensive tickets. Hoping to get three soon so I can have a peace of mind, I am also now very tired digging from site to site whenever I am online.

Electric Guitar Natural

There is nothing more sophisticated looking guitar than this Taylor 114ce grand auditorium acoustic-electric guitar natural. An affordable grand auditorium with a solid spruce top, sapele laminate back and sides, and Taylor ES-T electronics.

Like the 200 Series, the 114ce Sapele/Spruce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar incorporates laminate back and sides, which offer extra resilience to fluctuating climate conditions, and a slightly narrower 1 11/16-inch neck. It's one of the best full-size guitars you'll find for the money, especially with the availability of Taylor's ES-T pickup.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Saxophone Reeds

Are you specifically looking for saxaphone reeds? Please click on the link and start browsing for that very reed that is best for you. Browse by bestseller of 178 items to choose from. You can also narrow your search by featured products, price range, reed cut style, rating, cane or synthetic. If you have a question that you can't find the answer on their website alone, do not hesitate to contact to a staff advisor. You may also want to visit their clearance center page, educators and used page. Thank you!

All Done

I just finished all of my online tasks which took me three days to do it all. Before, I could write more than twenty entries including personal posts in between my paid posts but since blogging has been really sleeping, updating my blogs nowadays seem tiring.

Now that I am done, I can move on with another task I am wishing to do today. I plan of making a birthday slideshow for my firstborn to be share on my FB wall tomorrow celebrating her big day but I don't know if I will be able to do that today since I have to dig deeper in my hard drive for her birth photos.

I hate to do slideshows but what choice do I get? With all the editing, enhancing, putting captions on each picture and choosing music for it is a lot of hassle and truly time consuming. I would say, it takes me 2 hours or more to make a simple and short slideshow, atimana!

Pinaud Brand for Men

Finding gifts for other people can be hard at times for you don't know what they want and what they already have so you have to make sure you are giving them something that they are going to use. It would be a waste of your time and money if you give them something and they just let it sit in the corner.

For me, I find it quite easy giving something to women rather than men. My husband for example, I don't usually give him presents because the only thing he wants would be "tools" for cars or for doing stuff around the house but, I guess he already has a lot of it so I really have no idea what to give him on special occasions. I would ask him what he wants and he would just say, "I don't need anything". Great!

If you guys have a man in your life that appreciates men's personal or care products, try checking out pinaud brand aftershave lotion, talc white powder, mustache wax, eu de cologne splash, shampoo and a whole lot more. Maybe they will be grateful to receive those kind of gifts from you, that if they like to smell good.

Where Did the Time Go?

Tomorrow will be my firstborn's 7th birthday. I cannot almost believe that I now have a 7-year old girl who for me will always be my first baby. J is such a sweet and truly a good girl. When I scold her, she wouldn't talk back at me like what I did to my mother when I was growing up. I am glad she doesn't do that or I might have to think that the curse is slapping at me, haha.

Anyway, I am just happy to have cared and witnessed my girl's growth and all her developments. From the moment she was born until now, I can see she is growing to be healthy ( except for her bowel movement problems since she was 3) , has happy heart, full of life and most of all a loving child. I love her to death and I can't wait to take her to a happy place where she can play a lot and have a blast.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Big House, No Space

Five years of living in a 4-bedroom and 3-full baths house, we still find ourselves needing more space especially in the kitchen. We feel like there is not enough space for everything. We got too much stuff that we don't use and we don't need yet we complain. Or maybe we just need to organize our stuff to make it a better kitchen to be in haha. Pots and pans are in a drawer that we need to bend over in order to get one whenever we need it. It makes a lot of noise and not a good place to be storing them since they are sitting on top of the other that scratches the most sensitive and new pots and pans. What we need I think is a pots and pans organizer, something that we can see the pots and pans right away and don't need energy just to take one out. What do you think?

The Crush that I Was so Infatuated with

Can you believe it? When years have passed you haven't seen nor have any idea that the person you used to be so infatuated with during your elementary years have changed so much? I mean, drastically changed physically? I had this crush when I was in grade four until grade six that for me he was the handsomest "boy" alive. He had this fair or white skin and you know white skin in the Philippines, people view you as "attractive". He had this cute red kissable lips, a pair of tantalizing eyes, he was neat and carried his clothes really well, he was known for being quiet and well behaved boy in school. He had very flawless facial skin, a smile that melted me every time he flashed it and I saw it. Those are just a few of his characteristics why I had a crush on him. I can go on forever enumerating those but I am not gonna bore you with that.

Twenty years later, I found him on Facebook,  I added him  to my list. I would hit "like" on his pictures and he would do to mine occasionally. Looking at his pictures now, it is almost unbelievable that the once I so infatuated with is no longer handsome. He now has deep spots on his face which is obvious from having acne during his teenage years, he got dark and I don't see the neatness of his clothing on the pictures anymore. What happened to him?

Amazing how people can transform physically into good or bad. The kids in school that I thought were pretty and good-looking are no longer attractive in my opinion. Or maybe because I have changed preference when it comes to looking at faces? Since high school, I no longer look at Filipino guys on their face. I became picky and found that Americans were way far more attractive in my eyes than them!

Call Don Allred

It's never too late to switch insurance company whether it be home, auto, life, health or renters insurance needs if you are not happy with the current insurance policy you are in. Call don allred insurance burlington nc and let him and his associates be of help to you. Who is Don Allred by the way? Don Allred is an independent agent based in Burlington, North Carolina, and can help you with your Auto, Health, Home, Life, and Renters insurance needs. Independent agents represent multiple insurance companies.

We Have an Excuse

It's winter and it's cold outside even if we do have mild winter here in Texas compared to other states up north. How I wanted to go for a walk outside but I can't. I just can't. I don't wanna be sick and the temperature is unbearable for fragile body haha.

When it's winter, there's not much you can do around, just mostly clean the house a bit, cook, eat and sleep and no exercise at all resulting to bulging belly and flatter behind. What can I do? I feel so lazy with bone chilling temperature, gloomy days and all.

My husband once told me, we have an excuse because it's winter. While it's great, I so look forward to working on my abdomen once Spring is here. I promise that to myself.

Born with Two Left Feet?

When I first heard the words dance doctor, I thought it was a doctor that cures broken bones from dancing but heck, I was wrong until I check out the dance doctor of los angeles website. It is actually a dance studio owned by John Cassese, the Dance Doctor, world-renowned dance instructor and choreographer, prescribes fancy footwork to celebrities, wedding couples, professional dancers and just about anyone with a desire to dance.

If you are like me who was born with two left feet, this guy can help you cure with your dilemma. Check out the link above for information and what kind of classes he can help you with for the upcoming big event of your life.

I Wasn't Crazy Yet

I went to the mall today with my second born right after I was done from my dental cleaning. At Macy's I saw this very beautiful blue necklace and a pair of earrings that match to it. The sign says save up to 60% off when you take an additional 30% off. It had red stickers on it that totals $20 for two items, I thought I was gonna get another 30% off from it but to my dismay the total amount did not change at the register so I had to cancel my purchase and put it back.

It was just so disappointing because of all the fashion jewelry I looked at today, it was the only one that stood out and really got me interested in buying. Yes, it was beautiful but it was still pricey despite of the percentage they were advertising. I had to leave the store empty-handed and not buying the one I really really liked.

In my mind, I wasn't crazy yet to spend $20 on fashion jewelry. I know I can buy stuff a lot less than that and so much prettier someday. I just have to keep an open eye on it and for deals to come.

Everyday is Christmas at ChristmasPlace

Most of us think that stores we know would only display Christmas stuff during November until maybe a few days after Christmas but little do they know, there is this online store that is called ChristmasPlace that sells Christmas stuff all-year round.

As a wise shopper, I always spend money after the holiday for that is when 50% Holiday trimmings, lights, ornaments and so many other stuff are sold. I so wanted to collect a Christmas village but I have not started to buy a single item to start it, best example is the lemax at christmasplace that I am looking right now. It will be nice if I can at least start collecting now and eventually complete the whole village in years to come. Mind you, these items are really cute that makes me more encouraged to buy one.

Thankful for the Grace

It's been too long since I blog for money.  I honestly missed those days where I earn everyday from my blogs. It's been too long that I have not received raining tasks but today, God has showered me some. I am grateful for it, it means a few dollars to come to my Paypal next month.

It is not everyday I received stars from the sheriff and for that I couldn't be more thankful. I am in need of $$ as always for I have a family waiting for my support every month in the Philippines and there is no way I can stop my obligation to them as long as my mother is alive. Another thing, I need to save up some more for our vacation in June. As expected it is going to be a big expense not just for my husband for he has to pay for the tickets but for myself as well. I do use my own money for allowance while in my country, you know?

Something a Person Can be Proud of

When you are poor and you graduated and finished a bachelor's degree, nothing can be more prouder than yourself or your parents who sacrificed their own happiness just so you can get an education. With that being said, getting a class ring at the end of it all is rewarding! How would you feel if you are to design your class ring? At least in the Philippines, we are given an opportunity to wear our rings after college but I found out in America, that class rings are available in high school. That is so great to make teenagers happy and be more encouraged to study harder because they know, there is a sweet prize when they finish high school.