Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheap Postcard Printing

Giving a postcard to someone would mean a lot to him/her especially if he is into collecting postcards from all over the world. It is like you have traveled in that specific place too without leaving your home. For people that collect postcards, there is a cheap postcard printing online that they can use in order to save some money for it. Not only that, they can get helpful tips and advice on how to create their own postcards on the same site.

Away from the Neighbors' Judging Eyes

Why is it when you arrive in the Philippines from America, many people will ask you, "when did you arrive? or do you have a present for me?". But when you come back from a long vacation and you arrive in America, nobody seem to care nor ask you of your whereabouts?

That is just one of the many things I like being in America because people leave their            neighbors alone. Unlike in the Philippines, every move you make, every little thing you do, they would scrutinize you as if they are so perfect.

I am just glad I no longer live there because those people surrounding me before are toxic. They are so tiring to deal with everyday and add stress to my mind.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Afraid of Losing the Guitar

I told my mother to move out of the house and keep herself and the kids'safety but she reasoned out she cannot leave the house simply because we got a lot of old stuff and my brother's guitar that are being kept in an unsafe cabinet of the house. I told my mother that if someone would steal and sell my other brother's guitar, he can always find or buy a new one. One of the guitars I can recommend to him are dean electric guitars that I am eying right now. Although guitars like these can be a bit costly, he can still be able to afford it if he chooses to buy one an electric guitar.

Can't Go to the Beach

One of the many things Jadyn and I anticipated while being here in the Philippines is going to the beach and have fun with my family. But due to an unexpected major expense, it looks like we cannot go to the beach anymore. We are currently processing of transferring a portion of our lot to my mother's name that cost us money big time. This results to the lack of budget of bringing my kids and family to the beach.

However, if the computation from the BIR isn't so big, I might still be able to do the beach in a few days. I am hoping it won't be too big, otherwise we'll be going back to Texas and not fulfilling the promise I made to my daughter some weeks ago. Kind of disappointing.

Fruity Loops

Fruits, as we all know are sweet, good to the taste buds and most of all delicious and full of nutrients. But this new fruity loops is not the thing you are thinking right now. It is actually a music composing software for the Piano. It is a full-featured music composing and arranging software with MIDI piano roll, sequencing, soft-synths and effects.

Fruity Edition is geared for composers who need MIDI piano roll for complex melodies and to record/play chords. Fruity Edition adds access to the Playlist Pattern Clips for complex and lengthy arranging/sequencing and automation of program/plugin parameters.

Doesn't Know How to Appreciate

So I treat my family to clothes shopping two days ago but this little S.O.B brother of mine who got a new pair of Islander slippers from me didn't appreciate of what he received. He was not on the list but if it wasn't because of my mother he wouldn't get anything from me. Instead of being appreciative, that S.O.B complained about the pair of slippers isn't the one he likes and that it is cheap quality.

It pissed the H out of me to be honest. He has the guts to complain and nag while he doesn't contribute a penny to our family for food or anything else. He relies pretty much everything from my mother. I was going to get those slippers back and bring them in the US with me but then he wore them this morning when he left the house. Hmmmppp just venting, this is what blog is for... to vent out my frustration, anger and disappointment....

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Tempted to Buy a Hammock

I am in the Philippines right now and staying in my parents' house. In their yard, they got plenty of strong big trees good enough to put up a hammock so me and my kids can swing on it every afternoon after lunch. I so want to buy one but thinking of the remaining days we have left, it might not be enough and the kids might not enjoy the hammock as much.

I am confused right now whether to buy one or not. If I won't be able to do it, I will just have to ask for my husband for a swing set to put in our backyard, the same swing set in swing sets in washington dc website I am looking at right now.

Criticizing Each Other

My brothers were fighting this morning. They were criticizing each other as if both them are right, lol. They pissed me off at the same time I can't help but laugh in silence.

One is claiming that the other brother is "nagpa belib ni mama" for helping around the house while the other one who is saying that is lazy and sleeping all the time. If my mother commands him of doing this and that, he wouldn't do it or would do the pitching of water whenever he likes.

I told them to fight in a deep quarry and don't come back if they are wounded. Those guys somehow think they are right but the the truth is, THEY ARE BOTH A BURDEN to my mother.