Thursday, December 15, 2016


We are yet to discover what truly the skills or talents with our two girls. We have enrolled them in sports like soccer, martial arts, dance classes and other stuff before but they don't seem too interested to continue any of them. We have not tried getting them into music but hopefully in high school they will be given a chance to explore their talent and learn to use at least one musical instrument like sousaphone and be in the high school marching band. Who knows they'll get interested with it?

Not Totally Forgetting

One that claimed I totally forgetting my family in the Philippines, he's wrong. If I have forgotten them I would have not sent them a balikbayan box which arrived first week of November. It has got a lot of stuff in it and chocolates, that was their Christmas present from us here in the US.

Although I avoided sending them monetary support, rest assured I still be sending them boxes in months to come. I just cannot afford sending them money and some of it will go to my SOB brothers' vices because my mother is weak!

She can't say no to them, so whenever they harass her with money, all she could do is give it to them.

Me sending them boxes still does not make me the bad guy, does it?