Thursday, October 1, 2015

Assisting My Elderly Neighbor

Wow! Now I can relate to other people who shouted with pride on Facebook that they received their first paycheck! I know how it feels now that I got mine! Woohooo! Although it's not my first time being compensated of doing something or offering my service to people because I have received countless $$ from my blogging before but this time it's different. It's the first time I actually earn this much rendering my time and service to other people from outside the home and it's a physical check, hello. It's the first time I actually got hold of something physically. Whereas blogging money goes directly to my Paypal and from there to my bank account.

A neighbor across the street approached me two weeks ago if I could go to her mother's house and do little things for her mother on certain days.

I see it as a blessing because it is not everyday we are being blessed like this with the Lord, ang grasya na niduol, ika nga! I am thankful because now I have part time that I can spend my time with. I honestly don't feel like it's a job. Going to the neighbor's house is like visiting a friend and see how she's doing. It is so convenient for me and my child and the schedules are flexible!

Aside from that, the elderly is nice and a good person. She gets happy and smiling when we enter in her house and for that I am beginning to fall for her, treating and respecting her like my own grandmother. She is very old and I can only pray she lives another year so we can see her longer. Mind you people, she is 102 years old, going 103 in December!

Anyway, since my secondborn has been good to me everytime we go visit the neighbor, I told her that I would buy her rainbow dash as her prize for being a good girl everytime!