Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iolo Registry Repair

No matter how we clean up our computer regularly, over time daily use, the registry accumulates corruption that will eventually resulting to random and difficult diagnose ailments. Ailments like hang ups, freezes, program crashes and error messages. With Iolo registry repair, you can now tune your registry using this helpful software. The company proudly boasting about it being the fastest, safest, and most effective registry cleanup and repair tool available today.

I Am Thankful

As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" and I have been waiting patiently without complaining. Thank God for the blessings, I couldn't be any happier. Maybe He knows that I got a credit card to pay off and my birthday is coming. Hmmm you know when it's a woman's birthday, she has to buy something for herself, lol.

Anyway, gotta keep moving as I got plenty of tasks need to finish. Not to mention that I also have to write personal entries the same number as my tasks that are given to me.

I Need One Thing

I have a little space in a dark corner of our living room where I do my workout everyday. For now I am content of the space I got since I don't do some really major workouts or I don't move a lot when I try to sweat. I do have an exercise bench, 5, 8 and metal weights which has adjustable weight on the metal that I could use. Now that I am getting tired of the same exercises I do everyday, I wish to do yoga at home and just watch videos on Youtube. While that can easily be found, I also want to buy me a yoga mat that won't cost me much. Right after this I am going to check on the best prices on yoga mats and hopefully I'll be able to buy one for myself.

Someone Remembers My Natal Day

I received a birthday greeting card in the mail today from our dear family friend. It was so thoughtful of him to send me a card for the first time ever! I love it when someone remembers me not just on my birthday but in ordinary days as well. I feel blessed to have known Mike in my life. I met him in the Philippines when he came with my husband to meet me the second time.

Just so he knows that I appreciate his thoughtfulness, I am posting the card here on this blog for keeps forever. Many thanks to him, he made my day! Take note, he is the first one to greet me for my birthday. Will be expecting a flooding of greetings on Facebook from friends that care on the 21st.

 photo etgver3ytqdeoyddsg9wisatm3upsjo3_zpsdfba8247.jpg

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Humidors for Cigars

In my other blog I talked about the cheapest place to buy cigars and that place is the famous-smoke cigar store online. One of the many cigars available there at cheap price are Ferdomo fresco, Al Capone and many others. Of course when a person collected all the flavors and brands of cigars he wants, he needs a place or a storage for his cigars so that they don't go bad. Very perfect things to store cigars are humidors for cigars. This way, he can arrange and place all the cigars he has without damaging the rolls.

Family Problem

I talked to my little sister in the Philippines last night and as usual, there is no good news that she can give me. Always the drug addict useless, shameless brother of hers is the leading character of "basagolero". Mama has to deal with him until God decides when to take him in this world.

I can't help but feel pity to my mother. She is the only one that is carrying this heavy load on her shoulders. Why would there'll be pain in the a$$ people left in this world? Her life would be so much easier if this son of hers doesn't exist. He is just too much to handle. I have seen and witnessed his wrong doings from the past and I think he is getting worse.

He has no hope anymore. All we are waiting is for the day when he dies. Call me bad but yes, that's all what we're anticipating to come.

The other day, my family called a police on him for he'd gone wild again. He threw a rock on our door for what? For not giving him a cellphone? Geeezzz what an A*****le. If he has  a cellphone, he would demand money from my mother for the load and if he doesn't get it, he'd throw rocks in their house again or pawn the cellphone. Demanding wala sa lugar ning buanga neh!