Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook A Lot

What's with facebook why I am so into it? I think I'm not the only one who is so addicted to this networking site, right? Right people? I talk to my friends online and they say the same to me too. As if our lives revolve around facebook.

I wake up in the morning opening the website for the whole day or even until I go to bed at night. Same routine everyday. How can I avoid this? Maybe when I get busy or having a job then I can really get rid of facebook or if not minimize my addiction to this very popular website.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


For some reason I suddenly feel the urge to visit the bathroom even if I already did my business in there this morning. What did I eat that make me feel like this? Lots of bad air that I need to release. Ah now I remember, it's probably because of that young jackfruit with coconut milk that has been sitting in the fridge for days now. Yikes scary, I hope it won't get serious for I don't like to be sick. No one's around to look after my baby eh.

Oh ciao, gotta rest. I feel so sleepy and I have little girl on my lap sleeping who is getting heavier now. I can't take it anymore...gotta go peeps!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jadyn's Birthday

We celebrated my lil girl's birthday last January 16. It was just so simple, we bought our baby a big cupcake and put some topping in it, lighted a number 2 candle on it and let the girl blow it. Then weekend followed, Rose my friend, threw Jadyn a small feast as her late birthday celebration at her place. We had fun although there were only 7 of us including the two husbands. She received a barbie doll and a floating swan boat from Rose and a ten-dollar cash from Annie eventhough she'd already given her a big girly bike last Christmas.

On that very same day, I was contemplating on how we celebrated her first birthday in the Philippines differently. We had the whole house full of small children and adults. It was quite a grand birthday indeed. Lots of foods were served on the table, a dozen of balloons and a filipino kind ice cream in a cone. Hmm I miss my home country!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Virus On Friendster

Lately, I found myself hating friendster while in fact it used to be my hangout place on the internet. Now I am just so afraid that my computer is gonna get infected by virus the website has. Too bad though that I cannot delete all my photo albums there as it served as my online photo albums na rin plus I got tons of old ka berks from elementary 'till the present and I don't like the thought of losing them again after years of not hearing anything from my buddies.

I hope they can clean up their sites so people will love them again. I have created my baby an account on friendster too and one time I didn't log in there for a month and was so afraid that her photos gonna get stolen as I set her profile public.. meaning viewable by unwanted eyes over the internet. So I took the risk of getting the virus, I reopen her account and set it to private, still it isn't safe but good enough to protect her photos.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I thought we were over the cold days here in Texas because it was so nice last week. The temperature was just awesome for the whole week reaching 60 degrees high. We had a chance to take a walk around this new neighborhood and I even brought my baby to the nearest playground in the new neighborhood adjacent to EV.

Truly weather/temperature is fickle. One thing we know it suddenly dropped down to 40s or worse 30s. I don't mind the coldness as long as we have snow but there isn't. Last December was the coldest I think. We had snow twice and I was very happy. I don't think we can have it again this year though.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

He Is In Florida

Thinking that my brother is now working in the cruise line, it would be easier for us to meet someday knowing that he can freely land in Florida to meet me sometime in the future. If he is going to pay for my airline tickets then I would love to go there. If he's not then fine with me.

He works in the cruise line as pastry chef, I hope he is doing good there and send some financial support to our family back home so I can atleast rest for a while and save up some money for my future travel. I wish I wish he thinks of helping them and paying back the money he owed to my husband almost two years ago!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Been A Long Time

I so wanted to keep up with this blog but things have been crazy lately. But anyways, I'm back here now so be assured folks that you can have fresh updates here once in a while. How have you been doing guys? For us here, slowly keeping things in order, surviving in the midst of life's financial ordeal.

The big move was just crazy, it has made a big impact into our lives especially in financial aspect. There is so much to do around this house yet we only have very limited resources to finance the expenses. Wish I had a job so I can contribute my husband to our daily expenses.