Thursday, June 25, 2015

Should I Be Excited?

In two weeks time, that anticipated big trip to my home country is coming. All our bags have been packed 5 weeks before our travel date. Excited? Obviously, yes! So many reasons to be excited about whenever I take a vacation to the country I grew up in.

I so look forward to eating all the seafood I can buy at the wet market, all the native delicacies and street food like chicken intestine bbq, gizard, chicken feet, grilled fresh fish, going to the beach, visiting my grandmother's place in the mountain over looking a green lush trees and a waterfall.

Another reason to be excited is that my cousin that I have not seen for over two decades finally decides to wait for my arrival before going to the other country to join her boyfriend. We have been talking back and forth whether to meet up this time or not, while she seems so excited going back to her boyfriend's arms, she is also depriving me of seeing her this time.

Yesterday she broke the news about her tourist visa approval and then she'd wait for me. While that can be great to hear, I am not sure whether to rely to her words this time or shall I expect for a change of plan in the next coming days? Several times in the past we talked about seeing each other in our place but non of that ever happened. I just hope this time, she'd make up her mind and decide to really seal the deal. Cross fingers!

Guitar Center Financing

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