Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Found What I Want To Do

This is it! I guess I found what I want and love doing, selling stuff online. I started out rough about three weeks ago but things are doing well as days pass by. It can be stressful yes but I am loving the idea that my money in Paypal is growing if not everyday at least every other day.

So nice is the feeling having to sell an item. I am going to continue doing this until I can no longer see stuff that are a lot cheaper and yet still affordable when I re-sale them. Lord, guide me in this endeavor and hope this will continue for a long time!

Horseback Riding Boots

I grew up in the city all my life but I also had the chance to live for a while in a mountainous area back in my homeland. Both of my grandparents' places were in the countryside of the Philippines and I felt lucky I got to experience living in their places. There are things that I appreciated in country living that I couldn't do in the city.

One most memorable experience I have had with my cousin in my grandparents' place in South was the ultimate horseback riding but we were not reading proper gear to be safe though, gears like horseback riding boots, saddles and other accessories to keep us from injury if ever there's an accident happen.

It has been such a long time since I have experienced the fun ride just like we did when we were little. However though, I am hopeful that my new family will be able to do horseback riding and visit wine country somewhere.

How about you guys? What sort of fun and memorable things you have done with your cousins, friends or siblings before that you cannot never forget?

Are you in the UK right now and are looking for riding boots in the UK to complete the nice horse back riding you are planning to do soon? If you say yes, then click on the link here.

Headache Right Now

I don't like to feel uncomfortable especially now that I have obligations daily. I have had this headache since this morning when I came back after sending Jadyn to school. I already took a pain reliever and it eased the pain a bit and now it's back. I even had my nap and thought that it's not gonna come back, yikes I am feeling dizzy and not so well right now.

I know long sleep is the only cure for this and I am hoping I could sleep early tonight and sleep longer maybe until five in the morning. Anyway, this is not serious, just a mild migraine that's the result of being so fatigued from the last couple of days.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wise Baby I Have Always Wants To Cling On Me


My 13-month old baby girl is so wise that she just want to cling on me all the time. That is not right because I got a lot of work to do both offline and online. When she is awake all she wants is to skin to skin with me even when I'm in the kitchen, showering or relieving myself in the bathroom. I know she won't always be a baby but for God's sake, I need some "me" time too. Is that too much to ask?

A lot of people advice me to buy a baby carrier specifically a cloth baby sling so that I can just put her in my back or in any position convenient for both of us. I don't know why I haven't done that yet while in fact, it is the most essential thing to have these days. I promise I will try to browse and search for the best baby gear pretty soon so I can just carry my baby with me whenever I need to get some things done without being bothered by her.

It Hurts The More I Listen To It

So as I was saying in my two posts below that I have this recorded audio of my phone conversation with my father, while it is great to have it but at the same time it hurts me more listening to it over and over again knowing that I could only listen to the same words and his voice now.

The realization strikes me after this one minute conversation I had with him that no matter what I do, no matter how I try to convince myself that my father is not dead, that somehow contradicted to the reality.

My father is already gone!!! Whenever I talk with somebody who also experienced losing a loved one, it always brings tears to my eyes and pain is always there, it seemed never go away!

Durisol ICF

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For people to know, these insulating wall forms are the original ICF system and the company itself has proven product and ICF material that is both ideal for below- and above-grade building construction and they have been an integral part of certified LEED and green building- from passive solar design to environmentally energy efficient construction.

I Feel He Is So Alive

Two night ago my little one played with my cellphone and she accidentally pushed a button that opened a recorded audio that I didn't know exist in my phone. I listened to it and found out that it was a phone conversation of me and my father I made a long time ago.

It was so nice to hear my father's voice once again. I feel he is so alive and just couldn't believe I now actually have a great remembrance of how he sounded like when he was still alive.

I missed my father everyday of my life! If only I could turn back the time... I know he is happy where he is now and is watching over us. 'Pa, wherever you are, please know that we are here missing you so much!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hire Professional House Cleaners

For those who have money and can afford to have their house cleaned by a maid or professionals in the Durham, North Carolina area, please visit apex house cleaning so you don't have to worry about making your home neat, organized and clean when you arrive home from a vacation, trip or from work. This way, you can spend your valuable time to other important things like your kids, family or a date with your special someone.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

He Appreciates My Hardwork

Today I had the mood to clean the living room and the second bathroom adjacent to Jadyn's bedroom, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, washed one of the couches' cover, swept the master's bathroom floor and showered myself and Megan. I did all these just before sunset. This only happens once in a blue moon. Cheers to myself for that, hehe!

Anyway, I am secretly smiling because the husband noticed my hard work and appreciated me for it. Thank God! I like it when my better half take notice of what I've done in this house. I tell yah, having two girls to take care plus household chores isn't easy.



College Scholarships For Our Kids

My husband is retiring in a few years and he told me how much exactly he is going to receive as retirement fee. Knowing the amount makes me want to think seriously of how we will be able to afford to send our two girls to college. Education is something very precious and the only thing we can give to our kids but talking of which, college education here in the US is so expensive that I am not sure how are we going to do it.

However, there are several options for a child attain her college education and finish it through grants and scholarships. I know they will be fine once that time comes. I see them as both smart and I hope they can avail different scholarships to help them get through college and hopefully land themselves a better career for a brighter future.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Establish An Open Communication Between Us Two

My husband and I are going to celebrate our 8 years together in three months. For others who have been together for decades that sounds well not long but for us who have been quite a few hurdles in our relationship especially in financial aspects, eight years is already a long time! Cheers for us haha, ga una una wala pa gali!

All those times we spent together, I realized how important it is to establish an open communication between me and him. I am normally a happy person and so contented of my life I'm living now but there were times I can't help but sulk and feeling all the negative emotions I shouldn't feel.

When I felt I could no longer hold them, I took a step on furthering a better relationship with my spouse. Although I did not say it vocally but writing it helped a lot, thank God. I am now okay and back to the normal world once again. It was through a letter I was able to pour out all my emotions and I am glad he didn't take it against me instead listened and understood me with his might.

Thanks also to a friend who was there listening my rants haha... I know I would have exploded if she wasn't there lending her ears to me. Thanks day, you know who you are!

Soft And Bulging Belly


Don't get offended of my post title here. I know a lot of people are so conscious of their bulging belly and so do I. I am skinny in nature but I have given births to two children already so it is my belly that is always to be the first one to accumulate fats easily.

It is not just me having to deal with belly fats but most of my friends too. For Filipinas, it is our concern to have belly fats. Of course we can easily get rid of the fats but what is lacking there is the motivation to do abs exercise. For me, I just need a little push and I will be glad to do it. I would also need to find time for myself in order to get started with my exercise. Before that, I want to read the The flex belt review from different customers who have tried this awesome product.

I heard so much about it and not until I read several customers' review, I might be convinced to purchase this product for me and my husband. I really believe it is such a great thing to have in addition with our work out equipment in the garage.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She Finally Said It

After such a horrible past that happened between me and used to be my closest cousin that truly tore us apart, she now finally said the word I wanted to hear over two years since our fight over the internet. I felt sorry and remorseful of what happened to us.

The word " 'te" short for ate, was the word she used when she replied to my texts three days ago. We have texted quite a lot weeks ago but I couldn't see any of that word written in her text...

Those who have known our story can relate with me. They would know how it means to me to be called ate again by my cousin.

All Brand New Faucets

My husband did a pretty good job changing the faucets in this house by himself. He is the type of person that loves doing things around the house by himself. Two of the master bedroom's faucets and in the kitchen have been replaced. He still have to replace the second and third bathrooms faucets. They are still working good right now but I know eventually they are going to give up and we will have to shop for new faucets. His color preference is white and so as the door knobs. Good choice I believe for white looks classy.

There are several options when it comes to shopping for faucets. Prices vary too. It really depends on the individual as to how much is he going to pay for faucets he is going to use in his house.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Done With Online Tasks Now Gotta Feed The Girls And Go!

Thank God I was able to finish all my 12 online tasks on time. I had two left from last night and I just finished writing them seconds ago. I am good to go strolling in the mall and not thinking of some undone tasks. I got tons of washed clothes to fold though but I guess they can wait until I get back from the mall. I am excited I am meeting with one of my good girlfriends today, yupzie!

Anyhow, time to log off from the computer and start cooking quick meals for my little lalats so we can go. I just wish I can find something ready to eat foods in the pantry for I really don't like the idea of spending too much time in the kitchen today. I just want to go out and have fun.


Cheap Guitar Strings

There are some things you can buy in cheaper price like these cheap strings. For just ten slinky string pieces you can buy at a little over five bucks, yes that is how cheap they are. Or there are even much cheaper prices for strings for as low as $3.79 it is because the website I am looking at right now is having a blowout sale. So if you ever need new guitar strings, please do visit the link here. All kinds of guitar strings are available right at your finger tips at a much lower price.

Bossy Little Child Of Mine

What had happened to my little Jadyn? She used to be so sweet and polite. When she reached four years old she became bossy and a bit difficult child to deal with. I hope that this is just temporary because I cannot stand her bossing me around as if I am just her playmate or slave. There are times that she gets very demanding at me doing things for her that is so simple and easy to do by herself.

One example is when she commanded me to hand her the warm milk I placed on the table near the t.v. She sat down on the other chair and wanted me to bring her milk to her even if it just within her reach? What is wrong with this girl? Of course I didn't do that, I am not a stupid slave to follow someone else's command who ranks lower than me.

Gifts For Ballet Dancers

As early as now I am asking my four-year old girl what she wants to do when she grows up. It still unclear to her what she wants to become. The simple answer she said, I want to become like you! Meaning is she going to be a stay-at-home mom too like me? There is nothing wrong with being a full-time mom but career wise, I want her to be successful in things she most love to do.

I am jealous for those girls who can dance so I probably would want her to enroll in ballet when she is six years old. That way, she can grow loving the dance. Anyway, I would be very happy if she becomes a ballet dancer I would be the proudest mom ever and giving her gifts for ballet dancers will be easy since there are tons of them on the internet to choose from.