Monday, March 26, 2012

Wants To Attend The Party

How amazing it is for a four-year old child's mind associating birthdays with PARTIES. I told her last night that it was her Auntie Alex's 12 birthday yesterday Philippine time and she said, I wanna go to Auntie Alex and attend the party!

Teewweeewww! I can't help but laugh out loud because of her statement. I didn't expect that all. How I wish we can be there with my sister so to make her 12th birthday a memorable one, I can only do simple things to make her happy on her big day but sadly, I am too far away from her.

I feel kind of guilty for I only greeted her on chikka that goes directly to her phone a happy birthday and one on Facebook. I wish I had the motivation to call the Philippines but the situation is so different now that my father is gone. I can't help but wish sometimes he was still alive and be the first one to answer the phone whenever I call my family.

A Yard Man

My husband is not your typical husband that would just sit on the couch during his days off. He just cannot do that. Day offs are supposed to be relaxation and chilling time after working ten hours everyday, four days a week. Oh no, his weekend or day offs would not be complete without doing something in the house or do his yard.

His yard although it has full of weeds growing in it, still looks a little bit acceptable for he keeps it clean, maintained and cut grass/weeds every week. He does have all the tools for mowing. He has had push mowers from the past that got stolen (now there is only one left), a riding 0 turn mower, edger and a whole lot more to make his yard work easy for him. I call him, a yard man!

Some Are Old And Ugly Others Are Pretty And New

Spring is here and it is time for me to go out walking with kiddos in the whole Edgecliff Village neighborhood. As I wander around this area I notice some houses let their address signs go rotten, get rusty and old. I wonder if the homeowners are aware that what they have outside are barely visible by people who come visit them. On the other hand, there are also that take care of their lawn address plaques by having them repainted, buying a new one or just simply replace the plaques when they think is no longer attractive. Having a clear big and beautiful address plaques save people's time in searching for your home.

Bad Things Happen Unexpectedly

Bad things happen unexpectedly. We don't wish for it to come but it happens in reality. One best example for this is a medical malpractice which is very scary for it is one's life is at stake when this occurs. How do we know the doctors or medical staff we choose to handle our surgery are not just practicing how to slice your body? We have no idea. If in case you know anyone or someone in your immediate family is a victim of medical malpractice, seek for help and ensure your medical malpractice insurance policy from this company will cover any expenses that come ahead. Learn how you can apply for one.

Golf Balls With Logo

You don't normally see golf balls with prints on them or with logo. Most golf balls I have seen are just plain white or if there were colored ones, just a very few of them or I don't know. I never played golf or never been to a golf course.

Surely those golf balls with logo are sort of way for companies to promote their services or products. As we know, golf balls after being played, they can be anywhere and yes, that is such a brilliant idea to print your company name on them for more exposure.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Closet On The Roof?

My husband is watching a recorded news right now and I overheard that there is a closet on top of the roof at the place that was hit by a tornado a week ago. I chuckled for it was funny at the same time it hit me because the question we've been asking ourselves, where are we gonna hide or what are we gonna do when tornado occurs in our place? He asked me those questions one time and I simply answered, in the closet. After seeing that news closet on the roof, I guess the closet is not safe to hide anymore not a good idea to be hiding eh?

Really, what are we gonna do when calamities like tornado hit our place? Honestly, I don't know what to do except pray and ask the saints to keep us safe and protect us. I told that to my husband and he didn't think it was the right answer. What can I do? It's what I believe that the Holy Spirit and  spirits of the saints will help us...always has been.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

High Expectations

Filipinos' mentality about their fellow countrymen who went abroad to work or married foreigners have a lot of money. Little do they know that those people who made it out of the country worked so hard, battling with homesickness, cultural shock and etc. When they come home for a vacation or short visit, they would think that those people brought a lot of money with them. Yes, granted they might have money but that is limited. That doesn't also mean they would just give it away freely, you know what I mean? Unless of course they won a lottery.

Wives of foreigners who come home are expected to treat them, bring sweet stuff from the country they were from? That's  fine for we are expected to do that. We can choose who we want to give a present to and who doesn't receive one, it is our choice and no one can ever tell us what to do.

I feel pity those who thought "balik-bayans" were rich. So naive and so ignorant. Guess what, these kind of people are not willing to open their minds of the possibility that their family members who happened to marry foreigners aren't so lucky with their husbands or if they married a good guy, they aren't rich in their countries. Life in the Philippines and America or anywhere else in the world are just the same. The only thing that is "so good" about living out here is that there are jobs available whenever you feel like working but if you don't work hard, you wouldn't have the money to be comfortable either.

Shouldn't Be Picky

I often hear on t.v about people out of job for six months or longer. I wonder why these people couldn't find jobs while in fact I see companies along the streets have "WE ARE HIRING SIGNS" in them? One should not be picky when it comes to looking for a job especially if the economy isn't stable. Their reason why, is that they cannot step down to the lower position that they previously had. Well, that is the problem there. But even if they continue to deny themselves that it is time to move on and maybe applying for mcdonalds jobs can help them with bills a bit is a shame, it would at least help them get through the day. SIGH!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Blog Has Got Its Dedicated IP

I am beyond happy right now. All 9 blogs I have that I transferred to WP are now back up and live! This blog especially for I have been waiting on it to be live for a week. Take note too, it's got its own dedicated IP and hosting. How cool is that?

I hope my blogging companies I work for would know that this blog is special and it has something in it to compete with other blogs who have been in paid blogging for years.

The layout itself is just temporary. I thought I would be happy with its current theme but I am bothered with the red box in the header so I will have to change it later. For now, I will just leave it as it is as I have other important things to do.

Looking Good Feeling Good

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