Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time to Buy for Watches

I think I bought everything for my brothers in the Philippines for my box. Now what I want to buy for each of them are watches. I am waiting for the day to come when I can get discounts on raymond weil watches. They are very expensive but I know, if I am patient I can save up some money and hopefully buy at least one of my brothers this kind of watch, only if they deserve it.

The reason why Raymond Weil is kind of pricey because the brand itself brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical nature of the materials are many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines to create its models. This know-how confers RAYMOND WEIL its watchmaking legitimacy.

Because She Noticed Me

Very flattering, heart melting and soul fattening to know that someone in the group you belong notices, recognizes and knows you exist in blogging world! I was just in cloud 9 yesterday when one of the members wrote on the group's wall looking for me. That's her exact words from Facebook below I copied for remembrance hehe.

Wala na lagi ko ka kita kang Texas Sweetie diri.. Anne ba to iyang name? Ma pansin man gud to nako mag AH before kay cute kaayo iyang photo sa sidebar nang hiwi. haha! ;)

And to think this woman is not my friend personally nor met her aside from blogging world yet iya jud ko napansin... hohohoho thanks to her so much jud!  I feel important, bisan ingon ani ra diay ko naa pa jud diay mangita naku ug mawagtang ko! 

I know I got a few friends who are true that care and are concern of me and will also do the same as sis Raya but from a woman whom I only know through blogging has a different impact in my being. Thanks to her, she made me happy deep down inside.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Orthotic Sandals

Fashionistas especially those who love showing off their high-heeled shoes don't realize they are damaging their feet with fashionable sandals that had not arch support. Eventually their feet will complain because in my personal opinion, that is an abuse to the feet.

If only they know there are orthotic sandals at bestinsoles.com that not only have arch support but also look good as well. These orthotic sandals can actually improve the way your feet feel. Podiatrist designed with foot health needs in mind, these orthotic sandals are not only stylish but they are also good for your feet.

Feeling Guilty

I am guilty. I feel guilty because of the fact that I go out of the house almost everyday going to stores and keep hauling stuff and spending money everyday. Although I got a lot of stuff for free yet, something in me that feels guilty!

Arrgggsss this is so hard. I know I am happy of what I'm doing yet why am I feeling this way? I keep spending money lage oi even though I make great deals on everything I put in my cart. Am I gonna ever get over this  or as long as I am doing couponing and be haunted with my conscience?

Amazing Sale of Musical Instruments

It is the time to shop and to be broke, shall I say. Deals are flooding everywhere because of two big Holidays coming up, Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are busy working at the same time spending before they can receive their compensation, lol. I am one of them. I blog but I spend more than I earn. Anyway, I can forgive myself for that because what I'm buying are items that we use in our house everyday.

How about you there? What sort of stuff are you buying or you're eyeing to give to someone special this Christmas? Do you ever consider buying them a great musical instrument at discounted prices like this amazing 1960bx sale at Musicians friend? If you want to find out how much are you getting each, please click on the link and it should get you to the store's official site.

Wanting to Play with Me

Just two more tasks to go and I'll be signing out here. My Jadyn has asked me 2 times already if I could play "pretend" with her. She looks poor! She is watching t.v right now but I know she is waiting on me and so does my little one.

I have been so busy that I barely spend time just sitting down and play a bit with my girls although I bring them along with me whenever I go but you think that is enough to call it, bonding? It's hard when you only have one body and there so many things need to be done plus there two kids that are demanding... good thing the daddy isn't demanding, he is just letting me be...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I don't smoke cigarette for it has a strong stinky smell and the smoke that chokes someone who doesn't smoke but with cigar, the pure ones there is something in it that I love smelling. I don't mind being close to someone like my grandmother or grandfather smoking a cigar for I love it. Speaking of which, hopefully I can buy a pack of cigars to bring home to the Philippines for my grandmother. Hope she will love the cigar I buy from the USA. Now is the time to buy for a pack or two since a lot of cigar brands and or companies on sale just in time for the Holidays.

Simple Solution To Facebook Problem

People seem to forget that we are in a free country and that we have all the rights to speak what’s on our mind. Facebook is such a common place for people to voice out their rants, political views, post photos, update their status etc. While it can be tiring at times to see or know what other people are up to, they can just end that so easily by defriending that person or might as well block right away.

That’s what I would do if someone in my list keep posting her political views and I am against it. I would unsubscribe her wall feeds or worse BLOCK HER instead of shushing the person simply because she keeps posting links about politics or for standing up of her beliefs and political views. By doing that, she is giving herself a favor and not harming anybody.