Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Gonna Surprise Them

I already told my family that I might be visiting them in June this year. Yep, that is what I want them to believe but I actually plan of flying to the Philippines in April. I just want to surprise them and will call them tonight telling the same thing, it is going to be in June.

I hope it works because sometimes when I get over excited for things, I can't help but be so vocal about it until ang kadaghanan makahibalo. Arggsss! Hopefully the passports for my girls will be here soon so I can move on to the next stop towards my vacation. Weewww I am looking forward to the day we fly!

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Slowing Down

I am glad that I slowed down with my shopping spree at CVS. Time has come that I realized getting hooked to couponing is not always good for I tend to buy for things we don't use.

After two months of going to CVS pharmacies almost everyday, I got tired of it and feel like I got drunk of it so I stopped. I can now say I am  clean of my addiction to CVS lol. Why am I saying this? Because I only go there now for maybe twice a week and would only buy the very things we need like huggies diapers and some grocery items that are heavily marked down.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Complaints from my 5-Year Old Girl

My first born is really growing so fast that she now know how to express herself for things she likes and she doesn't like. One example is when she sit down on our dining chair and you know, it has no padding or cushioning so she'd say, it hurts her bottom!

That just shocked me. How can such a young girl say things like that which is very true. I truly need to look for some really good pads and seats for our dining chairs. Admittedly, it hurts my bottom too for we don't have proper cushioning for our chairs.

Meeting the Deadline

Two more tasks and two more interim then I will beat the deadline which is tomorrow dawn. It's just me, I want my online tasks to be done long before the deadline because I don't like the pressure of doing them in a rush. I don't like rushing in everything I do for that is when I usually make a lot of mistakes.

Right now I am fighting with my sleepiness and geeeez I feel different emotion right now. I am physically tired, hungry and sleepy... not to mention I still have a baby to take care of when I am done with my tasks. Good thing the little one is not bothering me while I am trying to finish my work.

They'd Closed Down their Business

I have been a member of this small coop in our neighborhood in the Philippines. For years the business went good, many are lending money and paying it back, so what that means is that when one borrow some money, they have to pay certain percentage for it.

Every December each year, the one who handled the money will give each member the profit of their money until just a couple of days ago when I called my mother in the Philippines, she told me that the business had closed down and that she did not get any because her two sons borrowed money from that small coop and were not able to pay it back.

God bless business lenders so they can help poor people and those who need cash in times of needs. There are quite a few of them out there who have been helping people in their community for years. Thank goodness.

Dreaming of Fire

Three nights this week I have been dreaming of fire. The first one was in a high rise building where me and the rest of my school mates in high school attended an event and suddenly the fire alarm went off. When I made it out of the building, a blazing fire from the lower floor up to the upper floors of the building were slowly eating it.

Second dream happened at our backyard neighbor's house. Their house was all consumed by the fire and for some reason it moved our house, pretty white and thick smoke were seen but the firefighters immediately put out the fire so they saved our house. The third one was, I forgot but it was about fire too.

I am not concern with this kind of dream, I tried looking at the meaning of dreaming of fire on the internet and the explanations there aren't bad. It represents cleanse and renewal or a person have just over come the extreme anger in real world.