Friday, September 4, 2015

Riptide Ukelele for a Replacement

I have these two made-to-order Ukeleles that I brought from the Philippines. It took almost a month for each to make and be completed but when I showed them to my husband, he didn't say anything about the quality. I told him what I think... and what I think is that they are good quality. When he doesn't say anything, meaning he doesn't want to disappoint me and does not agree they are good quality. I know him more than anyone else.

I bought them for my two girls because I want them to learn how to play a musical instrument preferably, a guitar. And I thought those ukeleles I bought would be a good start for them while learning and later on, if their father wants, he can just replace them with a riptide ukulele since it is more expensive and guaranteed high quality.

The Riptide UT-2N Tenor Ukulele has a solid spruce top for the best in tone, volume and sustain. The backs and sides are made of rosewood. The Boulder Creek exclusive "Dual Port System" allows both the performer and listener to hear the music better. Die-cast tuning machines keep things in tune while abalone binding around the body and both soundports add elegance. The fine finish and detail work on this tenor ukulele are evident and the sound it produces is sure to please any ukulele enthusiast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Mother Choose the Addicted Son of Hers Over Me

Well, I cannot force someone to love me as much as she loves the rest of her children. I made it clear to my mother while in the Philippines that I don't want her going back to that hell house again, give them food and pay the electricity bill. I knew she'd not gonna follow what I said, recently I just found out that she probably have paid the current electricity bill.

With that, I have to be firm with my conviction otherwise, how am I gonna make people in my family that I am serious? The next time I send my financial support to them, it's not gonna be in my mother's name. I will let her suffer first and see if she continues to be hard on me.

I don't understand her at all after being disrespected and treated like an animal by her sons, yet she still show care and concern to those  bastards. Tan awn lang nato kinsay di mangamote ugma damlag... panaad ko lang!

Labor Day Sales All Over

When there is a holiday in the US, rest assured, stores all over the country will also take advantage of the holiday. That is when they entice you with their store and online sales. Well, as consumers, they take advantage of the Labor Day Sales as well in order to save money and for you know, they will have something to wrap for Christmas for the family. If you are a music enthusiast, you might want to check out the link provided here and see what you can find for yourself. I guarantee you, there will be tons of products or items to look at.