Monday, December 29, 2014

God Has Brought So Much Joy to Me on Christmas!

Somehow God is real, God is alive and hears my woes. He knows exactly how I feel. He knows I have been so disappointed with regards of the lawsuit that until now is not over. He knows I am hurting and that He cheered me up just before His birthday.

He blessed us with something we didn't expect in a form of financial surprise. I had planned of visiting my home country in June next year but when we received that outstanding bill from our lawyers, I felt disappointed and was so down. I just thought maybe we can make it in 2016, by then we can have a budget for our trip. My days were so dark that I really felt bad inside.

Until Christmas eve came, an unexpected check from my husband's previous home and car insurance company sent us a refund with an amount enough to send me and my kids to the Philippines! How amazing God's love is? He had his way of cheering me up when I was so down! Thank You, Lord for hearing my woes and for loving me! I am one happy woman right now for I can now surely visit my family in the Philippines.

All I am waiting now is to contact our travel agent to help me find cheaper tickets for June. Yeeehawww!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Never Felt this Poor!

Today was the last day of Macy's big sale and I went to their store. I knew I did not have anything in mind to buy but I went anyway, I needed to breathe some fresh air after two weeks of just going to and from school and home. We all need it anyway, aren't we?

As soon as I got into their handbags department, the commotion that women made, grabbing excitedly some MK handbags rushing to check out was just unbelievable and belittling. In my mind, I was thinking wow if only I had the budget... I was there feeling, touching the feel of MK handbags, looking at tags, staring at the SALE signs even if it says "additional 40% off already reduced prices", still it was expensive for someone who doesn't have a job nor a source of income to support my "want".

I hanged in that area for a couple more minutes as if I would buy one for me too but sadly, I couldn't... no matter how I wanted it. I moved to the watches department, there I found an affordable Charter Club watch for under $30, it's not for me but a gift for my mother for my next trip to the Philippines.

I went to the second level of Macy's and there I browsed some more. Looked like the situation played with my feeling even more. I had two bath towels and a twin sheet set for Jadyn's bed and that's it. The women in front of me falling in line to check out comparing their MK coats which ones are of best quality and best price. I then again was shaking my head.

If only we weren't this tight with money due to legal fees, if only I had a job... so many if only's that make me look at myself as the "poorest" in America. I hate this feeling! I am a woman and as a normal human being, I can't help but get overrun by that feeling of wanting to buy something I don't need. If only I was not thinking of my children or husband who works hard to support his family, I could just go ahead and buy that expensive handbag that isn't important and useless. I don't need any more handbags, I got a couple middle brands in my closet that I've collected over the years, most of them are like new for I rarely use them. They are kept with a dust bag. I have all kinds of sizes and styles I like, right there in my closet yet my mind keeps getting jealous of women who bought bags today.

But because I am not spoiled or materialistic person, I just stopped myself from wasting money that my husband worked hard to earn.

I should not be feeling this way because for so many reasons; we got quite a big house that have been paid off, no cars to pay monthly, we are all healthy, we keep up with our bills but the idea of the over thousand dollars legal bills every month makes me feel poor. Arggsss. Lord, help us. When is this going to be over?


No Time to Clean Your House?

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Don't Talk When You Are Mad

One thing I learned from the past couple of days is  not to open your mouth when you are mad, otherwise, you'll end up regretting later for saying words that could potentially hurt someone and those words can't be taken back. It happened to me years ago and I regretted that so much.

Last week, I received a feedback from our home in Cebu about my mother washed someone else's throw up, this someone is not related to us or anything, except that she has a relationship with my younger brother. Upon knowing that she sleeps with him in our own house occasionally, I couldn't help but be furious about it. Such a curse to do that, I have always been conservative all my life and bringing a woman to our house to sleep with is just so against my views.

What I did, I called them and scolded my brother, throwing him hurtful words. I was gonna humiliate him and the girl publicly but something inside me tells me to wait and call back my mother to confirm one thing. I am glad I did, or else those two people will be very very embarrassed by my actions.

I feel awful after saying those unpleasant things to my brother on the phone but I am not taking them back just so he knows I am not in favor of him bringing a woman in our house while they're still in their early stage of their relationship.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Great Website for Musicians Like You

I am glad to be living in the US because, aside from comfort, I can shop anything I want and can find almost everything either online or in local stores. Same with shopping musical instruments, accessories and gears. Musicians can choose to go to their local music store or shop at the convenience of their home by simply going to specific stores they prefer.

One that I highly recommend is Musicians friend. They sell top quality musical instruments, lighting, accessories or anything pertaining to music. At affordable prices and plenty of items to choose from, I don't think there is a reason for you to go back to your old store. The company also offers coupon codes for customers to use and really deep discounts on certain items. Gotta check them out.

She's Into Listening to the Music Now

I got tons of music stored in my ipod. Music of different genre, year and artists. Of all the songs I have, there is this one particular song from Bon Jovi titled, " It's My Life". I must admit, I like this song too and probably one of the best songs anyone could listen to. It is the only song that my 6-year old girl could play over and over again without getting tired listening to it. Right now, she is using my little headphones when on ipod.

With that said, a pair of real nice headphones like this koss headphones I am looking at online right now could make a great gift comes Christmas. I want something for her that is soft to the eardrum and produces good sound.

Ebola is in Texas and I'm Worried

First Ebola patient that had direct contact in Africa died last week in Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. A nurse who worked directly with him contracted the disease and is now in good condition. Over a hundred people are now in isolation. Second nurse also got the disease who flew to the other state on Frontier Airlines. What's next?

God forbid from spreading all over Texas or anywhere else. There's no known cure yet for the virus. I am worried. CDC said it's not an airborne disease but it is up to 3 feet according to the news. We are just 45 minutes away from Dallas and you know, such an epidemic like this would easily spread in a blink of an eye. God, I am humbly asking you, protect us all from this deadly disease.

I'd rather die bitten by a zombie than contracting Ebola. With zombie at least, I fought hard before dying, with Ebola there's less chance you can survive unless you get treated early.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Insurance Here

One of the most important thing you can ever do to yourself is to buy an insurance like what I just found insurance here, otherwise you will shoulder a mountain of bills in case something comes up along the way like emergency trips to the hospitals, you get ill you don't expect and etc. You can take a look at this site I am giving you above and see if it answers your questions. Anything you need to know about buying a health insurance and locations, they are all written on that site.

No More Presents for Them

For years I have been giving out presents from America to my relatives at home and little did I know that despite of the kindness I did for them, I received a negative feedback from one of the recipients of my gifts.

Those people are shameless, with hands wide open receiving my stuff and stabbing me behind my back. That pisses me so much. How could these people so shameless yet continue coming to our house just for pasalubong?

Dang! Di lang jud ni sila pasayop pakita naku next time kay na ulbo jud sila's kauwaw. Bantay lang!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Protect Your Electronics

There is nothing like protecting your valuable possessions to make them last they should or you intended them to be. If one is a musician, his most loved possession in this world is the musical instrument he uses all the time to perform his hobby or talent. With that, proper care and maintenance of the instrument should play a great role in keeping it functional and last forever. Here's a product that could protect electronics.

DeoxIT helps bring old systems back to life! DeoxIT is a contact cleaner, conductivity enhancer, and lubricant. It dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces, fills in microscopic gaps, and reseals surface for better contact to enhance the flow of electricity. It rejuvenates electrical equipment by improving connector performance and reliability. This excellent cleaner and deoxidizing agent helps protect your electronics equipment, yet does not contribute towards ozone depletion.

My Gut Says So

I may be an ordinary woman but I have a gut to trust that tells me something which I believe is true. Sometimes I think of things or someone I don't necessarily utter and then when this specific person I think about talks to me about this and that... coincidentally, they thought the same as I do too even if they are in other states or outside the US. Why is that? Mental telepathy? Could be! It is proven several times already.

So when I think someone or somebody is peeking into my pictures on Facebook even though he or she is not in my list, that is very possible and I can almost certainly say who the person is. Trust me, this might be true. All I want to do is ask the person if she really is doing it to confirm my suspicion but that might be impossible for I've no intention adding that person to my list. I don't feel threatened though for I know that someone isn't dangerous. He or she might just be curious about me, my life and my children here in the US.

There are times also when a person suddenly appears on my mind while we're not in touch anymore for a long time. My gut is telling me that she misses me and that she is thinking of me though I'd never really asked her that.

It is nice to be missed but it would be a whole lot nicer if she'd come to me and admit it that she missed me, hehe.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AC Repair in Cary, NC

Just a few more days and it will be officially summer. Are you guys feeling the heat already? Make sure your A/Cs are in good working condition so you will be comfortable all summer-long. If you live in the Cary area, make sure to check out the best ac repair in cary nc. Research about them and see if you can find good reviews about the company you are going to hire. While a/c repairs are on demand during this season, don't be a victim of those who take advantage of the season. It is always advisable to do a research first.

Blogging is Tiring

I know it is not just me who is feeling this, I find it tiring to blog nowadays yet I try my best to update some of my loved blogs as often as I can. This is due to the slowness of blogging income due to Google penalizing companies from buying link ads from blogs.

Google is a multi billion dollar company yet they don't allow small and poor earner like us, bloggers to make money a little bit. SIGH! Blogging used to be so fun but now it's death is nearing. What am I gonna do without blogging? It's the only way I can send financial help to my family back home.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Every Size is Beautiful

Summer is almost here, at least in our place. Texas has been having warm and humid temperatures lately that it feels a lot like we are getting closer into summer. In fact, it gets almost 90 degrees F here every afternoon. With that said, people are getting ready to show off their beautiful swimwear. Don't you think now is the time to update your summer wardrobe, buy broad spectrum tanning or sun protection lotions, hats, slippers and most of all new swimwear? If you are a plus size woman, you can easily browse for plus sizes womens swimwear online or in stores near you. Embrace your curves and size. If you are comfortable with your size then, flaunt it!

It's Been a Year

I can't believe it. Amazing how time has gone by me. It doesn't feel like I have last visited my home country for a year now. Last year around this time, I was enjoying my friends and family's company in the Philippines. If someone on FB didn't mention about the big event held annually in my hometown, I wouldn't know that is has been a year since my last vacation.

I am aiming to be there again next year, hopefully after school. I might be able to spend my 31st birthday with fam bam and friends at the beach, how cool? Not only that, my second born could also be spending her 4th birthday there. God, grant me the wish and plans so that it will be one memorable birthday I will have again with my family. Amen!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

There is something with freshwater pearls that makes them different from other jewelry. The fact that pearls can only be harvested or found under the ocean is just amazing and they can be worn as a jewelry. I am looking at this Honora freshwater cultured pearls at makes me want to own a set someday. I am drooling over them, I tell you! On their site, you can choose from a large selection of freshwater cultured pearls from Honora. From freshwater cultured pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even baby jewelry; you are sure to find the perfect pearls for that special someone.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

He Caught a Bug

I was shocked when my husband came home at 12 in the afternoon which is not so him! Meaning, it is not his habit to just work half a day unless he is feeling poorly and could not last a day at work. That is exactly what he told me as soon as I greeted him in the kitchen. He actually texted me that he is coming home soon but didn't get to read it after an hour later.

Poor husband, looks like he has a flu virus for he complains about body aches. If one member of the family has the virus, it is expected that it will contaminate all of us. Our girls has been sneezing and coughing for two days now but no complain of body aches or fever yet. I, on the other hand, starting to feel scratchy and hoarse throat. This is not so good, I tell you!

Good thing though that there will be no school the entire week next week for Spring break. At least, if I get sick, I don't have to worry about getting up early every morning just to prepare my student for school. By the time the break ends, hopefully we'll be all healed.

Guitars Under $500

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Joke Responsibly

A few days ago, I got involved into a heated argument with someone I know since kindergarten. We just got reconnected on Facebook and she perhaps felt that we're still close like we used to be growing up and going to the same school together until high school. It has been 14 years since we parted ways and it's through Facebook we heard from each other again.

We used to joke a lot, hanged out a lot and just had fun you know? Our high school class of 2000 is planning a reunion next month, this girl I am talking about jokingly mentioned names of her classmates/schoolmates who are now married to white men to provide for a roasted pig. I have no problem with that. What got into my nerves is that, the "manner" her words were hurled at me was offensive. To her, it was all a joke but on my part, it was like "yaga yaga" to me. The way she said it in the group, on her wall and in private message is obliging me to buy it as if I owe anything to anyone.

People should realize that, you don't appreciate other people whom you just got reconnected with on Facebook bitching you around with anything! Get it?

It is okay to ask but in a proper way, ask nicely if you want something from me. Me, being married to an American somehow give her an idea of being "rich" and that I should buy that damn roasted pig for them. I could only tolerate bad jokes once or twice but she did it more than five times and I ERUPTED, I insulted her in private message. One of her lines, "Analy lechon baboy imoha naminyo man ka'g kano, dato man ka!" She was not only happy telling that to me in public but she also PMed me saying, "lechon baboy lage imo oi" ... If you were me, would you be happy with that? I don't think so?

I will not apologize for what I said to her for she started it, I only fired back because I got fed up with her. She was very annoying! Some people in the group wondered why was that an issue? It wasn't an issue until someone reacted to my Facebook wall posting. It was just between me and that specific girl but then somebody posted her reaction on the FB group. A lot of people don't know what was really happening and how it started so they might be thinking bad about me now, but who cares? At the end of the day, their opinions don't matter to me.

Duh, I just can't sit here and say nothing. I have my own opinion and was just stating a fact. Those who can't relate took it negatively, those who experienced the same thing... they related with my vent.

One thing before I go, JOKE RESPONSIBLY! DO NOT BITCH AROUND PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY LIVE OVERSEAS! That does not give you all the rights to do so!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Generation of Clarity

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Delicious Food that I Never Tasted

I had such a special intimate moment with my husband this morning (well duh, not just this morning to be clear, always...). Shhhhhhhhhh! It's a secret haha. It's too good that I can best compare it to a delicious food that I never tasted before. Yes, you read it right! I made it sure too that my husband knows that. That is exactly what I told him after that moment, hehe.

It pays to be patient and marry a healthy husband. Even though he is 17 years my senior yet I cannot complain anything about him when it comes to sex life because, I am very satisfied of him. He just had his health assessment done at the nearby hospital and the results came out perfectly as in perfectly healthy!

When a man is healthy even in his  late 50's, I guarantee, he is still capable of making his wife happy and perform long minutes of crimes..haha good crimes!

Neo Recording Karaoke Player

I have this magic sing entertainment system for over five years now. It is still considered new for I have only used it a few times in the past. I love doing karaoke but I am so out of tune that I am not motivated to sing anymore. Unless my sister arrives here, I may have to open my mouth to sing again. Also, it will be awesome if I can one this excellent rsq neo 22, a recording karaoke player for fun... at least to have a way for me to listen to my own voice, haha. Crazy idea huh?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wishing for Lots of Moolah to Come

Hayyy Lord! We are financially stressed due to the lawsuit we are currently fighting in order to get our money back from the crooks. We don't know whether we are gonna win or lose but it's been stressing us out. I wish that we did not encounter those snakes two years ago or we might have finished a lot of home improvement projects for our house.

Apart from that, my blogging is not helping at all. It has been very slow since December, gone are my direct advertisers and other paid blogging sites seemed to have disappeared too. I am really wishing we can get out of this stress pretty soon  because I honestly feel tired of it.

My husband works hard and then when it's payday, most of his income goes to the lawyer bill. Those people that deceive other people should be punished. I know God is watching us and things will be better... I just have to have faith in Him....

For Video Use

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Saw My Father Again

I had a beautiful dream two nights ago that it made me smile when I woke up the following morning. In my dream, my father visited me. He just had a bath and looked very fresh, he walked toward me and I greeted him, "good morning, iyo" and he smiled at me... and that's it. It was so nice of my father to visit me again. It feels good being able to see him even if it was just in my dream, it feels real.

After that dream, I also dreamed of me and my entire family having a good time in the Philippines including my husband. We stayed at a hotel where we got married 9 years ago but for some reason I was also looking for a pension house or an apartment that is cheaper for us to stay. The feeling of being in my homeland again just satisfies me and eases my homesickness a little bit.

Those were my two beautiful dreams that I remember so well two nights ago.

Bach Student Trumpet

If your child is active and involved in a school band and is doing good academically as well, giving him or her a brand new bach student trumpet is an amazing idea so that he or she will be more encouraged to do both. It makes the parents feel so proud of their children being busy in extra curricular activities and maintaining their high grades in school. If my girls become like that in the future, I will be like on top of the world.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Facebook- A Perfect Place to Pretend or to be Fake

I am on Facebook. Everybody is on Facebook. It is such a popular social networking site that keeps you updated with people across the globe of their current statuses, what they're doing, where they are, photos selfies or in group, delicious foods, etc.

While I enjoy being on there whole day everyday, there are people who I find are sickening and annoying, so I unfollow a few of them. There are also who pretend to be the nicest, the kindest and the best of all through their words which by the way is OVER THE TOP, overdone and most of all over killing it just so they can praise other people. Heck, they think it's admirable but the more they do it, the more they sound foolish, silly and their words show their insecurity inside (if one must think and examine deep his words). Thanks to Facebook, they found a perfect place to pretend the person they are not inside or covering up their insecurities in life.

I must admit, I get lonely sometimes too but I don't post a photo of myself smiling while my true feelings inside don't match with what is outside. Heck, hard to that. That is just the hardest thing to do for me.

Anyway, what I am saying here is that, on Facebook you can be who you want to be or fake your true feelings there, nobody knows what you truly feel but you! There are also people who love to gather likes to their pictures or status. I find that weird, if people on your list find it nice or interesting, they'd surely hit LIKE button instead of being told by you to LIKE it, except of course if you're a blogger or joining a contest and you need to garner likes from other people in order to win. I am okay with that.

All in all, Facebook is entertaining and sickening at times.

Winnipeg Cabinets

A mother is happy being the cook of the family. He doesn't mind how many times she is doing the job for the sake of her family. What makes her more happy is to have all the kitchen gadgets for cooking, baking and etc. so that she can serve more palatable foods to them. However, possessing those gadgets need more storage space too. That is why having ample of kitchen cabinets is important, check out Winnipeg Cabinets from here for different cabinet designs and layout. Enjoy browsing and happy New Year!

Friday, January 3, 2014

I Wish He Would Listen

It's the New Year yet I don't feel really good inside, to be honest. I kind of having that blues and the urge to go home to cure it. For two days now, I made it known to my husband my feeling but I don't think he listen to me or even care about me. At least that is how I feel.

Last night I told him if he would let me live in the Philippines for a year and that I can find a decent school for our girls there but he just answered me with, "go ahead!. That hurts. What I wanted to hear from him is the assuring advice or voice from him but sadly, that did not come out from his mouth.

What do I do? Homesickness is beyond my control and there is no cure for it. My goal now is to be able to save enough money so that I can do it on my own without bothering him with financial help once I am there. I would really do it whether he likes it or not, I'll bring along my girls with me and if he wants to see them, he can come to the Philippines and see us!

I have no plan of relocating to the Philippines, all I wanted is stay there longer. I don't even want him in there with me for he will be the target of the corrupt people of my country, from taxi cab drivers to anybody who works for the government. These predators would look at a foreigner as their prey and I don't like the idea!

Comfortable Platform Beds in Austin

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