Friday, June 15, 2012

They Need Me....

You know there are only two things that your relatives or somebody in the Philippines related to you want from you aside from your immediate family messages you through Facebook. It is either bad or good. But let me ask you this, what comes to your mind when a relative whom you hadn't kept in contact with for a long time or never at all suddenly started a conversation with you?

They want something from you.... they need you! Those were the thoughts that came to me when later in our short FB conversation suddenly this relative of mine popped the very question that seriously caught me off guard. Maayo gani kay ning respetar pa pangumusta sa ako family sa Pinas ug kanaku dri before asking for a freaking amount of money to help him for going out of the country to work.

When I first read his last message, I didn't know how to react... I opted not to response to it right away for I don't wanna say the words I regret later on. I waited for the whole night to be over and went back to his message the following morning,  sending the right words to him that I cannot lend him money for we too, needing lots of it for our upcoming legal battle against crooked people.

I didn't hear anything from him since then. I guess he got my reply and he fully understand that he cannot rely on me when it comes to financial help. I would rather be upfront to him and right there and then refused to send any money rather than leading him on.


PS3 New Release

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In The Events Of Death

No one knows when our last time here on Earth is going to be. We will never even know how are we going to die. One thing is certain though is that it is better to get yourself and the whole family a life insurance so in the events of death, your loved ones can have some money to use for this expensive phase in our life. As early as now, checking on life insurance rates is a wise decision so that you can get covered as soon as you find the best rate you are able to afford.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Me And My Papa!

.... photo above was taken during our vacation to the Philippines last November 2010....of course me and Iyo!

I like my PAPA so much hehe. Four nights ago he visited me in my dreams and that surely relieved my longing to him. I did ask him during his funeral that he needs to return the favor to me now that he's gone. I want him to at least see me in my dreams whenever I want to. Just like what I did when he was still alive. Whenever he wanted me to call him, I'd call right away. Whenever I missed him so much, in my dreams I can see him.

The last dream I had was that...we had a usual conversation, I forgot the line he was saying but the smile on his face is still clear in my mind.... maayo nalang ni ingon ani at least nakig communicate gyapon naku ako Papa bisan sa damgo nalang!

Looking For A Guitar

I heard somebody was looking for a guitar to buy. Duh, it is not hard to find one because there are guitars that are being sold online. There are also known guitar shops like KRK guitar center that has really good deals when it comes to guitars, accessories and other musical instruments of different brands available on their online store. They even have used guitars for a lot cheaper if one cannot afford a brand new guitar.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Strip Steak For My Birthday?

I can't remember when was the last time we had steaks. Probably that long huh because I am not the type of person that forgets things easy. I will be turning 29 in 17 days and perhaps a strip steak doesn't hurt? But I already told the husband I don't want something else for my birthday except if we could have lunch somewhere in Grapevine. I hope I could get a cash refund on Coach handbags I'm planning to return so I can have some money to treat my family to lunch.