Monday, December 29, 2014

God Has Brought So Much Joy to Me on Christmas!

Somehow God is real, God is alive and hears my woes. He knows exactly how I feel. He knows I have been so disappointed with regards of the lawsuit that until now is not over. He knows I am hurting and that He cheered me up just before His birthday.

He blessed us with something we didn't expect in a form of financial surprise. I had planned of visiting my home country in June next year but when we received that outstanding bill from our lawyers, I felt disappointed and was so down. I just thought maybe we can make it in 2016, by then we can have a budget for our trip. My days were so dark that I really felt bad inside.

Until Christmas eve came, an unexpected check from my husband's previous home and car insurance company sent us a refund with an amount enough to send me and my kids to the Philippines! How amazing God's love is? He had his way of cheering me up when I was so down! Thank You, Lord for hearing my woes and for loving me! I am one happy woman right now for I can now surely visit my family in the Philippines.

All I am waiting now is to contact our travel agent to help me find cheaper tickets for June. Yeeehawww!!

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