Friday, February 17, 2012

Always Prepared

My husband loves buying batteries in bulk. Batteries including duracell procell 9V and other brands of different sizes that he can use with electronics that need battery. The main reason why he buys in bulk just because he can save some money in bulk whereas buying it individually. He has a lot of batteries stored in one bag because if one electronic runs low battery he would just go get one without leaving in the house and drive elsewhere just to get some batteries. It's a good idea too to keep them always handy because in times of black out or emergency we can have something to use to light our way.

My Parents

I scanned some old photos of our wedding 7 years back and I saw there is one shot of my parents. Who would have thought that my father would die 7 years after he handed his daughter to a foreign man. Yet I still consider myself lucky because my father was still around and was able to walk with me in the aisle during my wedding.

My marriage to my husband was the beginning of my close relationship to my father blossomed. If it wasn't because of it, I don't know if me and him will share that bond a father and daughter should share. I don't think I was close to either of my parents when I was growing up because they were both busy with bringing home some money so the family had something to eat while the mother have always been busy with other kids and her chores.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Basement Remodeling

If you live in North Carolina area or near Raleigh and are looking forward to finishing your basement or if you haven't started the job and has a plan of doing it, please visit basement remodeling raleigh nc and see how they can be of help to design and transform your once dark and hated basement into the most and perfect hobby room or a desirable part of the house where family gets to gather every day. This company located in NC, they also do attics so if you want your attic to be useful, hire them!

Ease Of Transport

Amazing how America makes everything easy for everybody. One example of it is the high technology that people can very well afford to buy or take advantage off. Another one is the use of medical cart in hospitals, dental clinics or other medical establishments. Medical carts are designed to be that way, with easy four movable wheels and plenty of shelves to put medicines and other stuff the patient can use.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alloc Original

My gut is telling me that something is wrong with the guy whom we signed contract with for our roofing. We have been waiting on him to do our roof for 3 months now yet nothing happen as of this writing. We cannot move on to another home renovation project unless our roof which is the major job of all is done. Once it is over, we can then have our kitchen floors started and contact people that would replace the old flooring into a new one.

Right now, I am also browsing for laminate flooring online and I find alloc original to be the best of all sites I've opened so far. ALLOC ORIGINAL laminate flooring is made out of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and provides a well balanced & stable floor with chip-resistant edges and superior impact resistance. This premium laminate flooring comes with a build-in underlayment reducing sound, and saving time and money during installation.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Is Precious

I hated my brother so much for being the way he is. He grew up following the wrong path of life. I don't blame my parents for him for I knew they tried their best to lead this person to the good path of life but it was him who chose to be what and how he is now. He is addicted to drug, shabu as we call it in the Philippines and I think they call it here, cocaine.

Anyway, I heard from my sister and mother he broke into our house a couple of weeks ago and got my father's some cash in USD denomination and some Japanese yens. I knew my father pretty well, he did not spend or have them changed in pesos because he wanted to have a souvenir from those who gave it to him. And now that he's gone, that bastard son of his stole it from my mother's locked wooden drawer.

Such an S.O.B he is! He stole things, jewelry and money from the past yet my parents didn't do anything to stop him from doing it. If I was in the Philippines I could have put him in jail or worse hire someone to bruise him! This person don't give value at how precious life is. He abuse substances and ruin his health and life totally while my father did everything he can to live longer yet he died. If only there's a switch button for every person as to who deserve to stay longer on Earth and who do we choose to die. I would very well do it. I prefer to have a father than a brother who caused us miseries in this world. Excuse me, I sound so bad in this posting but I am just pissed at him.

Checking It Twice

Before heading out for a road trip you should check your vehicle twice to make sure everything is okay especially the engine, the wheels and if there is enough fuel. If you don't do it, rest assured something unfavorable is like to happen with the vehicle on the road. However, if you are a member of a certain organization or company that gives you good insurance and breakdown service that is very cool of you because in case of flat tire or breakdown, you can just call them right away anytime and wherever you are.